There Has To Be A Better Way To Treat Ulcerative Colitis

I Really Feel No Two Situations Are the Same

I have had ulcerative colitis for 11 years now ever since I was in the Navy. At the same time I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and so my 2 disease battle was underway….
I have been treated at the Vet Hosp, local GI docs, ND’s and yes, even Mayo, and after all those visits NOBODY knows more than each other. I have spent, I would say almost everyday finding the TRIGGER to this spontaneous dual auto immune reaction and what I feel maybe overlooked. A stool sample detected a ” Klebsiella” bacteria said to trigger an autoimmune reaction but no doctor wants to look at the results or even knows what to do? Just a thought………. I have no family history of any of these diseases, my thoughts are it could of stemmed from Immunizations and flu shot combo in the Navy, these are a couple of many theories I have had through the last 11 years. Would love to hear input from anyone else…….
My road has been filled medication, the typically protocol ie. ASA’s “that did no work” to Sulfa “which put me in the hospital with severe body allergic reaction”, to steroids “amazing drug but crappy at the same time”, Remicade ” worked for AS not UC” and now on 6MP ” so far I think it’s working????
Also, my list of trial supplements are to long to list, I could actually write a book on everything I have tried, since I run a health food store. Right now, Garden of Life’s probiotic RAW seems to be helping, if anybody knows anything that is complementary to 6mp without negating it’s purpose I am all ears.

This is my first post and would love to get feedback , please.

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  1. Finding the trigger is the key to this mystery called UC. I am thankful to Adam for starting this web site. But every one must mention what they think is the trigger for them, because only we, who are going through this can understand this disease. The doctors have a generalized view of this whole thing and treat mechanically. But i thing this needs more understanding.

    On my part i thing an emotional stress is a trigger, like a death of a loved one. And the anxiety quotient of an individual. I get very anxious for any small thing. Each flare is connected to a stressful event. There seems to be an environmental trigger too. Like when on a visit to a new country.

    Dont know for sure but if every one mentions what they think is a trigger for them then we could arrive at something.

  2. Personally, i believe the trigger was stress combined with poor diet. I was running my own business with long hours, not eating healthy and i believe this was the trigger for me.

  3. Hi,

    Interesting…I have UC and recent med results revealed Klebsiella in my stool sample.
    Have you done anything more about it? I’ve read that Kelbsiella is an opportunistic infection
    (dormant but arises when your immune system is low) and can be eradicated with Citrus seed extract.


  4. Hello,

    I too have UC and have had Klebsiella detected in my stool sample. I’m working with an integrative practitioner using natural antimicrobials (grape seed extract + others), specific foods and re-colonising agents while slowly decreasing the anti inflammatories prescribed by my doctor. It seems to be working well so far – I’m 6 weeks into it. Very excited!!

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