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SER-287 Might Be A New Microbiome Therapeutic For Ulcerative Colitis

Happy 4th of July to All the UC’ers celebrating this day. It is nice to be back in the United States for a 4th of July after many years away. Nice to see the old red white and blue flags flying, and nice to know there are some pretty cool advances taking place in several biotech companies for ulcerative colitis.

Seres Therapeutics

So, check this out, Seres Therapeutics is moving along, well into Phase 2 of their drug development process for something they are calling SER-287. The product overview states this:

SER-287 is an investigational, oral, biologically-derived microbiome therapeutic for the treatment of ulcerative colitis (UC). SER-287 is a consortium of multiple bacterial spores manufactured by fractionating and purifying targeted bacteria from stool of healthy human donors. SER-287 has been granted Fast Track designation and Orphan Drug designation by the FDA. A completed SER-287 Phase 1b clinical study demonstrated a statistically significant difference in the clinical remission rate between patients with active mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis treated with vancomycin followed by daily SER-287 for 8 weeks compared to the placebo group, and a favorable safety profile.

I’m no biology expert, but this sounds like the idea of going through stool samples and taking out bacteria and reproducing them to make a pill form poop tablet is really coming together. Impressive, and for the gut bacteria enthusiasts, pretty interesting eh..?:)

If you are interested in learning more about the clinical trials and programs of this company, you can check out some more details here:

11 thoughts on “SER-287 Might Be A New Microbiome Therapeutic For Ulcerative Colitis”

    1. Yes Bev, pretty interested to see how this comes along. I’ll try to stay on top of it as it develops further!:). Best to you up in the far North:)

      1. Off subject. But, can you comment on Humira?
        What do you hear about it’s efficacy? Will await reply. Thank you

        1. Thanks Fredrica,

          Humira has been a pretty popular medication for ulcerative colitis for quite some time now. Results like all medications are a mixed bag. I for example did not have success when I tried it ten plus years ago. Bad side effects came my way too. But of course others have had great success with it. Here is the Humira review page I’d encourage you to read through.

  1. Interesting. I am glad there is this type ofr esearch happening on this microbiome subject, with Colitis/Crohns groups. I believe there is so much to learn and discover with gut bacteria and the balancing effects.

    1. Hey Adam…Happy 4th back in the good ole USA!
      This will be super interesting to see this study carried out and to finally have a controlled and more targeted study. I know there has been some other research on SCD and diet and gut microbiome. It is promising research for sure despite all the differences that abound among us UC’ers (and Crohnies)!
      Thanks for always keeping us updated.
      Best and good health,

      1. Hey there Shelly!
        I hear ya, gonna be pretty interesting to watch this unfold. There are several other biotech companies doing similar things, but this “drug candidate” seems to be among the farthest along with the development cycle. So lets see how it goes:)))
        best to you,

  2. Sally

    Hi Adam . Sounds very interesting & promising if there are no drugs involved .
    I do believe strongly in our bodies own ability to help through correction of the gut / microbiome .
    Subtle changes to encourage good gut health.
    My gastro nurse mentioned about a trial here in the UK a few years ago but that involved a faecal transplant which worried me as I had heard that it could also transfer DNA ?
    Anyway this method sounds much safer & without nasty side effects?
    Please keep us posted about it .
    It could be the breakthrough we all need .
    Stay well
    Thanks again
    Sally ( Wiltshire) England

  3. Thanks Adam!! Hope you are doing well!! Any new treatment that shows promise to help with this horrible auto immune disease is worth investigating especially if it proves to work. Been on entyvio infusions for three years which is starting to help but currently having some issues. Been in a flare since major surgery at the end of May of 2020 but hoping things are finally starting to get better. Tune in because the story changes every day like everyone else. Check out my blog for my story:

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