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I don’t usually carry around this much doodie paper!

Hey Guys,

It’s crazy to believe, but we’re almost a week into a brand new year.  A HUGE “Thank You” to everyone who has shared their UC story over the past year, and also a super huge thanks to everyone who has left comments on a fellow writer’s story.

For everybody who is brand new to the IHAVEUC website, thank’s for joining us!  And of course to all the dedicated followers of the site from around the world, it’s always great to have each and everyone of you here as well.  As everyone knows, the website is all about sharing ulcerative colitis experiences, and it’s been going strong for a couple of years now…wow, seems like just a few weeks actually.

Real quickly, I’ve been feeling pretty darn good lately.  You’ll hopefully be able to get a feeling for that in the video I prepared a few days ago from a recent vacation. BUT, I know there are many people who are not feeling well, and that’s what keeps me motivated for maintaining the website.  In order for me to feel better, and to gain control of my UC, I needed help from other UC’ers, and I suspect that’s true for others here too.  So let’s make the most of it.

Some Quick Facts:

  • Tara won the 2011 writing contest and the $250 prize! YAY Tara.  to read her story, Click here
  • Michelle G raised a ton of money for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation in 2011,  her stories are here
  • There’s over 100 doctors from 9 different countries now on the Gastro Doc Review page: Click here to read them
  • The Colon Surgery Survey is going to be complete real soon, I think everyone will find it really interesting
  • More and more emails I’m receiving are from parents and friends who are concerned about someone else’s UC (great to see “outsiders” involvement)
  • AND, more people are including PICTURES with stories(WAY COOL!) (Pictures are GRRREAT!)
  • Maybe not a hard fact yet, but if you have the chance to meetup in person with another UC’er, it will make you feel better!
  • Peter from NZ continues to leave some pretty hilarious comments, at least my wife and I think so:)

So here’s the video below.  If you want to watch more of my videos, you can at the YOUTUBE channel:

And if you want to share this anywhere, you can use the facebook/twitter buttons on the left!
People often ask me some very difficult questions about living with UC.  For example, I was recently emailed if you need to worry about dying with this disease. That email came from a young person still in high school.  And of course, it shook me up a bit just reading the message.  And, it also pissed me off.  It bothers me knowing that so many people are worried about living a normal life with our disease, and especially for young people at such early ages. But it does exist.  It has for a long time.  If enough people can prove that a great life is possible with this disease, I think the overall benefits to other UC’ers will be massive!

Good luck everyone in 2012, I look forward to sharing more stories and more experiences with all of you in the weeks and months to come.


feel free to email me: if you have any questions or suggestions about anything related to the website or if you have a solution to the Somali Pirate Pirating!

Rancho El Pescadero Mexico

27 thoughts on “Starting Off 2012 – Video Included”

  1. I’m a 58 year old woman and had just been diagnosed with UC this past spring, ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks fighting to keep my colon and not go through surgery. Remicade finally did the trick for me and I have infusions every 8 weeks, but was also on prednisone until the end of September. Since I’ve come off the prednisone I have been experiencing severe joint pain. Traveling, joint pain, it does not stay in one area, may be in fingers one day and hip the next, each day a different location. Have you had many other people comment on joint pain? I thought it was the Remicade at first, but now find it is due to the UC. Glad I found your website, I will be tuning in frequently to read what others are feeling and commenting on and what seems to work for them. I also do plan on checking out the SCD diet.


    1. Hey Peggy,
      I’m so sorry to hear you have been struck by the traveling joint pains too. I know first hand what you’re talking about. And its super creepy. For me when it was real bad, it would be in my right arm for a half hour, then it would be gone for a week and appear again in my colar bone area etc…. and then move to my right shoulder…. the next week….

      so strange. But overall, it has gone down ALOT since i’ve begun controling my symptoms, and I hope it does the same for you too!

      THnaks for joining us, and talk to you soon,

    2. Hi Peggy,

      Like you, I’ve experienced joint pain for many many months until I got my UC well under control. If you subscribe to the The Leaky Gut Syndrome explanation of UC and other intestinal issues, unfortunately, things that are not supposed to enter your blood stream do as a result of a porous, permeable and damaged colon. The good news is that it does go away with time as long as your symptoms are under control. Since you were in a pretty rough shape (3 weeks in a hospital is a long time), it will take some time to heal your gut and as soon as it does, the associated pains will go away. Please be patient, it took me 6 months after starting a more aggressive therapy for UC for the pains to go away. The goal is to heal your colon and keep it healthy so these pains do not return.

      Have you tried modifications to your diet at all? Some have found relief by experimenting with diet, case and point is Adam’s story.

