March 2011 Ulcerative Colitis Update

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to make a video tonight to give an update on how I’m feeling, to talk a little bit about bleeding and hemorrhoids, and also to talk about the FAST approaching Las Vegas Trip. Let her rip:

Also, there is going to be some more details and information coming shortly about the Vegas trip for people who are wanting to know more. Right now, what you can BET(get it…Vegas) is that the race for those wanting to participate is Dec. 4th, and the people from all over from our ihaveuc group who are coming are Dede, Charis(aka musclewoman) and Michelle, and me. Husbands and wives from the list are also planning to make it out. It’s going to be a great time. December 5th, 2010 I won’t ever forget, and I’m expecting the same for this getaway as well.

Several people have been emailing me asking about costs, and I know it is not a cheap thing to pack your bags and head to Vegas, but there are hotels to stay in that are very cheap.  I may be able to work out a deal for someone who is in financial turmoil in terms of a hotel room, so email me if that is you.  One thing that I most excited about is having the chance to meet some of the other people who participate in our site here.  It’s one thing to read everyone’s stories, but to actual meet some of you live and in person is going to be a complete trip/ treat/ exciting weekend.  Thanks to my old roomate, moments ago i was notified that there is a PRETTY COOL change about this years race.  For the first time in Vegas history, its going to start at night 5:30pm, running down the Vegas Strip.  WOWIE, and also, they have an early bird registration rate from March 8th-March 10th: at this website: I plan on registering tonight, and feel free to do the same as well if you want. The early bird price is $121 and will be going up as time goes on they say on the registration site.

If you have to rob a bank to make it, it just might be worth it, but please don’t take it to that extreme.   Alright Charis, get the real Vegas information squared so we can get it up here for everyone.

On a closing note, I will have some details regarding the current leaders in the 2011 UC writing contest very soon, its starting to look very interesting I can tell you that.

LASTLY, thank you to everyone who has submitted your Doctor Reviews, its really a great start that we have already.  I’m hoping that soon there will be an even bigger list of docs reviewed by people who follow this site like you, and that project can be concluded so I can start something new.

Special thanks to Peter! He emailed in an idea to me to start a page on the site that lists the common UC drugs with their synonyms as in different countries the name changes often.(people from over 30 countries a day use this site, so for sure names are different all over)  Anyways, its a great idea, and one that we need more of, so keep them rolling into me when you have them.  That page is located on the Common Ulcerative Colitis Drugs Page.

The ramble is almost over.  but finally I swear:

Curtis, hey buddy, I can’t get your story off my mind about your January diagnosis, and your February Surgery.  Just a super short time and such horrible symptoms.  I wish you and your family a fast and speedy recovery from the colon removal surgery, and most importantly I hope you get back on with your life and live a great one no matter what the plumbing is.  Congrats on getting things squared away!  Curtis’s story is here.

6 thoughts on “March 2011 Ulcerative Colitis Update”

  1. You totally make me laugh! thank you for that and for being so real. You seriously crack me up :) Glad to hear you are doing better!!!!

    1. I’m so happy you’re laughing, if anything I do does that, that’s a win right!
      stay in touch, its great hearing from other writers for the site. (Maybe you can crank out a funny video for your next one???….)

  2. Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the shout out. I’ll put up another update today or tonight about how things are going. So far I’m recovering pretty well, slowly, but definitely recovering and getting used to the ileostomy bag and everything that goes along with that.

    Update to come later!


  3. Sorry to hear about the blood Adam! Has your doc taken a look yet? I hope it’s not an anal fissure like I had. It was so painful all the time though, like a papercut on my butthole. I’ve heard hemorrhoids don’t hurt as much? Take care! Hopefully it’s neither and just some fluke bleeding. :) Alright, I’m on my way to rob the bank! Gonna tell em Adam from sent me! :)

  4. I’m getting it – been a rough few weeks – possible surgery on the horizon :( don’t worry tho – cone he’ll or high water, I’ll make it to Vegas!

    1. Awe man Charis, I hope things turn around for you really quickly, I’m so sorry that your in a touch spot. Don’t you wory though, you’ve gotten out of tough times before and for sure you will again. hoping for a speedy recovery on the left side here CHARIS!!

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