Eat! Poop! Run!

The Story:

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis my last year of college in 1987.

I’ve had flare ups over the last 23 years, some bad, some tolerable, and all of them HUMILIATING!

As I’ve “matured” (gotten older), the flares are less and less. I’ve taken all kinds of the typical meds, prednisone being the first one to work. Over the years, it worked less to not at all. Been on pills, enemas, you name it. Got so desperate, I tried accupuncture, holistic….. etc.

In 1997, I encountered several books on UC, the BEST one was the Breaking the Vicious Cycle, primarily because it taught me how to try to eat. I tried most everything in the book, but with my job, having such strange hours, I had to limit what I could prepare. The MAJOR lesson from this book, for me, was to eliminate pretty much everything WHITE!! Sounded strange because that was all I WAS eating and I thought, at the time, it was easier to digest than fruits and veggies! Wow, I can’t express the DIFFERENCE I felt when I changed my way of eating! Less pain, less cramps, less blood!!!

Now, I KNOW EXACTLY what I can digest without discomfort and what I can’t. I’ve completely eliminated all PASTA, RICE, CORN, BEANS and most WHEAT & SUGAR products whether I’m in what I call my “normal” state, I can eat almost anything without it bothering me EXCEPT for these items. When I’m flared up, I also completely eliminate anything with flour/wheat and no dairy. I know everyone is different, but you do have to do a trial and error experiment to see what works best for you. So basically, for about these past 14 years, I’ve really only had maybe 6/7 flares, with only two of them being really uncontrollable (no hospitalizations though- YAY!)

A little added bonus….. I lost weight, without even trying, by eating like this!
Now, the best part…… I’ve always worked out and excercised, but last October, I started to train for the Rock’n’Roll marathon in Las Vegas, benefiting CCFA. I did the half marathon AND raised $$ for our cause! There were bathrooms all along the way, which decreased my stress level tremendously! My supportive Mini-Team was called “Eat Run Poop”, which is what we had printed up on our shirts! I love the running and continue to train for more 5k’s and 1/2 marathons as I’ve found a new passion at age 45!

So there you have it…. to the point, nothing special, just wanted to share. Life and all it has to offer does return once you can get your food intake in order. I’m not saying it works for everyone, but I do think everyone should try it! It definitely can’t hurt and this is coming from a skeptic!!! Good luck to all!


I’ve been on Asacol for probably over 12-14 years already. At this point, I take it because I’m “supposed” to. I’m not really sure if it helps or not, but I know that when I flare, it doesn’t do anything different, but I keep taking it.

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6 thoughts on “Eat! Poop! Run!”

  1. So let me get this straight, you have been on SCD since 1997?! That’s awesome. I just started a month ago so that makes me feel happy to read about someone who’s had SCD success for that long. The title of your story made me literally laugh out loud. I thought of that book, Eat Pray Love, then I got a mental image of Julia Roberts running for a bathroom. Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Wow, looks like you really got a hold on this thing. You said you are doing the SCD, do you follow it ‘with fanatical adherance’ as Elaine says. Or have you included some other things. I keep hearing about these super foods like sweet potatoes and I’d like to include them for their good effects. You also said you tried acupuncture…I’m heading in on the 12th did you find it helped? Finally, I see your Eagles shirt! Are you from Philly?

  3. Thanks for your story. I have had UC for almost 9 years now. I trained last year for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in San Antonion. I was never a runner and the training really flared up my UC. My Gastro doc said to keep on pushing as much as I can that my body will adapt to me becoming a runner. Now however, I have strange pains in my lower ab area. Nothing that holds me up just an annoying pain that I can feel when I sit on a hard surface when I push or lay on my stomach. Lately I have felt as if I am a snake trying to digest a rat in my colon, a big knot feeling. Anyway, not sure if I should run with this going on. Have you ever experienced this? I am in good shape and since the RNR I have maintained my condition through xtraining and such. Thanks again for your story ;-)

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      So glad you relpied! I’m sorry for what you are going through right now, but getting right to it, NO, I’ve not experienced the pains you are describing. Well, I’ve felt the “big knot feeling” but It actually sounds like it’s not even UC related, so if it were me (and we are our own advocate), I’d seek out another opinion, especially to see what else may be actually wrong with me. Maybe gall bladder? Maybe reproductive stuff? Not really sure, but keep on pushing with your docs to figure it out and if you’re not hindered by the running (just uncomfy), that’s reason enough for me to keep on running! Maybe 15 years ago, or more, I may have then quit excercising, but knowing now, that it actually helps alleviate alot of stress in my life, it seems to help manage the UC.
      Good luck with your xtraining, push through it, but seriously consider gettng other opinions on your health issues… just to be safe! Please keep me posted on how it works out for you!

  4. Hi! I’ve just been diagnosed with UC 3 weeks ago, and I’m not going to lie, I’m terrified of what will happen. I’m not completely cured yet as it’s the first time, I’m 26, and was wondering when I could start training. I usually lead an active lifestyle going to the gym 5 times a week and taking spin classes and occasionally running. I obviously have been at rest since my hospital visit. I was wondering if I could maybe start walking and a simple weight training routine? I can’t live without exercise and I’m incredibly anxious right now because I feel stuck. I’m also scared of the foods that will maybe cause a flare up. I don’t personally know anyone with this disease so I somehow feel alone. What would you recommend? Thanks for answering :)

    1. HI Lorena,

      Wow, you definitely have led a super active lifestyle.
      My suggestion would be to start out VERY VERY slowly, with some very light walks and gradually increase the distance. If you are noticing any signs of active colitis (bleeding, cramping etc…) I would hold off on excercise completely until that is better. From there, you can slowly increase the physical excercise as ou feel comfortable.

      I myself have started to flare two separate times while training for a half marathon, and I’ve found that when I stopped training very hard, my symptoms got better once again.

      Best to you,

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