I Want to Know What’s Wrong With Me

I Might Have Ulcerative Colitis, not Sure Yet

Hey everyone, I’m in my early 30s and I am not sure if I have UC. For over a year now I’ve been having bloody stools, severe cramping, loose stools, fatigue, swollen joints, among other things. Sometimes I feel like I have the flu and I can barely function. I get headaches too and I noticed that I seem to not be tolerating foods that never bothered me before.

Anyway, over 3 yrs ago I started having other symptoms but just ignored them. I realized later on that grains, soy and dairy were giving me problems. So I eliminated them from my diet. I was fine for some time and then started having symptoms again(though the stomachaches never really went away completely). Last year I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy at the same time to see what’s causing the symptoms, especially the bleeding and constant loose stools. The Dr said he didn’t see anything. This year, I seem to have taken for the worse. More foods are bothering me. I see blood more often now and the stomachaches are much worse. The nausea is worse, plus now I also have severe indigestion and heartburn. I’m at a loss.

2 months ago I moved to a new GI because I wasn’t really happy with the one that did my colonoscopy (long story). I like the new GI, she seems to listen better and is open to different ideas. She doesn’t want me to have another colonoscopy, rather she wants me to have a CATscan. I feel like that should be the last resort right? Has anyone had a CATSCAN here to rule out UC or Crohn’s? I’m worried that the contrast I’m drinking will make me even more sick to my stomach. I can’t do the IV contrast because I’m allergic to shellfish. I’m so confused but I just want to know what’s wrong with me so I can move on. I’m exhausted of being sick. I have a 3 year old and I want to be able to enjoy my child without being hampered by not feeling well everyday.

I’m familiar with GAPS and SCD. I have both books. I’ve attempted SCD last year but my resolve was so weak. I fell into temptation around Thanksgiving. Christmas was even worse. Family was around and the constant eye rolls and snide remarks hurt my resolve, I gave in to the pressure, mainly because I was just so hungry and because I’m weak! After Christmas I was ill with pneumonia and was on antibiotics and Prednisone. I cheated on the diet even more. I was so stressed and couldn’t fall asleep because of the Prednisone. I seriously felt like an addict waiting for my next hit. I can’t sleep, rocked constantly, I was jittery, angry, grumpy and just plain horrible. After the dose of both medications were finished, I was okay for a week or so and then it hit me. The most horrible cramping began, followed with more blood and loose stools, swollen joints, nausea, etc. I felt weak and fatigued and flu-like. I just feel like the last round of medications cured the pneumonia but then made my stomach condition worse.

A stool test was done last week to look for parasites. It was negative. My bloodwork was fine except for low MCV (microcytosis). I have alpha-Thalassemia so I figured that was normal for me, though it’s really not normal.

I apologize that this is long, I’m still trying to find answers. I don’t know what to do except to get the CATSCAN and do GAPS. I thought I’ll do GAPS this time and really, really stick to it(no holidays looming right?). I’m just frustrated and at the end of my rope.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate any advice you can give me. I’m desperate. Do you think the CATSCAN will find Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s? I need answers.

story submitted by: ScarlettOHara

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6 thoughts on “I Want to Know What’s Wrong With Me”

  1. hi, i totally understand what you are feeling.. but first of all, calm down.. my advice is, you should see another GI doctor. Maybe you need to another colonoscopy.. i don’t know what is CATSCAN but colonoscopy is the best way to diagnose UC or Crohn or whatever. When you diagnose you can treat this symptoms.. you’re not alone.. i’m sure you’ll be fine ;)

  2. Hey Scarlett,

    I was looking through my medical records last night and I have a question I guess for your doctor.
    Is she/he sure that the Catscan is the right thing for you? The reason I ask is because there was a time when my family, me, and my doctors were wondering if I had Crohn’s or UC as my uncle was diagnosed with UC initially by Dr. Crohn and then that was changed during his surgery to a Crohn’s diagnosis.
    I was sent to get an MRI which I am pretty sure is very different than a cat scan. I am not sure if the cat scan can actually help in determining if someone has crohns or UC.

    Based off my own personal experience(and everyone’s is for sure different) I failed all the medications, but after getting on the SCD diet plan, thnigs turned around for me, and I’ve only had some minor bumps in the road since being on it. If you think you tried it out as best you could and it did not work for you, that is one thing, but if you think you can try it again and maybe do an even “better” job of sticking to it, you might want to consider that along with a low dose of steroids. That might be something I would talk to my doctor about if I was in your current situation.

    Don’t worry though, all of us here have been through alot of UC hell, and for the most part, with time, the nastiness that happens turns around and gets better. I sure think the same will be happenign for you too.
    Best of luck to you,

  3. @Love Thanks. I just moved to this new GI actually, the other one won’t even listen to me.

    @Brian Thanks, I’m gonna call the doc and ask her if she could do a sigmoidoscopy instead. Since I just had a colonoscopy a year ago, I really want to avoid that if I could, not to mention it cost me a lot of money(co-pay).

    I received the GAPS revised edition so I’m going to start the diet soon and I’m really praying/hoping this is the answer for me. If I have to stay on this diet for life I don’t care as long as I’m healed and off of all medications.

  4. I was admited to the hospital in 2012 for kidney stones! They done a CT scan and that’s when they told me about how big my kidney stone was and how I had the beginning stages of UC!

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