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5 Year IBD Anniversary

Hello all, my name is Kyle and I am a teacher from a little town in Washington State. It has been quite some time since I put an update out on iHaveUC, and I apologize for that, but I haven’t had a whole lot to report regarding my, formerly UC, now Crohn’s disease. What makes […]

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The Days with IBD

Has anyone experienced this morning urgency but then haven’t had an urge to go for the rest of the day? Imuran, is it worth my time to look into? Is the diet just meant to get me to a place where I can survive, my hope is to improve, not just live everyday hoping that […]

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Summer Time SCD Update!

I am loving the fact that I am so close with getting back to a normal feeling again, but I would love to be able to kick these abdomen cramps as there really hinder me on a day to day and can wear on a guy dealing with it day after day. The FREE iHaveUC […]

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SCD Healing Question

I am currently MED-FREE, that’s right I said it, I am not taking any medications to treat my Crohns and things have been going very well. I am following the SCD, 6 months strong baby, and as of the last few weeks have just started adding raw food back into the diet. The FREE iHaveUC […]

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SCD Cramping Question?

Things are going pretty good for Kyle and his IBD, but he’s still getting some cramping, have you had that and gotten over it.. The FREE iHaveUC eBook “Ulcerative Colitis Tips” is made available to all members of the 15,000 person newsletter group INSTANTLY. It is several pages of tips gathered from other people living […]

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Flaring Like Some Boot Cut Jeans

Greetings all my UC peeps! How are all of you doing this fine and lovely day to be alive? Can’t complain here, well I guess that’s a little bit of a fib as I am currently dealing with a pretty brutal UC flare : ( What’s crazy is since beginning my blogging here on Ihaveuc.come […]

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Calling in the SCD

Hey Hey Hey! What is going on all my UC friends? How is everybody doing? Well it has been about 2 months since my last update for you guys. Forgive my absence but I have been living without internet or cell service for the past month and a half. It’s actually been kind of nice, […]

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Remicade’s Final Bell

What up UC world? The Remicade Warrior coming at you from the Evergreen State, Washington! Hope all your guts are treating you super and those BM’s are happening in the low #’s for you all! Thought I’d start out with a huge praise. UC put me in the hospital for 29 days in 2012 and […]

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Tis the Season (Question for My UC peeps)

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back in July of 2012, but looking back on my life I definitely saw GI issues happening but never diagnosed as anything, either because I was too stubborn to go to the doctor or because they didn’t think I needed to be scoped for anything. (I was told I […]

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Bring on Remicade Round #4

Intro From Kyle (post #5!): Hello one again all my UC friends. I have missed you all and it is nice to be back : ) Hey everyone it is Kyle coming straight for the Pacific Northwest, the WA the be exact. I am a 28 year old teacher and youth pastor. I am married […]

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Got That I.B.D. (Crohn’s and Colitis Rap)

What’s up all my UC peeps? Well, my name is Kyle and I got diagnosed this past summer with the lovely gut killa known on the streets as UC. The disease hit me pretty hard and ended up keeping me cooped up in the hospital for 29 days. I have been a regular poster on […]

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Meet Kyle, The Remicade Warrior: Back Again once again it’s the Remicade Warrior! Hey guys! My name is Kyle. I am 28 years old. I am a teacher and youth pastor from the wonderful wacky state of Washington, like that Alliteration : ) Yeah I teach Language Arts! I was diagnosed this past summer with […]

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