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In Remission !!

Laura Colitis Survivor with SCD Diet

Laura H in a recent picture! (Congrats on her remission!)

Meet Laura:

I am an artist and musician from Sydney Australia. It’s hard to juggle a lot of things at once already (especially in the age of austerity) so getting sick was a literal nightmare. I have no family history, and was otherwise very healthy. It just happened. Luckily, through dedication and willpower I’ve come to figure out what was causing my extremely severe colitis. I’m currently living overseas, symptom free and maintaining a healthy diet in Paris, while a complete a research residency. This is no easy feat, the cakes are hypnotic. But I just need to remember how sick I was, not that long a go, and the motivation is to choose long term health over immediate gratification.

Some more about Laura:

I make electronic noise music and am an installation artist currently practicing in Paris but am based in Sydney. I try not to let UC be a curse. In fact I think i’m a better person now. Much more in tune with my body, I understand the gut and nutrition. I think that getting UC is going to prevent more diseases down the track and without a doubt feel better every day.

Current Colitis Symptoms..Any…Any…:

Symptom free!

Laura’s In Remission Story

Hi guys,
I’m 29 years old and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a year and 4 months ago.

I had severe symptoms for 3 months prior to this but over 5 different doctor consultations sent me home thinking I was crazy…” you’ve got hemorrhoids, DON’T WORRY!!”

At the time I was under the impression it was normal to sh$$t blood more than 4 times a day. When it began to be more and more frequent I stopped trusting the frankly idiotic doctors and knew something was up. The doctors were reading my blood results and not looking at me as a person, very sick and in need of help.

I have the blood type that shows no CRP a common link to inflammation. As this marker was “normal” further investigative action was never taken. I was gravely ill by the time it was finally diagnosed, luckily by a good friends father who was a gastroenterologist, and booked me a colonoscopy without meeting me because he knew it was serious just by one phone conversation. When it started to be 20 BM’s a day he escalated my colonoscopy to emergency and I was hospitalized immediately after. I was told that I was days away from a perforated bowel. Luckily it was caught just in time.

I’m sitting here today, in disbelief of how far I’ve come in such a short time.

I was put on pentasa 1g a day and a large dose of steroids that were intravenously administered and then lowered till 5 months later I was off steroids and up to 2g of pentasa a day. I went about my life as normal, took the medication, tried to juggle work, music and art career plus my masters and a relationship. The relationship crumbled, and I have to admit I hopped on the party train took up smoking again, was drinking most days…and of course within a few months, got sick again, I also lost my job of 4 years and to be honest it all felt completely hopeless!

I was told by the doctors that I would have to go on immuno-suppressants from which I was vehemently against, from the beginning always said no. It felt too soon! I hadn’t tried anything else, i’d just been diagnosed!

I told them I didn’t want to, my instinct and every fibre in my body was saying don’t trust these doctors, not because they don’t have my best interests at heart but because they didn’t know me, and as scary as it was, I embarked on a journey alone.

Changing my diet, I now strictly follow the Specific Carbohydrate diet, I exercise regularly and I quit alcohol. The doctors gave me a success rate of 30% or less and 6 weeks before I relapsed.

I am happy to say that I proved them wrong.

In my last colonoscopy it showed absolutely no disease activity. I am in full remission. This is after literally the whole colon being ulcerated just a few months before that. I’m a huge researcher, i’ve tried lots of supplements but at the end of the day, a good probiotic, homemade yoghurt and SCD diet seems to be working.

I’ve also had a ridiculous amount of support from friends and family who believed in me, believed I could make this diet work and for that I am infinitely grateful.

How She Treats It:

I am following the SCD diet strictly and rarely use enemas, when i’m not feeling well (rarer and rarer these days) +2g pentasa daily.

written by Laura

submitted in the colitis venting area

48 thoughts on “In Remission !!”

    1. Laura. I am just curious what blood type you are as you mentioned that inflammation markers always appeared in the normal range with your bloodwork. My husband has severe UC and also severe inflammation in his ankle and other parts of his body, as diagnosed during arthroscopic surgery. His bloodwork has also always been normal. I am now wondering if this might be why.

  1. What a wonderful story!

    I only wish more people trusted in them themselves and finding a way to natural remission for themselves.

    I am convinced that everyone can do it. It takes time and effort, but you only get sicker on prescribed meds.

