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Covid Vaccine for UC’ers Survey

51 thoughts on “Covid Vaccine for UC’ers Survey”

  1. Rosanne
    Rosanne Robinson

    Thanks for this survey on the Covid shot and UCers.
    I am surprised with all the negative comments of many posting that they had flares…that so many got it!
    It would be great to have another survey and ask if those that received it…did it affect their UC.

    I will not get it as I have been in remission for about 8 years and cannot fathom doing something that may trigger a flare.

    1. I got the Johnson & Johnson in March. The worst I felt was tired so I took a nap for about 4 hours. Otherwise perfectly fine. I always new I would get a vaccine. Had no doubts that it was the best thing to do for myself, family, coworkers, friends, and the students I teach. I have been getting an infusion of Entivyo every 8 weeks for the past year. All symptoms have vanished since then. I’ve had 2 infusions since the vaccine. So happy with those 2 choices I made.

    2. I think a lot is mind over matter. I didn’t go into a flare after my jabs. I suspect people were already on their way to a flare anyway. But who knows.

    3. No way I’m taking this shot after all the research I’ve done on this subject. From the fraudulent PCR tests, to the ineffective masks that we were forced to wear while they knew they didn’t stop viral transmission, the complete falsifications of death numbers, to the realization that the whole reason for the Plandemic was to get you to take the shot, I could go on all day. I’ve listened to every whistle blowing doctor, nurse, virologist, medical professionals, the ones they don’t want us to hear, and I can’t believe anyone is taking this shot. Lot of people are gonna have to find this out the hard way. Doctors are saying you’re pretty much setting yourself up for an autoimmune disease by taking this shot and tons of people suffering heart attacks and strokes from blood clotting and record breaking number of people are dying already from it, latest is over 9,000 deaths on the VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) in 6 months. I couldn’t in good conscience read all these comments and not say something. There is a whole world of information being hidden from you if you really think these are “safe and effective.” The vaxxed are the ones spreading all the variants, just like the “conspiracy theorist” virologist said they would because science. You are the experiment. Turn off the msm and find alternative media, preferably someone not controlled by big pharma, same people pushing these depop shots. Say no!

      1. With all due respect, I have to disagree. Two weeks ago, my infusion nurse told me that the caseload at his hospital had tripled and that most patients were in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, most were unvaccinated. I will take my chances on the vaccine – my gastro had told me that if I got Covid, it would be harder to fight with my UC and being on Remicade. He recommended the vaccine. Stay safe and healthy.

      2. Completely agree with you Blake, this was never about Covid and saving lives, it was always about the shot and I felt that way from March 2020. Problem – reaction – solution, the same old playbook that’s been done time and time again to bring about some agenda. Most people just won’t get it until it’s too late, hence why this thing has been rushed and how much they’re forcing it on us + the censorship.

      3. My friend who is a medical professional on the frontlines and a survivor of covid brought it to my attention that no medication let alone a vaccine is ever said to be ‘completely safe and effective,’ and even a commercial for headache meds tend to give a handful of possible side effects but they insist this new treatment is safe and censor the side effects, the ability to carry and to still contract the virus and new variant. Not to mention vax passport protests happening worldwide getting blotted out in media.

        Thanks for sharing. I’m Canadian and will have to take the jab to see my family but this is an atrocity and I am praying to become an American for this and many other reasons! Praying for our freedoms

      4. OMG exactly!!!!!! why are people not looking into this? The “conspiracy theorist” doctors said this a very long time ago that this would happen… glad to see people waking up!!

  2. I don’t believe after all of these years that a vaccination, especially the makeup of this one, alone is going to trigger a relapse for me. It will be something in my diet, habits or medications that might give me some problems. However, I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and almost died from Covid. March 18, 2020 and I will never forget the doctor saying to me we are not sure if you are going to make it based on the blood/oxygen at 80 and falling. I presently am a “long hauler”. I walk fast for 30 feet and I cannot breath. My lungs are not the same – yet on test the results all come back moderate loss of breathing capacity. I can’t garden, lift, bike or anything else that is physical in nature. So, again I would urge everyone to get the vaccination, and do your homework because my UC which was extremely bad 4 years ago was not effected with the shot one year later, – as much as the Covid-19 while in the hospital did. I lost in those two weeks 40 pounds and could not keep anything in me.

