My Mom’s COLON is Coming OUT Today

My mom has ulcerative colitis.

Here I sit from the hospital once again. My mom was just here a month ago, and now we have been here again for the last 2 weeks. She tried the Remicade and Prednisone and it didn’t help at all.

So here we are today, they have marked my mom’s stomach with where the stoma is going to be, and we sit and wait for surgery. It’s going to be today or tonight sometime, and I am so nervous! They said she is urgent so they said if they have to do the surgery at midnight, they will. They said they have to cut her right down her stomach and can’t do the 3 smaller incisions. Not sure why, but at this point, I just nodd my head when the team comes in. I just want my mom back, I hope she isn’t in shock when she first sees the bag and realizes that her life will be different again. I’ll let you all know how she does, I wish I could just sleep for the next 24 hours and wake up to some really good news!

-Submitted by Zar

her last story is from a few weeks ago about here mom’s ulcerative colitis is here

4 thoughts on “My Mom’s COLON is Coming OUT Today”

  1. Good luck to your Mom!! She will do great and I promise it is all worth it!! I was also cut down right below my belly button – no small incisions on this girl. My scars are pretty big, but I love them. The smaller ones are when it is done laproscopically by the way. Don’t be nervous or worry – even though I understand why you are. She will definitely need help at first and she will be sore and feeling like crap. But like I said, it is all worth it! I am 4 weeks and 1 day post takedown and feel awesome! I will say prayers for your family! :)

  2. Thank you so much for responding. I love to hear positive outcomes. She went in last night around 9:30pm and the doctor called me around 2am to tell me she did really well. It was pretty tough seeing her today, just because she is hooked up to so much, and I’ve just felt overwhelmed by this. My mom has had many other health issues, so they said she will probably live like this for the rest of the life, without doing any of the other surgeries down the road to reconnect. I just hope she can get used to this new life without being insecure. I’m really just looking forward to seeing her not hooked up to so many machines, and without all these tubes coming from different places!! One step at a time but I am looking forward to a new life for her with lots of good food! Thanks again!

  3. Keep your chin up, your Mum is very lucky to have someone who obviously cares about her so much and that will help her recover quicker than someone who doesn’t.

  4. I hope your mom is doing better. I am 66 yrs. old and considering surgery if they say I am not too old for it. My doctor says they might. I have had on again/off again UC for the past 26 years at least and I think they want to remove the whole colon because it has been more than 15 years and I am in another flare right now. Running out of options for meds. I am very scared to have it done as I am sure your mom was. Hopefully if the surgeon says I need to do it now I will find the courage so I can live longer to enjoy my beautiful grandchildren. Please let us know how she is.

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