22 iHaveUC Stories From the Past

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Hey UC’ers:

The year 2012 is definitely not finished yet, but we’re certainly getting close.  And, I wanted to go back into the archives and pull out some links to some stories that we’ve ran on the website over the past several months.  Heck, there might even be a story below from 2011…

But the truth is, there are some incredible stories here on the site, and although you may not agree with me, everybody who writes on this site is a hero in my book.  It takes alot guts, and I’m not talking about colons to post up whatever is going on in your personal life on here, for the whole world to see, read, and think about.  And I can’t thank all the 700 plus writers enough.  There are well over 1000 stories now on the site, and before the end of the week, there will be over 10,000 comments on the stories.  That means there a CRAPLOAD of information to read and learn from if you choose.  It’s all up to you.

So below, I went back and pulled up some stories on a WIDE RANGE OF COLITIS TOPICS that had “post logos”, and put them together for you to check out and read.  All you need to do is click the pictures below to read the associated story.  And just so you all know, there was absolutely no way I could include all the stories with logos in this post, I’ve still got to be at work tomorrow.  And, I want to make sure you all know if your story isn’t in the selection below, it doesn’t mean anything about you.  Every single writer on this site is super amazing, and I hope to be able to meet you all in person someday.

Enjoy the stories, learn something from them, make comments if you like, and take care.  (All you need to do is click on the pictures to read the full stories)

-Adam Scheuer

colitis symptoms out of nowhere

Sean’s UC story from May, 2012

future with ulcerative colitis

UC Family Boy wrote about what’s happening with his UC and his concerns about the future, again tons of user comments that are great as well.

20 years of ulcerative colitis

Kristen’s story about having ulcerative colitis for 20 Years

Colon Surgery Yes or No

Wendy’s story about deciding whether to get colon surgery or not. May 21, 2012
33 comments, so lots of insights as well!

Chef Randi's colitis story

Chef Randi’s a proud Minnesotean (not sure if I spelled that right) but she was 20 years young when she wrote this story about her UC.

College Life with Colitis

Meghan Christine talks about her roller coaster ride with UC during her college years.

Colitis in High School

Rob’s story about high school, colitis, and life, not being able to bounce back and hit up the sports like he used to, and tough times with prednisone.

colitis work

Polly wrote a great story (and added an awesome picture) about working or not with UC. What’s the best move to make…, tuff decision for sure.

subway colitis problems

Dana wrote a story about how she thinks living in New York City might just be one of the worst places to be dealing with active UC.

Joseph's colon surgery

Back in March, 2012, Joseph was getting ready to get it on with colon surgery, and shared how he was finally ready to move forward with surgery and get back to a normal life. How are you doing Joseph? (I’ve been wondering about you, and hoping you’re good)

GAPS Diet for ulcerative colitis

Bilijana talks about the ups and downs she’s gone through and her experiences with the GAPS Diet to help treat her UC.

Panic Attacks

James brought to light a topic that a bunch of UC’ers including myself have dealt with before… Panic Attacks. His post titled: “Being In A Dark Place – Panic Attacks” might be something you should read if you’re having those. You won’t feel so alone afterwards for sure.

lialda liver

Andie wrote about liver problems with the medication Lialda.

John’s story titled: “Under Control” is awesome, and he’s got the coolest pooper contraption you’ll probably find anywhere on this site.

Colitis Yoga

Braj, our resident Yoga Master, added some great yoga poses (with pictures) to his UC story. He’s from India, a software professional, and the real deal yoga peeps! Thanks Braj for busting a move(s)!

Curtis without colon story

If you are new to this site, OK, but if you’re not, you for sure have read, or already know about Curtis. This guy is an incredible So Cal surfer type, who came up on horrible active colitis all of a sudden, within just a few months had his colon removed, and is well on his way to living his dream life. If you’re thinking life is over after getting your colon removed….YOU BE DEAD ASS WRONG. Meet Curtis (or a ton of others who have written here) and you’ll know what I mean.

doctor with colitis

This was the site’s first story written by a doctor who also has UC.

weightlifter colitis

Brittany is a bigtime fitness person, and not too long after her diagnosis she submitted this story titled: “New to Ulcerative Colitis – My name’s Brittany”

colitis joint pains

well…I don’t think you need to guess too much what this post is about. We did a pretty impressive UC and Joint Pains survey earlier this year, and this page has all the results

Blakes colon surgery outcome

Another post surgery success story, Blake, who is a frequent writer and commenter on this site (and someone who is probably going to kick my butt in the pullup competition that’s ending in a few days..) has a great story to tell about his colon removal and how he’s coping with life now. He’s a super guy, I’ve had the opportunity to chat with him on a couple occasions, and he’s got a great attitude, he’s living the dream life and moving past UC. Go BLAKE!

Nicole's colitis story

Nicole who lives in Los Angeles shared her UC story while she was not feeling very good. I’m thinking she must be doing much better now, since haven’t heard from her in a while. GO NICOLE, we miss you!

colder climates and relationship to colitis

Here’s one of the questions from Eric’s story: “Does anyone who lives in a colder climate like Canada, notice a relief of symptoms in warmer climates? Like during a vacation to Cuba, Mexico, Florida, etc.??”

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  1. i’ve always wanted to submit my story but never knew how! i’ve looked for a link or something on the site but wasn’t sure. this is great reading everyone’s journey.

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