Bad Smellin Wizz

Johnny d newshotIntro:

Im a 21 year old college dude living with UC here in the USA, was diagnosed back in JAN 2010
Been on the SCD Diet since day one and been taking 3 lialdas every morning
Take a multivitamin everymeal along with a vitamin D pill
I enjoy frolfing, being outdoors, camping, fishing,chillin with friends, watching/playing soccer, love nature!


Cramping,loose stools, sometimes blood

Fowl Urine Smell:

Hey their fellow UCERS!
Wondering if anyone has ever experienced having a fowl urine smell when they urinate?
The last few weeks I noticed this, especially in the morning/middle of the night, I have a bad fowl to my urine. Its mostly cloudy in color, but it has a weird smell to it, pretty nasty! I’ve been going alot more than usual, even though I have increased my water intake..
I was taking some Canasa rectal suppositories last week, not sure if they could of caused this? Although I have taken them before and didn’t experience this.
Not sure what has caused this. could possibly be E coli?… I’m actually going to get this checked out tomorrow. I’m not sure exactly what test I will have to do
Prob going to get a blood or urine test… I’m thinking it could be a Urinary Tract Infection, or Bladder Infection, both don’t sound very pleasant and can spread to the kidneys!… I’m sure the only way to rid myself of this is to get on antibiotics….. I have had a bad last experience with antibiotics, back in Jan 2011 when I was diagnosed I took Cipro and Flagyl, seemed to make my UC way worse, SO NOW I’M FREAKING OUT…. I’m very nervous about what is wrong with me, and not sure if this is common with Ulcerative Colitis Has anyone had bad reactions with these antibiotics, I know antibiotics kill the bad bacteria, but don’t they also destroy the good gut bacteria? Should I take a good probiotic?
I’m also scared this could be a sign of diabetes….

So wondering if this has ever happened to anyone with UC, or does anyone know any natural remedies to fix something like this?? I will have to reply with the results once I find out…

THANKS SO MUCH! Please help me out!!!


Where I’d Like to be in 1 Year:

In one year I hope to still be in school going for my degree, I also hope to be off my meds and enjoying life! I also hope to do some traveling in the near future!!

Medications / Treatments:

3 lialda pills a day
Vitamin D pill
Canasa(when blood in stools)

written by:
Johnny Drama

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13 thoughts on “Bad Smellin Wizz”

  1. Your post made me LMAO. My pee hardly smells like poultry but I do notice that it does have an off odor and is cloudy as well. I get my A1C checked regularly as we are more prone to diabetes (at least that is what my doc said). He also checks my urine protein. I think its my meds. I’m on Azathioprene, two different BP meds and Remicade. I also enjoy frolfing. Your doc should be able to tell you what’s up. If you have an UTI he should be able to put you on a low dose of anti b.

    1. Hey Princess PP,

      So i see you say you are on 2 different BP meds….. were you on these meds before UC or did you have to start taking them afterwards??? Just curious, I have had jumps in my B/P & pulse since I have been diagnosed with UC.

  2. If you have a UTI ask for a Rx that does not aggravate UC. I highly recommend the Rx probiotic VSL#3. It has really helped me. I have had UC for 40 years.

  3. Never had problems with pee smell from meds (asacol, canasa, 6-mp, pred., hydro, etc.). I know the outer layer of the asacol tablets can make your pee stain things (like if a drop gets on the toilet and dries). Its pretty rare that men get UTIs but it is possible. Sorry you’re dealin’ with it and wish I had some good advice. Taking abx while you have UC freaks me too. Good luck man.

  4. Drink cranberry juice and lots of fluids!! (you should be able to find some SCD legal cranberry juice….though it will be a bit tart)
    You still need to see your doctor though to diagnose if you do have an actual infection, b/c if you do, you will need a short course of antibiotics so the infection doesn’t spread.
    Good luck!

  5. Yep, take a good probiotic if you have to go on antibiotic…but take them at least two hours apart from each other!! TWO HOURS APART FROM EACH OTHER.


  6. VSL#3 is the best thing that has happened to me! I am taking 10 a day and it completely helps my flare up that I have had for over a year. Try it. Also, I heard that grapefruit seed extract acts as a antibiotic. Since its natural,it should be safe!

  7. Asparagus for dinner the night before????
    Just kidding, some light humor to start the day.

    Sounds like a uti as mentioned above. Good luck! and let us know.

  8. I pretty much stopped frolfing when I got a steady girlfriend.
    That is a lot of multivitamins you are taking young fella; I’d recommend just one a day.
    Good luck,

  9. HEY Everyone! Thanks for the support! I ended up going to a urgent care clinic, one of those places that’s open till around 9 at night. So I told the nurse practitioner my symptoms. Which are pretty much a odd smell when I pee in the morning/ middle of the night. So I whizzed in a cup, and I guess my results were good. SO no UTI was not a problem. Im not sure what the cause is, its kind of off and on.. Maybe possible sign of dehydration. I’m going to get my Glucose levels checked one of these days if it continues. The nurse told me to drink lots of fluid to try to clear everything out, so Im chugging that H20 like its my job. I actually went to a Rock festival n Iowa yesterday, and I drank 2liters of water on the 3 hour drive to the concert. It ended up taking like 30 mins to park, and the line for the porta potty was like 12 people deep, so I was going crazy haha! Never had to go pee so bad in my life! I was just glad I didnt have the urgency to crap! Overall GREAT CONCERT! Seem Incubus, Shinedown, and Five finger death punch and a few other bands… good rock music! Great time, lots of weedage going around too ;-)! I really feel I enjoyed the music more than ever, since when I was first diagnosed back in Jan 2011 I kinda quit socializing much and didnt have as much fun in me and worried about flaring up and overall a bit depressed,but now I never take for granted anything and live my life to the fullest.
    Im actually going to order that VSL#3 pro biotic here soon, I noticed it has to be refrigerated, and alot of sites and amazon sellers ship it out without being cold, so I recommend buying it from a trustworthy place, so look into that peeps. I heard walgreens keeps them in the fridge, so Ill prob go their and buy them. I couldnt find any scd cranberry juice or grape juice? any places?
    Anyways thanks alot fellow UC’ers.
    Johnny Drama

    1. HEY JD!

      So have you read up on the meds you are taking? I am on sulfazine and it sometimes makes my pee really bright yellow ….. like i opened a yellow glow stick and dumpped it in the potty. It also makes it unpleasant to the nose at times. Also I found out in research, that same drug that is supposed to help with the flares, can cause UTI’s, kidney stones, and effect the liver. So look up the meds you are on to see if that could be the issue with the stinky pee. Good luck to you!

    2. Hi Johnny,

      I just received my first shipment of VSL#3 thru Amazon. It was shipped with ice packs which were thawed when I got the package. Since VSL#3 can stay safely at room temp for about a week, I was not concerned, it was shipped out the day I ordered it and in the package came a reassuring letter explaining the fact that it was cold when shipped and not to worry. I believe the supplier was Sundrops or something like that. Problem is I cannot find a supplier here in Central Florida.

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