  3. I’ve had both Pfizer vaccines with no side effects thankfully. However I’m presently in a flare up situation due to 4 new meds I’m taking for a broken elbow and nerve damage. Hoping this will stabilize soon!

  4. I received the Pfizer vaccine. Had a low fever, was very tired, ached all over for about 24-30 hours and then fine. I have been in remission for 5 years and was very worried about getting the vaccine. But all and all so glad I have had the vaccine and can move forward.

  5. I was vaccinated in December 19 and then my second vaccine January 9. I have UC (diagnosed in 2011) and prior to the vaccine was in remission on Asacol and SCD diet. I did have a flare up after the second dose. Thankfully it cleared up with a round of uceris. Grateful for science.

    1. Still suffering 3 months after receiving my second dose of the vaccine. I’m on my second round of uceris rectal foam. I’m praying this puts me back into remission. I do not want to go the oral steroid route.

  6. I like so many did NOT want the vaccine. However after reading, researching, listening to UC doctors speak on the vaccine, I decided for me, if I wanted to travel again and feel comfortable I would proceed forward. So in March I received my first dose of pfizer with just the sluggish feeling the next day. I understood through all the readings and listening that the MRna would not attach itself and could not influence the UC. I had been experiencing about 8 months with no symptoms and truly wanted to believe what the doctors said.
    In April, I received my second dose and thought I was sailing through this one too. It hit me hard after 18 hours and lasted 24 hours with all the symptoms that they talked about. I kept my head together and didn’t allow it to stress me out. I kept telling myself, I would rather experience the effects of the vaccine versus COVID and all the after effects that I kept hearing about. After 24 hours the worst was over. My colon didn’t react and I actually felt stronger.
    On July 1st I went in for a colonoscopy after several years of my GI trying to get me to come in. Fellow UCer’s my colon looked so awesome!!! I saw the ridges! I hadn’t seen ridges and all the spirals since I was first diagnosed in 2009. (My colon did react some to the instruments within but my normal came back after 4 days.)
    For the past 12 years with UC, my worst year was 2015 with hospitalization. I have worked hard on understanding my body and certain foods that are triggers.
    Wishing you all success on this individual path with UC.

  7. I received my first dose 1/23/21, my second 2/11/21 (Pfizer). No side effects from either dose. I talked to my G.I. Doc before going, he said go for it. I’m taking a infusion (Remicade), every 8 weeks. I have not had a flare for years Also the colonoscopy not showing any problems. Adam, thank you for you time and effort.

    1. Hi Bill
      I’m on Remicade too. Taking it every 4 weeks since Sept 2020. How long should i wait to get the vaccine after my Remicade infusion?

  8. I got the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine in April. I thought I was fully vaccinated. I had no symptoms from the vaccine. I had a colonoscopy in June. All clear. I mentioned to my GI that I went off Imuran 2 days before my vaccine. He said that was a smart move, as they are discovering that people taking immunosuppressants sometimes don’t create COVID -19 antibodies. I took a blood test to see if I had any. I didn’t. So I got the J&J vaccine again 4 days ago. I had some soreness in my arm, but it wasn’t bad. My nurse wife said I may not have had any symptoms after my 1st vaccine because the Imuran prevented my body from developing antibodies. Putting this out there for anyone who may have gotten vaccinated while taking immunosuppressants, like I was.

    1. Thank you ! This is good information to have. I am actually also a nurse (and even worked as a vaccinator) and this didn’t occur to me!

