Could It Be Colitis or Not in My 7 Year Old?

Hi, my son has just turned 7 years old in December.

He was breastfed till he was just over a year old, that’s when we noticed blood in his stools. For three years he was in and out of hospital they couldn’t find anything. Sometimes his pants was just covered in blood no poo. i started taking photos of his bloody stools and felt they took it more seriously. When he was four, they took him into the hospital and used a new camera that was an inch longer than previous ones they had used and they found a large polyp and removed it.  They said he would be fine, no follow up appointments was needed.

He often complains of tummy pain and has to rush to the toilet he goes up to 6 times a day.  He has had bloody stools a few times a month.  He woke up a few weeks ago and said he felt wet and his pajamas were covered in very watery mucus like diarrhea.  He said sometimes he thinks he’s finished going toilet but feels like more is coming but it don’t.

The last few months its getting more. His stools have always been soft or runny. Last week i took him to the doctors because he was doing soft stools with lots of mucus and a little blood in them.(we put a little dish in toilet to check for blood) .He looked fine that day they sent of a stool sample which came back fine. But next day he got a temperature and was sick the first day then wouldn’t eat for 6 days and just lay there he sounded very flemmy in his chest the second time i took him to doctors to check it wasn’t a chest infection the doctor said it was mucus in his bowels causing him to sound flemmy and that he didn’t look well at all they took another stool sample but doctor said it sounds like colitis to him and to starve him for 48 said next step might be blood tests but my son has had than many and been poked and prodded he is saying no more. I can see when he has tummy pain and his personality changes a bit aggressive when i ask have you got a pain he says i am not going doctors. kids c ant explain the way we can. I just wondered if any of these symptoms sound like it could be colitis?  I am praying it’s not. I really feel for you all that have it reading what you all go through. We go back to doctors Thursday.


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  1. Hi,
    It sounds to me there are grounds to consider colitis. People on this site are having great success in treating symptoms like this with modification to diet. I would recommend you have a look at employing the SCD Diet and seeing if that helps. There is an introductory phase to the diet which you can find on this site. I have pretty much the same symptoms as your little fella and have experienced excellent results with eliminating gluten from my diet. I also don’t eat meat which I’m sure helps too. My next step will be to also eliminate lactose (milk etc.) as I can now easily identify bloating and discomfort pretty much immediately after I consume it.
    Give it a try and see what happens – it is easy (after about a month you get used to it), drug free, and I don’t think will do any harm anyway.
    Good luck to you.

  2. Hello, I first want to say that I can relate to the pain/worry you and your son are going through. my 6 year old son has UC and his symtoms are identical to what your son has. I’m very surprised that it took this long for the doc to diagnose him. is the current doctor a Gastro? my son has been doing the SCD for 3 1/2 months now and he is doing so much better. he is also under the care of a pediatric gastroenterologist and is currently on meds also, but, our goal is to get him off those meds with this diet. I don’t blame your son for being tired of being poked and prodded. my son has had 6th Remicade treatments intravenously now,and not to mention several overnight stays in the hospital,the 1st stay was two days with alot of prednisone intravenously, another one was 4 days for dehydration and low potassium. that’s not even counting all the blood tests he has had to get done. I can say that I do believe the meds and diet are both working for him, but, had I found out about the SCD sooner, I probably would have taken it into my own hands and just tried the all natural way with SCD diet. I know your are frustrated and worried constantly, but, I can tell you by experience your son can and will get better with SCD diet and/or meds, and lots of love and patience. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Elaine Gottshall will tell you that after one month, if you don’t see improvement, then, it will probably not work. I am a firm believer that every one heals differently, and, I saw the most improvement with my son after 2 and 1/2 months. we are all a great support to one another on this site, and I wish you and your son the best in health. take care. ask any questions you like, we are here to help. Linda.

  3. Hello, just been reading your post and the symptoms im afraid do very much sound like uc. He needs to be referred to a specialist if he hasnt been already. Dont let them leave it any longer as i was left untreated and suffereing for 6 months before i was referred and its a horrible thing to go through when not being treated. Im 21 and had it now for 3 years on and off having flare ups, and is begining to flare again which i think is due to my bad eating habbits over christmas. All of your sons symptoms are near enough the same as mine at the moment, fever, stomach cramps, mucus and bloody stalls. I would recomend to keep his diet quite bland until you know for sure what it is. I usualy avoid chocolate, rich sauces, milk etc and take multi vitamins to help. But everyone is different so its just getting his body use to other foods. I hope this has helped a little. I hope he is sorted soon.x

  4. thank you to everyone for replying. we our back to our local gp on thursday. he hasnt been refered to anyone i was just told to starve him for 48 hours before going back on thursday. which i did it was hard but he didnt go toilet as much cause he didnt eat now he eating again its back to very mucusy stools etc. he doesnt eat much but when he does he eats chicken, salads, veg, fruit he doesnt have alot of biscuits, sweets etc. will let you know how we get on thursday.

    when you say you have flare ups how do you know or how does it start etc .sorry if its a stupid question i just want to know what to look out for.we just thought my son had a tummy bug.

    thanks again for your replys.

    1. Hi again!! Well my flare up is when i have a sudden ergency to get to the toilet and my stools are very loose with blood and mucus :/ the longer i leave it untreated i begin to get a fever when i need the toilet, i start to loose my apetite and get very tired. When im not having a flare up i usualy go to the loo either once or twice a day.they dont know the cause of uc but my great auntie suffered with it too so it may be heheditary ( prob not spelt like that ) but hope this helps xx

  5. Hi again! well im not sure if its the same with everyone but i can tell because i have ergency to get to the toilet and its quite runny and has blood and mucas in :/ and the longer i leave it untreated i begin to loose my appetite and begin to get a fever when i need the toilet. My diet was so bad before i was diognosed with uc i think thats what may have caused mine. They dont know what the cause is but i know my great aunte suffered with uc too so it may also come from hereditary. Hope this helps!!! X

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