Help to Gain Weight, Alcohol Possible?

Hey all my name is Richard i’m now 29 my birthday was today and i have had Ulcerative Colitis for about 4.5 years.

I have never really been in full remission apart from the first year when taking high amounts of prednisolone, battling my energy and weight is the biggest task for me. My lifestyle was drinking heavy at weekends every week partying all night from my teens until 24. Just as soon as i got UC all this stopped. I had to have chest Surgery during the first year of my UC at this time i was on prednisolone it was a major concern for the doctors its not a good thing to take if your body needs to recover from surgery. With this in my mind and a history of Spontaneous pneumothorax my 3rd one was why i needed surgery this is a Collapsed lung and a 4th is sure to happen at some point in my life. No matter how bad my UC bleeds or hurts i will not take any more prednisolone i believe it does more harm than good even if long term.
So during a bad flare up 10-15 trips a day and blood cramps ect, i will drop in weight half a stone to stone (1 stone = 14 pounds) over a month, reading up on all the diet advice i really struggle to regain what i have lost in a short time even if my flare up has relaxed I never fully go into remission. My current weight is 8stone 12 lbs, my healthy weight and im a thin guy since i was a child should be 10 stone to 10 1/2 stone and that i was when healthy and working. I have been about 9 and 1/2 stone for a few years mostly due to never going into full remission.
I have missed a good friends stag do this year due to UC and i have a planed trip to turkey to be at my sisters wedding on the beach, also i want to attend the stag do in turkey I’m 3 months away from this holiday and i want to gain over a stone before traveling, fearing holiday foods with UC i want to make sure im ready for those 2 weeks.
I would love to drink alcohol again, in 2007 i went to Spain with UC for 1 week and gained 1/2 stone drinking beer all week.
Question is what types of alcohol do others with UC handle, i read about German beers not containing stuff to prolong shelf life which should upset less people with UC.
Should i just drink pure spirits if anything and avoid all beers and ciders and wines?
If anyone has some realy good advice about gaining weight i would love to hear your suggestions, i also eat very well im naturally thin this is a gene thing but I fail to regain what i have lost i simply do not gain weight.
thxs for taking the time to read
Drugs im taking right now is pentasa i used to take asacol.
cheers rich

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  1. I find it quite worrying that alcohol seems to be such an important part of your life, its not something you can’t live without but if it is, you have a problem. That said, I like a drink but only for recreational purposes not because I must have one, I do find that Vodka and lemonade soothes my stomach and I’ve heard others say the same. I’m not condemning your drinking habits because you are free to do as you please and after reading what you have had to endure, well maybe its not surprising but unfortunately we have so many do-gooders, control freaks in society today imposing their paranoid rules on us supposedly for our benefit, one has to fight to keep our right to live the way we please, including all the associated risks that come with freedom. If you want to gain weight can I suggest going on an anti Glycaemic Index diet, in other words all the things opposite to a GI diet, I can’t guarantee success as its a hypothesis but its worth a try. Best of luck and if it works, have a drink on me :-)

  2. There is more to life than drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a strict NO to UCer’s. Hang on till they find a cure for UC then you can drink lika fish. Good luck.

  3. Hi guys thank you for the replies, just wanted to make it clear I am not hooked on alcohol it is true I miss the days of drinking freely with friends at weekends. Out of the 4-5 years with UC I have drank very little alcohol I know its bad for my condition I just love to drink when in a social atmosphere, a stag due for example one of them.
    Tank you Tony(UK) for that suggestion I will read into it.

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