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Michelle G

living with ulcerative colitis, and starting the SCD diet. as for SCD, about 95% legal foods, breaking the diet's rules sometimes, but having good benefits from it:)


Had my remicade yesterday afternoon…and tonight I have pretty bad hives on my legs and some labored breathing, anyone else been there? I just took 2 benedryl hopefully it will take the itch and swelling down…and make me sleepy so I don’t scratch my legs off ….any comments or stories wld be awesome! Hope everyone is doing well! Take care. Michelle   Medication schedule: Remicade… Read More »Hives


Its been a while since I have written…sorry about that. I guess for a while I wanted to forget that I actually had UC. I’ve been doing pretty well…but since its coming up on a year that I was in the hospital going through the worst time in my life I have been having a little anxiety that its going to happen again. i’m scared.… Read More »Scared

More Ulcerative Colitis Recipes From Michelle

Here are some recipes that I use for SCD.  Some are completely SCD compliant and there are a couple that have a cpl ingredients that might be questionable. I do SCD to about 95%…I use a little ketchup, a little soy sauce and some spices that I’m not sure are legal, etc…I know those are not compliant, but it works for me. Bobby Orr Pasta… Read More »More Ulcerative Colitis Recipes From Michelle

Making Avocado Dressing and Dill Sauce For Ulcerative Colitis

Avocado Dressing 1 ripe avocado 3 lemons, juiced Handful fresh cilantro leaves, 2 tablespoons 3 TBSP chopped onion (preferably red onion) 1 teaspoon coarse salt 3 tablespoons water, a couple of splashes 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil Directions Build your salad on a large platter. I usually dice up some tomato, scallions, peppers (red, orange, yellow), avocado…and anything else you like in your salad and… Read More »Making Avocado Dressing and Dill Sauce For Ulcerative Colitis