Can I Stop My Colitis Flare Without Taking Meds?

Hi I’m Dani, I’m 21, and have had colitis for 3-4 years now. I’m just having a flare up now its been two days of loose bowel movement and bloody stools with mucas etc. I realy want to be able to settle it myself with out having to go on the steroids as there realy not very nice! And not good in the long run! Please help is this possible?

I’m taking 2 asacol tablets a day 800mg and 75mg of aziophoroprine (how ever you spell it lol) I get abit of pain in my left side of my stomach, i can deal with it as its not realy bad! When I start to have a flare up i can end up going to the toilet up to several times in the day and then maybe 3-4 in the night so i loose weight quite quick im 7 stone 10 at the moment so realy can’t afford to loose anymore! I’m a hairstylist and have a busy clientele so it does get embarrassing when mid conversation i have to run to the toilet! Lol i dont mind it when im not having a flare up but when i do it does put my life on hold especialy when were out in a busy shopping centre or a busy night club its awfull!

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  1. I have the same problem but I take four 400 mg of Asacol 3 times a day and three 50 mg of azathrioprine once a day that should do it because it’s basically the most you can take also get away from caffeine, spicy food or very healthy food like salads or fish try eggs if you like them or stick to decaff hot tea like Ginger or chamomile jello anything that you know that soothes your stomach

    1. Hi thanks for replying, im actualy gettin abit better now ive been having porridge for brekfast, a probiotic and tuna salad ( just lettuce and tomatoe) and a bananna then dinner il have like chicken and veg? I have read on a site to stay away from lettuce do you why this is? And why do you suggest to stay away from salads? Sorry for all the questions lol just might help me learn abit more. Dani x

      1. You need to stay away from any kind of fiber, such as veggies, salads, nuts, fruits, etc. Fiber is very difficult to process with US and it will only aggrevate your bowls.

  2. I know I am a few years late in answering this, but they recommend staying away from all RAW fruits and veggies (except bananas) because the roughage makes it hard for the bowel to heal. Anything to coarse or rough, slows down the healing.

    1. hi I’m Rhonda
      I am 41 yrs old I was dignoised with uc may 2015 and I too am on asicol medication wrong spelling I’m sure lol.i have not slept more than 5 hrs a nite since being on it the steriroid?

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