    Doctors, unfortunately, only go by the ‘book’ and do not offer healthy natural options. Word needs to get out.

    I am ten years in natural remission and I know I will never ‘have’ UC again. Yes, it is always ‘there’, but I also know that it is up to me to stay in remission. No alcohol, no aspirin or ibuprofen and, for me, a good probiotic and L-glutamine every day without fail. Some need to follow the SCD diet. I am fortunate. I do not. I must be diligent in my daily regimen and have no alcohol nor aspirin products.

    Cheers for your post!

    1. Great story, my son was extremely ill last year and was told he had UC and was also told he would need to go on immuno-suppressants after he had a severe reaction to mezavant. It was a scary time. With his research and a wonderful relationship with an amazing functional medical doctor he is doing wonderfully. I strongly believe the medical system needs to look at why this is happening to people not cover it up with drugs that have potentially horrible side effects. There is way more going on here, look at your diet, take a really good probiotic, watch what you put in your body. (Stay away from processed foods, GMOs, chemicals you can’t pronounce). Yes, word has to get out. Be strong. My heart goes out to everyone who is dealing with this. Thank you for your stories and thank you Adam.

    2. Hi, Bev:

      I am so happy to know you are in remission and would like to get some idea how you can get there, do you mind if you email me?

      I live in a small town in South Carolina and can’t find any good Dr here either, desperate to get better.



      1. Hi Ben,

        Sorry for the late reply.

        You can read all of my posts on this site regarding my remission and how I got there.

        The probiotic that I take (Critical Care by RenewLife), and when I take it. First thing in the morning when I wake up, on an empty stomach, and no food or drink, except water, for a half hour. Fermented powdered L-glutamine mixed with a bit of juice, mid morning between breakfast and lunch. Vitamin D for inflammation, with lunch, because it is absorbed better with fats. That’s about it, really.

        I do not drink alcohol, take any aspirins, no advil or ibuprofens. Lastly, I do not get the flu shot. I always did in the past, and then I would flare. Now, that is just me. I may have an immune response to the flu shot, but that is not true for everyone.

  2. I love your story. Congratulations! It gives me hope that I too may one day be in long term remission. I was also treated for 6 months for hemorrhoids. So frustrating. I so agree that you must take charge of your own health. Hugs.

  3. It is so wonderful and reassuring to hear stories like this!

    I was diagnoised about 7 months ago after probably about a year of ignoring symptoms… I was on medication for the first 3 months from my GI, but I really didn’t want to be on them for ever – I’m only in my early 30’s! After reading so much about how people have success with diets, I worked with a naturopath/nutritionist to find a diet that helped me – very very similar to the SCD. So far I’m four months medication free and stories like Laura’s give me hope that I’m on the right track – thank you!

    Also, I completely understand the feelings of hypnotising cakes lol :)

  4. Hi Laura. Soooooooooooooooooooo very happy for you! Honestly, there are so many doctors that believe that food has nothing to do with this disease. Well, food didn’t cause it, but eating the right food can certainly help it! Glad that you find someone to pay attention to your symptoms and get you in remission. That is such great news! Congratulations!

  5. Fred S

    So glad you are feeling better Laura! I have been in remission for 18 months because of SCD as well. Cutting out all the bad carbs and increasing protein is what works. Most doctors just don’t get it though and would rather give pills out or perform surgery.

    1. Hi, Fred:

      what kind of food you eat that can increase protein, I have been forcing myself to eat lots of Chicken to keep my weight but not much success.

      Many thanks


  6. When reading the above I am relieved that one acknowledges that the management of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease )is not just drugs and it is holistic care; looking after the whole body (and mind). Like the risk of getting in our car every day, there is always a risk with medication. But like you drive your car or get on your bike, the risk associated with medication is generally significantly lesser than the risk of bowel cancer from uncontrolled disease! Like Laura, look after your body and mind, but don’t exclude your medication without careful consideration to the risks of active disease.

  7. Hey Laura,
    That is wonderful news! My 18 year old son was diagnosed with UC last July and he is on a strict diet along with his meds that seems to work for him. He went to his GI doctor last month for a check up and blood work and we were told there was no anemia which made us all happy, when he was admitted to the hospital he was sick so bad weight loss, 3 blood transfusions, iron transfusions when he was in the hospital. In time we would like him to adopt the SCD also. Again great news Laura on your health!!

