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Kyle with his wife

Kyle with his wife!

Meet Kyle, The Remicade Warrior:

Back Again once again it’s the Remicade Warrior! Hey guys! My name is Kyle. I am 28 years old. I am a teacher and youth pastor from the wonderful wacky state of Washington, like that Alliteration : ) Yeah I teach Language Arts! I was diagnosed this past summer with UC, love Jesus, play hoops, love to read, and I am married to an amazing woman!

More on Me:

Interesting about me…. Well I am left-handed, I enjoy eating orange peels, I am a Christmas fanatic, I have never seen any of the star wars movies, what else? I am currently #1 in my fantasy football league, thank you New Orleans Saints players.Pretty normal dude… Been married for a little over a year, love reading and teaching the Word of God, plan to do some traveling this coming summer, and hoping to get full time employment within the next year!

Still have the “crampies” every now and again in the gut. Body is still in recovery mode from the hospital stay. Still working myself back physically, actually touched the net at the basketball hoop outside of our house this past weekend. BM’s are looking great, well not looking, but “looking,” 1-2 a day, solid and formed! Gotta love the excitement from us UCers!

3rd Remicade Treatment:

Well this Remicade Treatment was a little later start time than normal, this because it was scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving and I had to get some Black Friday shopping done the night before. The wife and I hit the city at around midnight and got back home somewhere close to 2:30 am… Was a little disappointed this year with the deals, not as insane as years prior, but I do it more for the experience than for the actual buying of the products because truth be told, I find a lot of my Christmas deals on the internet. Anyways, I have moved away from the original purpose of this post: MY 3RD Remicade Infusion!!!!

For being the day after Thanksgiving the infusion room was pretty busy, a lot of customers getting something pumped into their bodies, and as fate would have it I got sat down next to a fellow “Remite.” She had Crohn’s and was diagnosed when she was in elementary school. It was great to be able to chat with her about her story and encourage her in some way. We had a great chat about our personal stories and how life has changed for us because of our diseases. HUGE FOR ANYONE WITH IBD; make sure that you have someone who you can talk to about things. Support is huge, this young lady and I exchanged contact info and are keeping each other updated on things going on with our progress.

Feeling pretty good after infusion #3, I once again can’t say that there were major changes in where I am currently at with my UC, but I can say there hasn’t been any type of set backs. Currently I am just dealing with a little tightness in the gut, but that comes and goes at different times of the day. I am thinking the Remicade is doing it’s job and my body just needs to finish out the flare it has been in since April. Body is coming back, legs are getting stronger as the light comes through the window each morning. I am shooting to get back to hoops after the 1st of the year and planning to try and start jogging this next month.

Big Question though; What did I get for lunch? Well I went Mexican this time and got me some chicken fajitas, they were very good, filled with peppers and onions, must say it was very filling. The wife got herself a late breakfast, Apple Fritter and Scrambled Eggs.

Where am at now? The same place I have been the past month, still just letting my body continue to heal itself, not pushing things too hard but definitely challenging myself to do more each day. Been able to get back to work pretty much full time, and like I said hoping physical activity will become a regular part of my life again come the start of 2013. UC symptoms are really low right now, BM’s have been normal and regular, solid and formed, 1-2 times a day, THANK THE LORD!

Hope you all are doing amazing! Like I said it’s crucial to have support, so let me know anyway I can be a support to your life, even if it’s just “Hey Kyle, could you pray for my battle with UC?” We need to be there for each other! You all Rock!

Keep Positive!!!!!

Colitis Medications:

Prednisone is down to 10 mgs a day, people are beginning to notice the moonface going down : ) My wife has given me the green light for no shave November to cover up my Chickmunk cheeks.Currently on a 8-week remicade infusion schedule. Taking a multivitamin, as well as a Pro-biotic in the morning and the evening.

written by Kyle
submitted in the colitis venting area

14 thoughts on “DING…REMICADE ROUND # 3”

    1. Second that!!!!

      Decades and Decades of hard logs Big Kyle!

      Thanks for sharing what’s going down with you and the Remicadifications!

      Till next time & happy holidays to you and your lovely wife who treats you so good,


  1. I really enjoy your posts…they are full of positivity! I remember those days of trying to get back to physical activities…every baby step carried such a great feeling! I can’t wait for the post from you that you are back playing basketball. Truth be told, since my last flare I not only came back physically but I think this is best shape I’ve been in since my competitive speedakating days! (Those days are long gone, but not bcs of my UC!)

    1. Krisi- Such an encouragement to hear things are going well for you. I am looking forward to get back into physical activity. I miss it a ton, but I am learning how to wait through all of this, something that I have never been good at. I will keep you updated for sure. Keep showing UC who’s Boss!



  2. I am on my 5th infusion and I have seen lots of improvement but still not 100% either. I too am slowly getting back to my running and working out but to be honest after battling this UC flair for so long I worry a lot. Gradually it will get better I am sure. Glad to hear Remicade has been successful for you as well. It is great to read some positive out of all this we go through everyday! Hope life gets better with each infusion..

  3. so remicade has helped you really quickly! that’s awesome. i was on it for 5 infusions and it stopped working. i was pretty bummed because i felt good for the time i was on it.

    1. Joanna- Sorry to hear that about the infusions. I have heard that from other people on this site as well. I am keeping my fingers crossed and faith that the Lord will continue doing a mighty work through the Remicade and if it stops then I am relying on him to provide another option. Thanks for your post. If you are not on Remicade anymore, what are you currently taking or doing for your UC?

      1. kyle, i hope remicade keeps you in remission. i am starting humira soon. i’m pretty nervous since i had a lot of frozen joints and headaches on remicade. just hoping i don’t get any of the nasty side effects.

        1. Joanna- I have a friend who is on Humira and it works great for him. He loves it. He is able to eatc pretty much whatever he wants, I mean just like anyone with UC, you gotta keep an eye out for those “trigger” foods but he is very happy with the success he has seen with Humira. Best of luck to you.


  4. just a quick question, I am fixing to get my 3rd infusion of Remicade, but did you deal with it making you really nauseous the day or so after you got it? That has been my issue so far.

    1. The only side effect that I have noticed is usually on the day of my infusion, after I get the infusion, I can get a little bit of a headache and am pretty tired. Nap is a must after my infusions. But the day following I am a little tired but haven’t dealt with any nausea at all. I am not sure on that one, I just pound the water the day before, day of, and day after.

      Best Wishes!


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