Lost in Translation

fishing in KazakhIntroduction:

Hi! My name is Anton, 23 years old. I’m living and studying in Moscow. I was born in Kazakhstan in small old town named Uralsk. I like reading, walking, cycling, chess, ballroom dance, yoga, music. My life has changed a lot when I was diagnosed. I abandoned my ballroom dance hobby, didn’t work, almost dropped out my MA course in high school, met with my friend very seldom. But I begin to write poems and to study yoga. It makes me glad at least.

My Story:

I associate the birth of my disease with my life style and previous radiation therapy on brain. Irradiation is said to affect to mucous tunic especially in bowel. And of course my student life beyond home and irregular food accelerated the process.
I was diagnosed UC 3.5 years ago. Firstly (like almost all I think) I was hospitalized with disputable dysentery. But after colonoscopy I’d known what is UC. I’ve taken follow basic medicaments: sulfasalazine, mesacol, salofalk (pills and suppositories): 5-ASA; prednisolone. First emission lasted approximately half a year, then little by little symptoms returned. I hospitalized again, everything was all right after. I begun to take homeopathic medicines for my brother’s advice. It was a big mistake. Of course I threw to take simple pills and very soon my UC flared up again. In this time I worked and studied, it was a terrible period. Very often I brought to home my colon’s contents. I went to my doctor, who scolded me and prescribed prednisolone and others tablets. Since then I cure with doubtful progress.

hanging out with friends on the lake
Not long ago I was in hospital where doctor advised me remicade injection. I don’t dare to this injection for a while. Therewith I’m feeling much better than before but my skin on face covered of nasty pimples, associated with gradual decrease prednisolone dosage I think. They irritate me. In this winter I had very strong pain in right side of my body. I couldn’t go sometimes even to the bathroom. Doctor said that it is reactive arthritis. Sulfasalazine and analgetics helped me.

swimming in Kazakh Lake

Swimming with some friends

At now I have 5-6 bovel movements with hard stool without bleeding. I take salofalk (tablets and suppositories), prednisolone (40mg in decreasing order), fertal (probiotics, vitamin B and aloe vera complex).

Anton at the Beach
I want to ask my fellows what do you think about fasting?

Did anybody cure with that method?

Are there clinics specialized on starvation diet in USA?

And how dangerous is remicade injection (consequences)?
Sorry for my terrible russian english. I hope that my story is understandable.

written by Anton

(the first UC’er whose written on the site from Kazakh!!!!)

submitted in the Colitis Venting Area


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  1. Dear Anton. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I do not think fasting is good. Your body is already weak because of the ulcerative colitis – if you fast, I think this will weaken it further. But if you can follow the SCD, I think that is good. Remicade is very strong, with many side effects – see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infliximab. If you were still in hospital, then perhaps you should take it, but in your current state of health, I would try to avoid it. I hope you can understand my English. (I understand your English. I am English but I live in France. ) Take care, Trish :)

  2. Hi Anton,

    Your Russian english is very good! Don’t worry!

    I have never heard about fasting to cure UC, or to put it into remission. Where did you hear this?

    As for remicade, I have not taken it. I have heard good things and bad things about it. It helps some people, and not others. Unfortunately, you won’t know unless you try it.

    Good luck, and keep smiling…even though it’s difficult sometimes. Do what your gut tells you and what feels right for you. You are in charge of your health, not the doctor.

    Nice pictures!


  3. Hey Anton,

    Man oh Man, from all the pictures, it sure seems like you’re having a great time out there In Russia & Kasak lands! Are you sure you got UC:)

    But on a serious side of things, I’d encourage you to read the Remicade survey results that a whole bunch of UC’ers submitted not too long ago. You can view those results here on this page: https://ihaveuc.com/remicade-infliximab-reviews-and-survey-for-ulcerative-colitis/

    I myself have not tried fasting for more than a few meals, and that was only during times where the cramping and symptoms were really bad a while back, and I don’t really know of any clinic or study results to point you in the direction in with more data on that. But I’ll put up a question on the http://www.facebook.com/ihaveuc group and see if any others have ideas on that topic.

    Hang in there Anton, from your fishing pictures, I sure hope we can meet up someday and do some fishing together. I’ve never caught that type of fish you got, but it looks pretty tasty!


  4. Anton,
    I have had such a struggle with UC. I am at the point that I am eating, but very little bc it seems that normal American foods just make me feel bad. Me personally, if i am having one of those bad days, I tend to not eat much, but in turn, I find myself weak and sometimes no appetite. The only time i fasted completly was for colonoscopys. I’m actually in the process of planning a surgery to have mine taken out. Good Luck with your journey!


  5. Anton,

    I am receiving Remicade. Here are the things I’ve noticed since being on it:
    – it cleared up my acne
    – it makes me really cold
    – I usually get really run-down the week before & the week after my infusion
    – it put me into remission

    I hope this helps make the idea of getting it not so scary. (Also, I hope you can understand my English. I understood yours perfectly.) :)

  6. Hi, everybody. Thanks for advices. I knew about fasting method out of book “Fasting for helth sake”. The author is Y.S.Nikolayev, russin scientist. Then I read the Paul Bragg’s book named “The Miracle of Fasting”. There are many successful cases of recovery described in these books especially disease of gastrointestinal tract. The main idea of this method is conversion to internal nutrition of organism and because self-recovery. But behavior of organism is uknown and treatment must be on doctor’s care. Attractive but dangerous. And I find american websites and clinics specialized on fasting cure even UC.
    Therefore I thought that you might be know about that.
    Thanks. All the best.
    Anton Vanyukov

    1. Anton, have you tried the Specific Carbohidrate Diet? Have you heard about it? The diet literally cures US and Crohns. I have been on this diet for over a year and my UC is a history. Before I used to suffer for more than 12 years.. now – I am enjoying my life.


      Email me if you are interested and I can walk you through the process – starter diet, etc. I speak Russian as well. ;)

  7. Hi!
    Thought I would write a line about fasting. When I was put into hospital back in 2004 I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to eat, the only thing they gave me was a few wheat crackers and some tea each day, hoping that my intestines would heal. At the same time I was getting energy through IV with “everything” the body needs (can’t remember what it was but some mixture of amino acids and similar).

    It didn’t help me but I do believe it is a good way even though the wheat crackers was a bad idea. But without the energy through IV I wouldn’t, for me it is crucial to get enough of energy when trying to recover otherwise I feel really crappy.

    Take care and all the best to you!

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