Acupuncture, Anyone?

So, after my last colonoscopy the doctor wants me to have surgery.

So, I’m trying SCD and getting a second opinion from a doc at one of the best hospitals in Philly. My awesome primary care physician also suggested acupuncture. Thank God someone in ┬áthe medical field has suggestions for other therapies aside from drugs and surgery! I’ll try anything once.. Has anyone tried acupuncture for Ulcerative Colitis symptoms??

4 thoughts on “Acupuncture, Anyone?”

  1. Hi Jen,

    I use acupuncture along with the SCD to control my UC.

    I believe it has helped me quite a bit. I used to go twice a week when I was flaring, but now I go once a week for maintenance.

    I have been on SCD for almost 8 months now and I really believe it has changed my life!I did have some ups and downs in the beggining but for the past 3 months I have NO SYMPTOMS of UC.

    It feels great!

    I wish you the best!

  2. So glad you are feeling well. I’ve been in the beginning phase of SCD for a couple weeks. Trying things, messing things up. Today I got my YoGourmet and tomorrow at 6 I’ll have my yogurt. Have you been doing the yogurt?

  3. In the beginning months I ate the yogurt daily, usually in my smoothies. Now I eat it a couple times a month but I take a SCD probiotic everyday!

    I think the yogurt really does help, especially in the early stages of SCD.
    Definitly give it a shot!

    Wishing you SCD luck!

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Even I am planning to go for Accupuncture..Recently I had a word wit one of the Doc here in India and he told that Accupuncture can cure colitis..How r ur symptoms dese days?RU still practicing Accupuncture?

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