      Good luck!

      The Bird

    1. Thanks so much The Bird! It’s great hooking up with you, and thank you for all your support and all the comments you’ve left for so many people! The site would be nothing without people like you!!! right back at you with hard craps all around!!!

      1. Thanks Adam… I enjoy your videos and like others want to go on vacation now! Where did you stay, looks like an awesome place. Since being diagnosed with UC, I no longer stay at hotels when traveling. I always rent someones apt/condo/house on (not associated with them, so not plugging them in any way here) since the prices are comparable to hotels and I get a full kitchen to prepare all the food I need!

        1. I’ll have to look into that site you mentioned. sounds really cool. we went down south of the border, actually to the end of the long and skinny baja peninsula(the Los Cabos) area. I totally agree about staying in an apartment/house. Especially if you are into cooking meals like my family/wife/and i are. If you get enough people together, it definitely can end up costing way less, which is also pretty cool.(Just no clean and made up bed everyday…:) Extra points for you if you crank out a video of cooking up some food and record it on your next vacation!! I’m still hopeful that others will start cranking out some colitis videos for the site! take care!

        1. What up Blake!!

          Happy new years to you and your family! I got a good feeling this is going to be a 180 year for you compared to the end of last year! How are you doing? Is all still going well for you post op? Sure hope so!
          As for the saw, it was actually in a toolbox at the place we stayed at. Works super well for coconut opening. The coconut water once cooled in the fridge is SUPER tasty, but after we went through it all(in about one cup each for me and wife) the rest of the coconuts were up too high and couldn’t find any helpers to get more. So my advice is to learn how to scale coconut trees, or bring a super high ladder on your trip!(I think security doesn’t mind right….)
          Talk to you soon, and great to hear from you!

          1. Ha ha, I’m good bud. I’m actually gonna try and write my update from getting that first surgery right now, pics included. I’ll just send you the pics in a seperate e-mail cause I don’t know if there is a way to attach them to the story. Talk to you later.


        2. Hey Adam,
          Thanks for posting the video and showing us that vacation can be fun with UC!
          I’ve recently started adding coconut water (and mangos) to my smoothies…..yummm!

          George in Napa

          1. What’s up George!!

            Way cool to hear from you too(and nice picture!!!you and Blake did a great job with the setup!! hopefully some others will do the same since its FREE)

            That’s sounds pretty yummy with the coconut water & mango addition. You just might be the inventor of that combination. You’re not throwing pumpkin in there too are you?????:))

            Well hey George, have a great start of the year, Always good hearing from you, and I’m still hoping we can meet up sometime since we live relatively close. Adios Muchacho!!-Adam

        3. That was funny. People always ask Can you eat…., Can you drink….? So I could totally relate. And I love how your wife was so serious during your movie. I would have been laughing. I’m assuming she’s used to your humor. So my question to you you is… If you don’t drink alcohol then what do you do? Do you have your medicinal license?? Because you seem like the kind of guy that still likes to go out and have a good time. Your movie was great. And thank you again for the positive energy! It’s inspirational

          1. Hi Trina,

            I told my wife about your comment and she thought it was great!, thanks for making her day. I think the quick answer to that is yes, she’s used to me and the video camera. Actually, she got me a tripod this year for a present a few weeks ago. So no longer is she in charge of holding onto the camera(which means she’ll probably be in more videos moving forward…:)

            Your what do I do question…well, I guess its mostly all in my head(the having fun part) No maui wowie license over here. At least not yet. It still is possible to have a great time though totally sober. And uh…well, it saves you a ton of money especially if you are used to going out and burning your wad at the bars(which used to be the common move for me for a few too many years…)
            thanks again for the comments, take care,

        4. Adam
          Thank you for the vacation video. It is great to have new food ideas. Four months into a UC diagnosis and can be pretty unnerving to put food in your mouth. Coconut water sounds yummy and good to know that the colon is agreeable. Good snag on the fish. It looked delicious. Dinner time! Using the SCD at your website’s recommendation. So far drugs and food control is helping. Best in the new year.

          1. What up Debra!
            Glad you liked the video!

            I’ll keep busting out some more videos in the near future for sure. My wife just got me a tripod, so I don’t need her to hold the camera as much anymore(she’s pretty pumped about that).

