UPDATE: 2nd Ulcerative Colitis Surgery a SUCCESS

So I just had my second of three surgeries on June 1

and I am now 1 step closer to being “back to normal.”

Here are the details of Curtis’s 2nd Colon surgery:

My second surgery was on June 1, 2011. This surgery the doctors went in using the DaVinci Robot to construct a “J Pouch” out of my small intestine and connect my small intestine back to the rectum. They then pulled my small intestine back out of my stomach, giving me a “loop Ileostomy” this time instead of an “end ileostomy”. A loop ileostomy is different because they don’t cut the intestine, they just pull it out from the middle and put a little bar

colitis surgery ostomy

Curtis after his 1st surgery

underneath it so it doesn’t go back into my stomach. This is also different because it is higher up in my intestine than before and it also has 2 holes where stuff comes out. You can ask what comes out if you want, I don’t want to get too detailed though, haha.

So the surgery went well and I was in the hospital until yesterday (6/6/11) just recovering and making sure I could eat again and do everything like normal. This time around was 1000 times different than my first surgery. My first surgery, I was 118 pounds and pretty much on my deathbed. The days following the surgery I couldn’t walk on my own, and I needed a cane to walk for almost 2 weeks and I was in a lot of pain from the surgery.

Going into this next surgery I was a healthy 152 pounds and felt like normal! My normal weight is about 155-165 pounds, it sort of fluctuates. This time, I was able to to walk the day after surgery with just having my arm around someone for a little balance while walking, and then 2 days after I was walking on my own with no problems. I was in less pain than before, even though this surgery was more intense than the first one. Now I’m at home and am already taking less pain pills than I was after the first time and am trying to get myself completely off of them ASAP! Hopefully I will recover from this one faster that the first one, I’m pretty sure that it’s almost impossible for me to not recover faster, haha. I have more incisions though because they had to do a little slice open on me to do some stuff but other than that, 4 small incisions from the DaVinci!

So I only have one more surgery after this one and I’ll be all completed. The take-down will be about 2 months from now so we’re looking at an August surgery. I know the recovery from that one will be quite different and will probably take a little longer but it will be one step closer to being bag free and I won’t have to deal with that Ulcerative Colitis pain I was experiencing in the beginning of 2011. It’s been quite a year to say the least.

That’s it for now, I’ll throw some updates on here a little later too.

Hope everyone is doing well and people out there understand that surgery isn’t that bad!! I couldn’t be happier right now!

Current Medications: Absolutely NONE!

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3 thoughts on “UPDATE: 2nd Ulcerative Colitis Surgery a SUCCESS”

  1. Hey Curtis,
    So glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you are on your way to normal. I am just returning from a meeting with a surgeon to get the details about surgery. I have been through the ringer as you have and have had no luck with any of the zillion meds they put me on. The only thing that eases my pain after eating is not legal in my state. However, I do partake in the evenings so I can enjoy some dinner before bed. But, usually I just don’t eat much in the daytime.
    I’m at the point where I think surgery is the only option. I am nervous about it all so keeep posting and keep us all updated.

  2. One year with UC and you had surgery, most of us are not so are not so lucky in being so decisive. I had my UC for ten years before surgery, wish I had done it in year 5 instead. Life is fantastic without having to feel like your in prison all the time feeling tied to a bathroom. Good luck to you.

  3. Hey Curtis,

    Awesome to read this. Im from Australia and I was on my deathbed too, I was told if I didnt do surgery I would be dead by the end of the week so had stage 1, that however was 2 years ago! I dont mind the bag, but now its time to move on. I am having my stage 2 in May 2012 and will be to my understanding the first Aussie to do it on Aussie soil using the Da Vinci. I was kinda freaked out when my surgeon mentioned it last week at my consult but quickly realised its probably got alot more benefits than laproscopic, but still ive been looking for you! Someone who has had it, great to read your update. James.

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