    2. I have had both doses of the Astra Zeneca with no problem apart from a sore arm and headache. I thought I was protected. However I am on Imraldi, the NHS copy of Humira and have just discovered after listening to a phone in on BBC Radio 2 when a lady on the same medication phoned in and said she had discovered due to the immunosuppressant her cover was weaker and she was advised to still socially distance and wear a mask. I checked this out with the pharmacist where my medication is delivered from and she confirmed this. I am sure many others on immunosuppresants who, like me, thought they were fully covered. I shall be contacting my local hospital pharmacist and suggest a letter is sent out to all in our area on this medication to make them aware. Stay safe.

    3. Hi David,
      Where do you the blood test that tests for anti bodies to see if the vaccine is working? I’m on Remicade too.

  9. Have not no interest in taking a vaccine (so-called) that uses MRNa. I won’t be a sheep led to the slaughter! I take my chances with the covid-19 that gives me 99 percent chance of recovery.

    1. I feel the same way, I’ve learned a lot ( not from mainstream media and fauci) so much information is being suppressed. I did not get the vaccine but caught covid from a friend who stayed in my house that was fully vaccinated Gave it to me and my husband….

  10. Thank you Adam for your website.
    Had the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccines. After 1st jab felt very very tired for about 4 days and soreness on site of jab but that faded after a few days.
    2nd jab had no after effects. No adverse colitis reaction.
    I will still be vigilant and wear a mask when in shops as people are getting Covid after being vaccinated. Would not go to a pub or anywhere very crowded and wouldn’t use public transport. Feel scared but not paranoid but feel that we all still should be cautious because of the mutations. But, of course, it’s a personal choice and each must do what they believe is right for them.

  11. Hey everyone
    Got fully vaxed in Feb – was in a flare at the time, so not sure if that played a part in the reaction – I’m guessing it did, but after 2nd shot (Moderna) 4+ days of fever over 100, a week of not being able to eat, felt completely depleted, flare got 10 times worse. Lost 15 lbs in a week. Dr tested me for C-diff & did blood panels – my inflammation markers were off the charts, couldn’t put me on a steroid bc I just got vaccinated & needed to wait at least 2 weeks (I did not know this was a thing before this).
    *** I would not want to deter anyone from getting vaccinated, but if in a full on flare, maybe it’s not a good idea. ~sher

  12. i was so scared to get the vaccines.first one, sore arm, second one nadda! i was actually shocked!
    but being the UC paranoid fool thatvI have become I started wondering if my UC treatment of HUMURA blocked the antibodies from getting in my system?
    i asked my GI if there was a test and she said they are not accurate.
    i will continue to stay away from crowds, and be very pro active as winter approaches.

  13. I have received two shots of the Pfizer vaccine without any side effects what-so-ever. And, I received both shots while in an active flare. Currently, the flare has passed and I am now in remission. UC 37 years.

  14. Have received both doses of AZ (March and May) and no issues either time. I guess it must be working as my daughter currently has Covid (thankfully no effects) and I’m still testing negative.

    Stay safe all

  15. Hi all,
    I’m in Australia and have had two doses of Pfizer. The first shot went off without a hitch, but I had brain fog, headache and aches and pains for about 36 hours. Nothing major, and no flares to speak of!

  16. I have had both doses of Pfizer vaccine. Had fatigue and slight fever for a few hours after the second dose. No flare. I’m really glad I got it since the new Delta variant is spreading. I assume that we all may need boosters every year like we do for the flu. I’m still more comfortable wearing a mask. Here in NY we are 70% vaccinated but 95% of people don’t wear masks so I wonder if infection rates will increase come fall and winter.

  17. Hello,
    I had first dose of Moderna in May 11th. After vaccination my problems started. I had a fever for whole month (around 38.5C / 101.3F) and my liver function tests were terrible. I had a mild UC flare and after vaccination it got a little worse (but still mild).
    Thankfully everything is getting back to normal, but I’ll skip next dose.

  18. Carolyn Moskonas

    I experienced a mild flare up several days after first shot. I am now trying to recover but it is a slow process.

