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I am 40 years old male living in California, USA. I am a Computer Software Engineer by profession, married, and lived a very healthy lifestyle throughout my adult life. I have UC (Ulcerative Colitis) for about a year and half.

Alternative Colitis Remedies:

In April 2011, I had to get blood transfusion due to very low blood count. It was the result of bloody diarrhea that I suffered for the previous 3-4 months. After many tests, scans and an endoscopy, my GI told me that I have UC (Ulcerative Colitis) and put me on Asacol 4800 mg per day. It didn’t do anything. After a month on Ascacol, he added Prednisone to my list and that immediately made the difference. He wanted me on Prednisone only for a month due its severe side effects. As soon as I went off Prednisone, my bloody diarrhea came back. In June of 2010, he switched me to an immune suppressor Azathioprine 150MG a day. In about 2-3 weeks, it helped little bit but it was very harsh on me. I was not able to eat anything as my appetite was almost nil. I was forcing myself to eat and as a result, I was loosing weight very rapidly.

In October, my symptoms got worse and my health was very poor. I was going to the restroom 4-5 times day and was afraid to go anywhere. My GI suggested that its time to switch to Remicade. I was ready to try anything but when I read about its potential side affects and low possibility of success, I was reluctant to move forward. I was told that if Remicade failed, then surgery is the only step left. That scared me even more and I started looking for alternative medicine, methods.

A friend of mine suggested that I need to play with my diet, keep log of what I eat and how it affects my system. He suggested to remove gluten (Wheat) from my diet, along with any fruit, soda, spices etc. He was also suffering from some sort of stomach condition and was very cautious about his diet.

I followed his suggestion and cut everything from my diet except corn, chicken and fish. It almost eliminated blood and cramps withing 3 days. I was amazed with the results. In order to bring back my appetite, I stopped taking my medication. Within a week, I was eating normally. I added few more items to my diet (like fruit, vegetables, tea and some beans). I noticed that eggs, tea and some beans were not good. So I stayed away from them. Dairy, was also off-limit. At this point, corn, fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables and lentil was part of my diet.

I was spending good amount of time on Google searching for other people’s experience. I learned that home made yogurt was good. We were regularly making yogurt at home but I was staying away from it as dairy was on my ‘bad food’ list. As soon as added yogurt to my diet, I was 100% normal. No blood in my stool, no diarrhea and I was using restroom only once a day.

In my GI appointment in mid November, I told him that I want to try this diet plan that I am on and would like to postpone Remicade for now.

He didn’t think that diet has anything to do with UC

and wanted to proceed with Remicade

but wanted to do a few more tests.

So he scheduled another endoscopy at the end of December.

I was having good success with my diet plan, I was not on any medication and therefore was eating normally. In December endoscopy results, some section of my large intestine was better than the previous scan that was done in April. Inflammation was there but not as much as it was in April. Doctor was thinking that I might have crohn’s disease. I insisted that I wanted to stay on my diet plan and see how it goes. He agreed and wanted me to report back in February (2012) to see how things are going.

I started adding few more items to my diet. Wheat (Gluten), soda, coffee, tea, chocolate, dairy except yogurt were still off limit. In first week of January, I started to see some symptom coming back and withing 3 days, I was back to bloody diarrhea. I believe Chinese food that I had for two days straight (Soy sauce) was the reason. I went back to my original corn, chicken and fish diet but it didn’t help.

Then I came across this site and read other people’s experience with various alternative remedies. I read here and somewhere as well that Boswellia extract has helped some people. On January 7th, I started taking Bosswellia Extract pills (yields 262 mg of Boswellia acid) three times a day after my meal.
I also added Probiotec( Ultimate Flora 30 BL) one capsule a day after my breakfast. By January 10, my blood was gone and diarrhea was almost gone.

Today is January 15, 2012 and I am pleased to say that I do not have any blood in my stool. I use restroom twice a day and have somewhat solid bowl movement. Hopefully this time, my system will stay calm.

Based upon my reading (and brief experience), Boswellia has very high success rate for people with Ulcerative Colitis and based upon my experience, it can stop blood in matter of days.

