List of GI Doctors Getting Updated

Hi UC’ers,

The list of GI doctors is getting an update.

Please take a look at the list(on this page – Main GI Doctor List) of over 450 mainly GI doctors who have been submitted from people like you.  You can leave a comment/review on each of the individual pages for the doctors if you like because maybe there is a doctor listed who is your doctor too.

Something interesting to note, the overwhelming majority of the doctors who have been submitted have very good reviews, which is great news if you are looking for a new GI doctor…

Also, and most importantly, if our doctor is not listed, and you would like to add them, please take a minute and do that.  You can add your doctor here: Add GI Doctor Page.  After you add your doctor by filling in the form, I will add your doctor to the list so others can know about it when they are looking for a new GI/gastroenterologist doctor.  Sometimes one of the hardest parts of managing ulcerative colitis is having a gastro doctor that you trust, feel confident in and are able to access when the time comes.  (Also, having someone who you feel comfortable having a colonoscopy performed by can be a big factor as well.)

Thank you so much for your help here, it has been pretty amazing to see so many doctors added over the years since we started this list.  Currently there are doctors in 18 countries which is pretty sweet!

Wishing you all the best, and have a great day!




*Once again here are the different links:

Read the Main List of GI Doctors – here

Add your doctor if not listed on the page above: here

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