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Welcome to 2017 – To ALL The Ulcerative Colitis Friends of the World

Enjoy YOUR Year!,     Adam

7 thoughts on “Welcome to 2017 – To ALL The Ulcerative Colitis Friends of the World”

  1. Happy and great 2017 to all ucers…. thanks Adam for amazing short vedio it gives me a lease of life …. yes I can and will and should should lead a happy life inspire of uc … thanks …

  2. Happy 2017! Thanks for the video – good reminder to not let things stress you out that aren’t important and to just chill! I need that haha. Hope this year is good for all of us. I’m personally hoping to get this cdiff in check. Ive had UC for 6 years prior to delivering my son last April and then got cdiff right after he was born. Fingers crossed we can irradiate it! Cheers all!

    1. Amanda- probiotics help a lot as far as C-Diff goes- getting that good bacteria back in your gut. VSL#3 is a great one to use – over the counter capsules. 112.5 billion bacteria in each capsule.
      That and a RX of Metronidazole is what worked for me. Take care.

      1. Hi Laura – thank you so much for the information! I really appreciate it. I haven’t tried either of those yet. Best to you this year! Take care :)

  3. I have been dealing with UC for 18 months and am currently dealing with a flare. I’ve never been on medication but probably should. I bleed with every bowel motion which at the moment is about 5 times a day. I literally have to eat no sugar/no fruit/no lactose/no gluten and drink a shite load of water just for things to be normal – and by ‘normal’, i mean still have blood in the stool but at least the stool is not a running, stinky, gas stench. Sorry for being so gross but this is my life!! I work out most days but some days I wake feeling quite depleted of energy. I don’t drink, smoke or eat crap and am worried to take medication AND worried that UC can turn into some type of cancer.

    1. Hi Hayley, are you currently seeing a gastro doctor? You might get some ideas from someone like that, or some more “alternative” type of medical adviser that can turn your ship in the right direction.

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