  8. Good for you! Being true to yourself and your beliefs is key to achieving the result you want.

    I’ve been on the SCD for 12 years and I love it! It was a constant battle with my GI doc because he kept pushing stronger and stronger meds, but I stood firm and he had to admit, eventually, that what I am doing is working. There are so many great websites now with recipes for the SCD. Many more than when I started on my journey. You just have to be careful because many of them use illegal ingredients. You can also easily modify paleo and whole 30 diet recipes in many cases to make them SCD compliant. With some strategic planning, I’ve even been able to travel overseas several times and maintain my diet and health. I learned a hard lesson during my first trip to France. I drank wine and ate bread and confections every day. In a few days I was terribly sick and endured the worst trip home ever. But within a few days of back on SCD I was back on track. The memory of that trip keeps me in line during vacations and over holidays. Feeling good is so worth it!

    Keep it up and you’ll live the life you imagined.

      1. I felt a change within a few days. However I was also on steroids at the time so it’s hard to say. I have had a few very slight flares since and that has been kept at bay with the diet and enemas within a few days. Max a week.

  9. Great story. Quite similar to myself (ie no family history, UC hit around late 20s, severe symptoms etc.). Paleo diet, no caffeine, and a few supplements like O-3, probiotics here n there basically fixed things for me too.

  10. Great reading a positive story! I changed my diet too to a modified SCD or IBD-AID, and am symptom free. My GI doesn’t believe I should take probiotics, but I do anyways, and he doesn’t believe diet changes anything. So happy you are doing well!

  11. Great News Laura!! I as well struggled with UC for 32 years missed diagnosed, I had parasites which NEVER showed up in any stool tests. After doing much research I discovered yeast was a major contributor to this illness. I discussed with my GI dr and he referred me to an Alternative Doctor who specialized in treating yeast. They did a Bio Energy test on me and told me I was packed full of parasites. I received an IV treatment where they would take out 60 cc of my blood and inject ozone then run it through a UVB light. After a few treatments I thought my colitis came out of remission for a week I had diarrhea then it STOPPED and never returned! I am still getting rid of the parasites by detoxing with special herbs. I feel so many people are misdiagnosed with UC and if they would see an alliterative Dr. and get a Bio Energy they could change their lives. I was very fortunate that my GI doctor had an open mind.

    1. Hi Stephanie ,

      I really need your help!
      M suffering from colitis from 3 years and never been to remission..Few days back i met a naturotherapist and he suggested me to go for Ozone therapy…He is confident that he will put me in remission through Ozone…When u took ozone therapy and how is ur condition now?/

      1. I am still in remission the ozone treatment with UV light will kill parasites. I remain on specific herbs. Did you have a bio energy test to see if you have parasites or yeast?

  12. Hi, Adam:

    I have not seen any improvement and I saw some blood even with 30mg prednisone so my Dr.asked me to increase to 40mg. I had been on lialda for more than a year and ate whatever I wanted but I quit drinking for a couple months. it just happened all of a sudden and looked like it stopped working for me. I have read your book and felt so shocked what you have been through and I am very happy to know you are symptoms free now. I lost 15 pounds for the last couple months. I felt so weak during the last couple weeks and I havery to eat white rice again but I still avoid other food. feel so helpless and my wife left me. so scared and feel like I am going to die soon.

    1. Ben,
      I’m sorry to hear about all you’ve gone through as of late(and probably for a while now). I hope the prednisone bump gives you some relief to the point where you can taper successfully and get back on with your life, family, friends, and relationships. I wish I had some silver bullet idea for you. I think many would agree that much of this disease, especially at times where it seems like it’s never going to get any better, is an emotional/mental/stress battle that is unique for each of us. Combining that with something like steroids which are often so helpful for us UC’ers to get over tuff symptoms, and it creates an even more complex scenario.

      I hope that you realize you are for sure not alone with what you are going through. And I hope you find something within yourself to keep you moving forward, although the future may appear bleak at the moment, there will most definitely be a time not too far in the future where you are living a happy life once again. There have been far too many people with UC who have been to hell and back yet still have found themselves at a later date with a smile on their face, and many things to look forward to.

