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We Eat ALOT Of Chicken

So what the heck?  A video about a chicken lunch…

Well, it’s simple.  I don’t take medications.  I take food.  And food is super important to me and my colon.

I love chicken, especially when it comes off the grill with some nice spices on it.  And, to be able to enjoy some simple, tasty, healthy food, that both my colon likes and my wife does also….well, that makes a great movie if you asked me.

This simple grilled chicken salad, in a few variations is a SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK deal for us.  I think we’re pretty good at it, and YOU CAN BE TOO!

For so many people who are struggling to get UC symptoms into remission, it is very difficult to consider alternative ways of treating the madness that flies out each toilet visit.  Between the cramping, awful sleep, joint pains, blood, doctors, and pharmacies… it can be overwhelming.

I was that person.

I was overwhelmed.

I was losing hope.

I was wondering what life would be like without a colon.

I was almost out of options.

But, I got lucky, I met a girl who introduced me to treating my UC with diet.  She has UC, was medication free and feeling great.  She impressed me, and holy crap, she was the first UC’er I’d ever met.  I talk about her in my ebooks, and she’s a big reason why this website even exists.

I probably have this type of meal a hundred times per year if not more.  And I’m hoping that it will help you out as much as it helps me in the coming weeks/months/ and years.

Adam Scheuer

13 thoughts on “We Eat ALOT Of Chicken”

  1. Allison-3

    Right on Adam!

    Healing foods are way tastier than prednisone and sulfasalazine. And on my bad days, I always looked forward to a tasty meal… sometimes that is the best we can do.

    All the best!

  2. What spices do you put on your chicken when grilling? Been on scd for 3 months now. Love the diet but still can’t get off this prednisone!

    1. Hey Beth,

      That particular chicken had:

      Chili Spices
      Olive Oil
      Salt & Pepper

      (I had to ask Michaela since she was in charge of the spices yesterday:)

    2. How long have you managed to stay on the prednisone? I managed to get my doctor to allow me 5mg a day to augment my mezalazine, but my Gastro Consultant said they’re not meant to be taken long term, only for flare ups starting and declining from 30mg daily, although I felt like a teenager again after taking the steroid, but it did make me pile on the weight.

  3. Fred S

    I each chicken and fish meals 6 days a week. A great way to cook a chicken is to roast it covered in bacon, yum. The chicken picks up the wonderfully smoky flavor of the bacon while keeping the breast meat perfectly moist. The leftover bones can be used to make a delicious stock for soups and sauces or a warm comforting beverage during a flare.

  4. hei adam i have heard pepper is not good for uc’ers but u r enjoying… is that possible/ i’m confused.i’m from Bangladesh.having uc for seven years but not detected .only blood stained stool was the symptom….two mild flare up…but it was gone….i did not get that i’m having a curse named uc untill last september ufter a huge flare up ……10-12 times bloody watery stool …..hospitalized…injectionssssssss…now thin,weak,sickly woman of -3-5 times a day ….stool formation is good but at times it is blood stained…and i get crazy when a see any thing red in that so so important stool …will it continue like this…over year…or ages

    1. Hi Zinnat,

      I eat pepper with foods almost daily now that I have gotten my UC under control. If I was in the middle of symptoms like those you mention in your comment, I would definitely discontinue spices like pepper until symptom resolved. Spices are great for making foods taste better, but things like chicken still taste mighty good with just a little salt added (which I have never found to be a problem for my UC even when symptoms are present).

  5. So is it ok to have black pepper and chili powder on your chicken when you got your UC under control? Those was things on my daughter list that she couldn’t have so I been avoiding .

    1. I eat both of those when UC is under control, but if you’re new to those types of spices, I’d take it slow with all spices at first.

  6. Help, my husband has us, and has been battle for quite some time. He did go into remission. But since last year has been active on and off. Going back and forth to dr , I feel food is a factor and have been cooking a lot of chicken and fish along with white Chinese rice over cooking it along with spinach. He one that don’t like change, I tried to introduce Vega shakes. Which I’m drinking. He don’t like . I don’t know how to help him to stop the symptoms.

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