  19. Got 1st shot of Moderna in March, 2021. Only a slight sore arm. 2nd Moderna shot end of April 2021. Developed chills, aches, slight fever for 12 hours. Sore arm for 5 days. No flares or other change in bowel habits.

  20. I had COVID about 3 months ago so I do not plan on getting vaccinated. Probably would have but now that I have had COVID I will not. The more I read natural immunity if longer lasting (might be a lifetime) than we had originally been led to believe so to me there is no reason to get vaccinated on top of it. Best to all.

  21. I got Moderna #1 in early March, no effects, and #2 in early April. I then exhibited a weird rash on both legs, flat non-itchy tiny red dots or red patches. Skin Dr. said it was a common shot reaction, he’d been seeing many. But in June I started a mild flare of UC, still have it 3 weeks later, don’t know if it is related to the shot or not. I’ve been on Remicade & symptom free over 3 years so……?

  22. Marita Spaulding

    I had both doses of Pfizer vaccine in late January and early February. I slept for several hours after the first dose and had mild flu-like symptoms for one day after the second dose. I have had no flare problems.

  23. I have actually had very little symptoms recently. I originally thought gluten was my trigger, but then I have given up nightshades, and for me, that must be my issues because I barely have to take medicine anymore. In fact, I hadn’t taken any of my medicine for at least a month and have had no symptoms. I got the J&J vaccine, and had a very bad reaction to it. I got chills, a fever, felt extremely miserable, felt nauseous (I think because my body had to use so much energy for my immune response, but it got better once I tried to eat crackers, etc.), and very weak. I would walk very slow all over the house. In the days leading up to the vaccine, I was in tip top shape. I also noticed a sensitivity to standing up for long amounts of time, especially after eating chocolate (maybe low platelets?). I didn’t notice U/C symptoms immediately, but then we went to dinner at a wing place in town several days after because I was still feeling very weak and it was nice to get out. I got some wings and a salad. The next day, I had very very serious and painful U/C symptoms. Definitely a flare. Luckily for me, I still have medicine (Apriso) on hand (my insurance decided to stop covering it, but I know it works for me). My symptoms went away pretty quickly after taking medicine fortunately, but it was a sudden reminder of how bad it can be!

    It is just my opinion, but I have read how the vaccines affect your epithelial cells (skin cells), so maybe the vaccine wiped out the top layer of my intestines, and that is why I had a flare up?

  24. The second dose of Moderna triggered a flare that I have been dealing with for over six weeks. Oral mesalamine and rectal mesalamine suppositories have been unsuccessful in getting me back into remission. Will be trying the budesonide steroid foam next. Diagnosed with UC in 1995.

  25. Hello, all! With all the talk about the efficiency (or weakened response) to the Covid vaccine as it relates to Remicade patients, I was wondering if anyone has experienced getting the virus after being fully vaccinated. Thanks for any insight. Stay well!

    1. Hey Linda,
      Thx for the comment on this story, I just received an email from Bill who I believe wanted to reply to you but sent to me…he wrote the following:

      “I have been on Remicade for over 5 years . First vaccination 1/23 second, 2/11, (Pfizer). No side effects from vaccination, also have not had the virus.

  26. Have had UC for 12 years. There was no doubt in my mind that I would get this vaccine. Received both Pfizer shots with not one side effect. Have since cared for my son and daughter-in-law as they battled this disease and again not one issue. I truly believe that those who are not getting the vaccine are part of the problem with the current surge of new cases.

  27. I’ve been vaccinated (both Pfizer shots), about a month ago for the last shot. I had no issues. UC 37 years. Age 68.

  28. I’m looking for feed back from those who have opinions regarding he vaccine who are not on a drug of any kind but follow SCD or something else with no pharmaceuticals whatsoever. I am unvaccinated symptom free and need to know how the vaccine is affecting people like me…who had UC real bad for many years.
    Thank you to all who take the time to answer my question.

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