      Please keep us posted on how you progress, and I wish you the best,


      1. Hi, Adam:

        Every time when I feel depressed, I read your book, it gives me lots of encouragement. sometimes I feel so mentally sad that I even want to give up my life…

        just go through one day at a time, from other website, I read we can eat white rice, I am not sure if it is true. when I stop eating rice, I loose weigh quickly. too much meat is not enough but not enough meat won’t give you energy. Any suggestion on what kind of food I should eat to keep my weigh stable?



    2. Ben in the past when I was unable to get into remission and could not get off Predinsone I had an IV of Phosphatidylcholine and Glutathione and I went right into remission within a day or two. My alternative MD gave me the IV at her center. Please contact me if you would like additional information.

    1. Ben! My goodness. It will get better. One amazing part of life is that nothing is permanent. There are options out there and if your doctor isn’t offering you them then kick them to the curb and find a new one. I know it’s so hard. The time ive been my weakest i felt helpless and alone. But you are not going to die. You are just very very sick right now, now is never forever. There are many things you can try once you are a bit better to get yourself deeper into remission, but you may be too sick to try these things right now. Please send your email through and ill send you all I know in terms of supplements, home enemas and fecal transfer!!

      1. Hi, Laura;

        Thanks a lot! My email address is I am a first generation immigrant and since my ex wife left me. I have no none else in the United States. that is another reason why I am so depressed.

        I will share more about me and your help is greatly appreciated.


      2. Hi Laura,
        I saw you reply to Ben and decided to send you this note. My son who is 14 has UC. We have tried all medications, he is now on Entyvio and Methotrexate. Please send la i formation about the supplements. My email is:

        I really appreciate it.

  13. Ben, you may want to stop drinking alcohol entirely. It acts as an irritant and can exacerbate the bleeding, not to mention discomfort. I too, have been on Lialda since beginning this journey (4/2016) and remain on it. I am taking the max dose right now. I have been on/off Uceris, currently back on, symptoms returned and I had to begin prednisone again, although instead of beginning with 30mg with is what my gastro doc wanted, I restarted with 5mg only, because the longer I’m in this, the more I can feel/understand how these meds affect me. I am very sensitive to the effects of prednisone, at least for now. As soon as the tablet starts to dissolve, my problems with frequency cease almost immediately, and for this I am grateful. I have not been able to eat whatever I want, without suffering in some way, and it”s just not worth it. Baked/bbq chicken, fish, shrimp, no coffee, not even decaf, because a study was done, and there’s something else in addition to caffeine that negatively affects UC. No dairy, no beef, no carbonated drinks. The beef remains in your system too long and that is not good for your gut. Getting used to having a limited variety of meats and veggies is not so bad when you consider the alternative, which is akin to being chained to a toilet all day. It does get better. I also make sure to take my probiotic. VSL# 3. I am blessed to be able to see an MD in the largest medical center in the world, and I have learned to be thankful for every day that passes that I don’t have to experience something utterly humiliating due to the lack of knowledge of others not entirely familiar with this disease. I don’t advertise my illness, but I don’t hide it if someone asks why I don’t drink or have to refuse certain foods. I changed doctors after one his assistants told me I had to use the bathroom outside the office and down the hall, that turned out to be a single stall, that was occupied. That was a very low point, to be sure. I am constantly tempted by food, kind of hard not to be, its presence is everywhere you turn, TV, internet, billboards, etc. But I know I can make it one more day without problems, as long as I stay on track. Your diet plays as much of a role in your wellness as the meds. You just need to accept change. It’s not so bad. And when one door closes, another one opens. Try not to worry so about things you have no control over. It will get better, you’ll meet the right person, find the right doctor, and it will get better. Just try and take it one day at a time. Also, if med$ are an issue, esp the Lialda, go to their website and you will find a place to get a drug card ( you can print out a temporary card) that, with your insurance, you can get it for as low as $10/month. at least for a while. (30 days at a time)Quite the bargain, really. I was shocked. I wish you only the best, take care!

  14. Hi,Laura:

    Thank you very much for the details. my family issue is the reason I had UCI, which I know that. I live in a small town and my boss really doesn’t like my health issue. it sucks, right.?

    my GI 3 hours away from my home. no one knows much about this thing but just says ” I am sorry to hear that!”

    on this website, I found love and care. and you all know this disease. I do feel comfortable sharing with you all.


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