            I was in your shoes about 3 years ago. I had my diagnosis in Oct. 2008 and once I started treating my UC with diet and getting off the medications, things really took a turn for the better. Say in touch, AND, if you want to get some SUPER BROWNIE POINTS, record a video talking to the UC’ers, and upload it to youtube!!!! Always wanting some other UC’ers videos to watch!! take care,

            Adam (the super tasty fish catcher…sometimes..:))

        5. I love your site! tons of information and help. I wanted to comment on the person who asked about dying..I am at that point now. I was diagnosed after 8 colonoscophies with both Crohn’s and colitis in August of 2011. I have been in the hospital on and off for four months. I have been on Remicade for 6 months and showing no improvements. I can only eat white food and I am overweight. I have been on all types of medicine and nothing is working. I have now contracted Hep C through Remicade. Life sucks and I have doc appointments every month and infusions every 6 weeks. The GI is looking at surgery but unwilling to take out and remake my insides. If anyone asks about my disease, I relate it to the Drain-o commerical. I tell people my insides look like your bad pipes. Some people mistake that Crohn’s and colitis are the same thing, they are not. I feel for anyone who has to deal with these diseases and what comes with it. I am 28 years old with four children( 1, 4, 5, and 8 years old). I have currently made a will and pray that I will find the answer or healing. Any advice or help is welcome. Thanks for all you do Adam and I will try your diet advice!

          1. Dear Hannah,

            I am terribly sorry that you are going through the nastiness that UC has to offer. It is for sure no fun when the symptoms seem to never end. And its super hard to explain to others, sometimes even to doctors when we are sitting in the doc’s office.

            I got to say, you are pretty darn cool for coming up with the drain-o relation!!!:) That’s superb! I think I’ll pass that one on to my friends and folks who I run into in the future that ask what the big UC is all about.

            If you are seriously considering surgery, I’d suggest that you read up on the stories in the “surgery” section of the site, and follow up with the different writers by posting comments there. You will get some great feedback from other UC’ers who have already gone through with surgery and very well may have been in the same situations as you.

            You’ll be in my thoughts moving forward as well, and I truly hope you can find healing and a solution that works for you and your family so you can move on and past a symptomatic UC life and back to a great life which you most certailny deserve.

            Take care, and keep us posted how things go,

        6. Hi Adam! I enjoy your youtube videos, they are very helpful! I’m on my 3 week of the SCD diet and its working for me. Have had UC for two years now and I know this diet is the one for me. Keep the videos coming :)

          1. Hey Dana,

            Way happy you are enjoying the videos! I’ll for sure keep em coming. Good luck with however you go about treating and tackling your UC! Stay in touch:)

        7. Adam- Thanks for your website and making UC palatable for all of us and our families who may not understand what we go through. I am thankfully closer to remission than to past flareup state. But I want to mention that when in flareup, the one thing that does help is medicinal marijuana. I ingest in form of cookie and it really takes the focus off the cramping and pain and allows me to engage in the day. NJ is on the cusp of Medical Marijuana dispensaries beginning to operate Aug/Sept.
          So the beauty of marijuana is that its active ingredient THC acts on the same receptor sites as other neurotransmitters already in or body but even better it has the quality that differentiates it from the pact by allowing the user to “forget” the pain they are in to allow functioning to occur.

          Video was fun.

        8. Hye adam,i m prince from india and i have uc from last 5months,i have one endoscopyy in which uc is in active phase. Now i m taking 1.2mg meds from may 22 i was diagonsed from doc mr ajay gupta in karnal city.but at this moment i go toilet one time and sometime comes s very small blood and i want to ask u what should i do to remove complete blood from my stool.pls give suggention my dear no is 9050029226 of india country.i m only 23old and i m only one son o.f my mom

        9. Cheers for the video. I recently went on vacation to Sri Lanka – a place known for spicy food. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat spicy curries, but I had a few whilst there and had no problems… What you said in your video makes sense to me now. Just avoid the problematic foods when flaring – not all the time. I thought I would have to cut them out of my diet forever!

        10. Hi Adam~ This video is wonderful, I really liked it. Thank you for making/sharing this. It’s really cute and I enjoyed it. The salad looked really really delicious too.
          I love reading your newsletter too. Thank you!!!!


        11. ps I stopped drinking too and it helps a lot. I don’t miss it either. I drink coconut water and milk and I love it. Both my colitis attack have been really bloody and horrific smelling… both started when I was working out, using a lot of whey protein drinks and juicing. Has you ever heard of anyone getting a colitis attack after juicing or using whey protein drinks???? Just curious. One more thing, I can’t drink milk at all. I love avocados on everything and I can eat spicy foods. I do not have to take any medication, even though I had to take antibiotics and Asocol for a few weeks after this last bout.

        12. I just what you to know that I just recently joined your website and I love it! You give me hope because I just refuse to let UC control my life! So far with this mentality I am doing great! You are a big inspiration to me. Keep it up!!

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