As I have mentioned before, I am not taking ANY medication that my GI prescribed, very strict about Gluten, soda, coffee, chocolate and easy on heavy fatty food, dairy. Home made yogurt from 2% milk with natural cane sugar is my breakfast, I eat all fruit except oranges, eat all vegetables, chicken, fish, sea food, nuts and pretty much anything that is gluten free.

Boswellia has saved me from my last episode

and hopefully will keep me that way.

I will add soy sauce to my ‘bad food’ list.

My Previous Colitis Medications:

I was on Asacol, Prednisone, Azathioprine
written by “Sunny”
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8 thoughts on “Alternative Remedies Worked for Me”

  1. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

    I would like to share that Remicade has an 80% success rate with UC patients so I am not sure about where the other data came from. I would also like to share that my doctor indicated there were 2 more meds to try if Remicade failed and he would try those before anything else. I am glad that you have found dietary changes that were successful for you. I hope you have continued success. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow that’s great that you’ve gotten out of a flare without Meds. Good luck and continue to stay positive. It will help you down this tough road. Having hope for the next remission and being positive is what gets us through this nasty disease.

  3. Hi Sunny, What an amazing story! Doctors can be pretty focused, and tend to want to prescribe meds, over and over! My GI says next flare and he wants me on Remicade (did anyone say I might get tuberculosis if I take that?!). Conversely, boswellia can have adverse effects also, so make sure you tell your GI you are on some alternative remedies. The Mayo Clinic has a great resource I found recently—I’ll try to post later. You are doing so well! I kept my probiotic out of the fridge too long (I also use the Ultra Flora brand), and it spoiled and I got really sick last year—yikes! (I was traveling.) good luck and keep your routine and diet!

  4. I read Remicade has bad side affects. Here’s some listed on a web-site:

    The following serious (sometimes fatal) side effects have been reported in people taking REMICADE®.

    You should tell your doctor right away if you have any of the signs listed below:

    Infections (like TB, blood infections, pneumonia)—fever, tiredness, cough, flu, or warm, red or painful skin or any open sores. REMICADE® can make you more likely to get an infection or make any infection that you have worse.
    Lymphoma, or any other cancers in adults and children.
    Heart failure—new or worsening symptoms, such as shortness of breath, swelling of your ankles or feet, or sudden weight gain.
    Reactivation of HBV—feeling unwell, poor appetite, tiredness, fever, skin rash and/or joint pain.
    Liver injury—jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), dark brown urine, right-sided abdominal pain, fever, or severe tiredness.
    Blood disorders—fever that doesn’t go away, bruising, bleeding or severe paleness.
    Nervous system disorders—numbness, weakness, tingling, changes in your vision or seizures.
    Allergic reactions during or after the infusion—hives, difficulty breathing, chest pain, high or low blood pressure, swelling of face and hands, and fever or chills.
    Lupus-like syndrome—chest discomfort or pain that does not go away, shortness of breath, joint pain, rash on the cheeks or arms that gets worse in the sun. The more common side effects with REMICADE® are respiratory infections (that may include sinus infections and sore throat), headache, rash, coughing and stomach pain.
    Psoriasis—new or worsening psoriasis such as red scaly patches or raised bumps on the skin that are filled with pus.

    1. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

      I have had no side effects thus far from Remicade. I have read a lot of other people’s experiences which also have had no side effects so far. All drugs do have side effects. Its the percent of patients reporting the side effects that I weigh in when researching meds. For example, when the side effects are in the less than 5% chance range, then the odds of experiencing side effects are clearly diminished. The list for Prednisone is amazing and I suffered far more problems on Prednisone than Remicade. For me, the disease was doing some terrible damage to my body. To this point, the Remicade has been incredibly helpful. Not all drugs are evil. My grandmother had lymphatic cancer and drugs put her into remission for decades.

  5. Isn’t it crazy that doctors still refuse to believe that diet has anything to do with this disease. This site is proof of that! Look at all the people that just from being on the SCD diet or similar changes to their diet help put them in remission. I believe not all drugs are evil but if people would look at their diets first when they are sick this country would be so much healthier.

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