Ulcerative Colitis Bathroom Talk #1

I never thought I would be making an ulcerative colitis video from the scene of the crime, or you might call the place where I used to bleed while taking a poop. But today is a special day and I wanted to roll the camera from my bathroom toilet seat.  Also, I’ve never shot a video at this early hour in the morning before, but what the heck.

My colitis symptoms are now totally gone, and being medication free and symptom free has allowed me to be super excited about using the bathroom once again.  I know that might sound strange, but if you have ulcerative colitis, you know exactly what I’m talking about in terms of the excitement of what your bowels are producing at any moment in time.

Enough about that, enjoy the video and if you are even remotely considering including a specific ulcerative colitis diet to treat your colitis symptoms like I am, you should most definitely visit:

https://www.ihaveuc.com/the-diet after watching.

Have a great day, and less than 500 minutes until I need to pick up my wife, so time to clean the house…

8 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis Bathroom Talk #1”

  1. I love your video setting. Well, after being on remicade for 4 years I still cannot get into remission. Going to another Dr. for a second opinion and maybe talk surgery. I hesitate for that right now because I only have desease in the first 45 cm. The rest of my colon is normal.

    1. Hey Paul,
      I’m sorry to hear things are not in remission for you still. I know how dedicated you’ve been trying out all sorts of things to get well, but like all things in life, the disease is just temporary and will pass too.
      I can totally feel and understand your hesitation regarding surgery, its a big and final step, but then again, nearly everyone who has written in on the site who’s gone through with the surgery is super happy about it and very pleased with their decisions. For example Curtis who you probably followed from day 1 one he wrote his initial story on the site back in January or February of 2011, he was SUPER severe and nearly at the last resort right off the bat, but now post 2 surgeries he is in very high spirits and ready to get his life back to normal. Those stories make me so happy to know that even for people who go the surgery route, there is MOST definitely green pastures and sunlight at the end of the tunnel/colon. Take care, and its ALWAYS great hearing from you. After all, you’re one of the original IHAVEUC’ers, and the first Karate Chopper!

  2. Hi Paul,

    I hear ya, I really do. Invest in a heated toilet seat. It’s the best in winter. Hugs for you from me!

  3. Hello Adam, Congratulations! You are a living proof that if we take care of our bodies with this SCD diet we can be normal again and have our lives back! You always talked about the girl who told you about this diet and how you thank her for that.
    I want to say that one day tired and crying I started looking for an answer checking the internet and I saw your video about this diet and your smoothies and your website.

    Today I want to thank you because of your video I bought the SCD book and I started the diet in March 2011. Thank you!

    Now my update! Stopping Remicade and started the SCD diet in March, 2011. This diet it is very difficult to do at the beginning, you need to have discipline and a lot of patient, but in few weeks you get used to it. I make my own yogurt, my smoothies, I cooked all the time and I invented new dishes. It is hard but you see results, again If you are patient. Today, June 9 early morning I had my colonoscopy, my doctor wanted to check my colon, he was worry because I stopped the remicade infusion. Anyway, he told me that my colon looked better, the ascending, transverse and descending colon were normal, hurray! and just rectum has the moderately active ulcerative colitis, I have regular stools, but because of the colitis in the rectum I still have little pain and the urgencies to the bathroom. I feel very happy today, I feel optimistic and I have cried because today I found out that I can be normal one day if I take care of myself with this diet, I am pretty sure that I will have my life back again and be normal.
    I still taking 125 mg of Imuran, asacol and canasa at night.
    Good Luck to everyone and I will keep in touch.

    1. Hey Marie, That is such great news that you are coming around, and heck yeah you can be normal. What a great feeling it is when your doctor tells you that your colon looks better! right? that’s the best news I’ve heard this week. Thanks so much for making yourself feel better, and stories like yours are super inspirational to everyone, and I wish you the best of luck moving forward and a happy summer(if you’re in the northern himisphere these upcoming months…) laters, adam

  4. Hi Adam I just finished watching your video and I am very impressed by it. I am a mother of a 16 year old daughter who is suffering from crohns she was diagnosed when she was 13 we have tried everything pentasa,prednisone,6-mp,remicade her current meds are Humira and Lialda.The first 2 years of being on humira she was in remission in the past 8 months things havent been as good we have had 2 bouts of c-diff and her urgency is becoming worse I getting really scared that soon it will be talk of surgery and I dont want that for her. I guess I am just asking for your option as to what to do next or how to start her out on the SCD diet because she is a kid if you think she will be able to stick to it. Any help or info you could give would be greatly appreciated Thank you!

    1. You should for sure visit the Pecanbread.com website

      It is meant specifically for children, and I am sure you will find many answers to your questions there. Check it out now, you’ll be amazed by the info directed at parents for children going through this.

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