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Midnight Rant – 1 Week After Diagnosis

After reading many persons stories I had the urge to add my story, as its still so fresh in my mind. It was actually about 12 months ago, I started having some GI issues, although, totally different from today’s which brought me to my diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis. One year ago, I was a normal TammyBB in Brazilfunctioning 35 year old… then I starting having weird symptoms, like Diarrhea after eating, and most weirdly, this fullness after drinking my favorite Heineken, and weight gain, and a kind of water-retention puffiness, and lactose intolerance. Which was totally weird. I used to drink like 5 beers at one time, then suddenly I could only drink one. Then during the night after drinking some beers I would get thirsty and drink water, then be stuck with these weird stomach pains for 2 hours after. So, as I had a friend who was gluten free, and just one day decided to stop eating gluten. My symptoms almost disappeared instantly. I actually felt this weird cloud leaving my head that I think I had for year s… and I just felt amazing. I was glad I could at least still drink wine, as I really enjoyed my nights of buzzed slumber.

Fast forward 10 months later, and this really bad stomach flu is going around the city. I had diarrhea, and water running from my butt for 2 days, and knew I needed some medicine to bite this thing in the butt (literally). So, then I took the anti-diarrhea pill, (which the pharmacist advised against, as he said it might keep bad bugs inside.) As an American living in Brazil, where you can get better advise from a pharmacist then a doctor, of course I thought, just give me the damn anti- diarrhea already!

So, I took it.

Then my poop went from water, to this urgent, grainy like small amount of poop. I’m like whatever.

Then I had to go to Paraguay to buy a 12 Mg Pixel for my new Camera project, and embarked on a 18 hour drive to Paraguay. That is when the cramps transformed into small amounts of diarrhea with blood. Ok, getting somewhat concerned. I’m like I need to see a doc when I get back. So, being a stressful time, as we were renting out both our houses we just finished building after 2 years of love, slave and labor, we had to move to a very noisy, night club invested tiny house for 2 months. I went to the doctor the night before the final move, and he got me on some antibiotics. Didn’t work… things stayed the same. Then as the blood got slightly worse, I went back to doctor after treatment, and was forwarded to a specialist. The specialist ordered all kinds of tests, with no treatment. Got back the tests, and over the phone told him results, he ordered more antibiotics. Symptoms got really worse, then on the return he ordered the colonoscopy.

Upon the colonoscopy, I almost had a nervous breakdown when I entered the room to see two men, and a women with masks about to put me to sleep in a foreign language. Nobody told me I was going to sleep God Damnant! I said no way. I hadn’t ate any solid food in 1 day and half, and was peeing from my butt from all the liquids I took to starve the hunger away. I can hardly still handle honey after taking like 4 tablespoons straight because I was so hungry. After crying and telling the doctor how scared I was, he looking me in the eyes, and spoke calmly in his deep Brazilian accent, asking me simply why I was there. I only said, I had Diarrhea for 2 months, and at that moment it all just kinda sank in. After all I was paying US $300 for this test, and I did want to get it done after starving myself for almost 2 days.

Results were almost immediate. I had the results with images as I was leaving the office with the notes of Ulcerous Colitis Suspected, and after looking the images, and comparing them to Wikipedia, I knew it was true.

So, actually that night the research began. I found the SCD and began implementing within 48 hours. I didn’t go the route of pure Chicken Soup, as I did have a mild case, segregated only to the rectum, but I do know after only 12 hours on the into/ basic diet, I reduced my symptoms by 50% with no medication, as my follow up was not for another 5 days.

In the last 10 days I’m incorporating Positive Visualization, (meditation of healthy colon and rectum), Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Relaxation, and Sun Bathing. I love to lay 30 minutes in the sun a couple times a week. I am taking
a suppository of “Mesalazina” 500mg, 2 times per day. I’m still waiting for the results of the biopsy in 2 weeks to be forward or/ not to a doctor who specializes in UC.

Thank god I do work from home, so I’m close to the bathroom, but all symptoms have been reduced by about 50%.

I’m not sure about the future, but hopeful to take an active role in my recuperation. I haven’t been able to give up the wine a couple of times per week.. not sure when I will be ready… but the irony, being at the beginning of the summer was I wanted to loose 10 pounds, from 142 to 132, at 5’7. All I can say at the end of the summer, after completing my goal, that’s a damn of a way to loosing 10 pounds, and I think I will be more careful what I ask for next time. LOL.

Good luck to you all and thank you for reading my story.

Current Treatment:

Incorporating Positive Visualization, (meditation of healthy colon and rectum), Meditation, YogaPilates, Relaxation, and Sun Bathing. I love to lay 30 minutes in the sun a couple times a week. I am taking a suppository of “Mesalazina” 500mg, 2 times per day and Fish Oil 3 x per day.

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