Concerns with the New Delzicol


My name is Vin, I am 23 and have had mild Ulcerative Colitis for 3 years. I was put on Asacol , and recently switched to Delzicol due to the patent issues.

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I love sports.

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currently in remission and experience little to no symptoms…

Concerns with the New Delzicol

I have been dealing with my colitis for about 3 years now. I was taking Asacol 3 times a day everyday until I recently switched to Delzicol. The Asacol worked perfectly for my lifestyle. Since I noticed my colitis symptoms at a very early stage, the Asacol did the trick for me. I was able to eat whatever I wanted, as much as I wanted and whenever I wanted. I was even able to go out and consume large amounts of alcohol without experiencing symptoms for anything longer than the next day. It was as if nothing was wrong. However if I stopped my meds for longer than about 4 days, symptoms would return, so I knew my remission was in thanks to Asacol.

If it weren’t for my switch to Delzicol I probably wouldn’t be writing this. Since switching to Delzicol my sensitivity to things like junk food and alcohol is much worse than before. If I were to have even a couple drinks I am flared up for at least a week. If I miss even one does a day its possible for me to feel symptoms returning rather quickly (while on Asacol I would forget doses all the time). And worst of all I am experiencing side effects. I am exhuasted, even after a full night sleep. I don’t sleep solid, and I have flu like symptoms. This has been going on for about 2 weeks, and I’m pretty certain it is the meds. Does anyone have any complaints/side effects/concerns with this new Delzicol? If it goes on much longer I am going to ask my G.I. about a switch.

Like I said earlier, when I was on Asacol it was as if nothing was wrong. No colitis symptoms, regular bowel movements, and no side effects. These Delzicol side effects really concern me.


Asacol worked like a charm for my mild U.C. I have been on Delzicol for the last 1 1/2 months of my 3 year stint with U.C. I am already fed up and tired of the Delzicol and its side effects. Would love to be back on Asacol, or a generic equivalent.

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  1. Hey Vin,

    I’ve never heard of Delzicol. I’m going to read up on it on the web.

    Why did you switch meds? Perhaps you should just go back on asacol?


    1. My husband has UC for 6 months he was on asacol until 1 month due to the cost he is taking delzicol and he stating noticing blood in his stool and also a bad burning pain in his chest. Well took the adive of taking the pill out of the capsule. And taking it without the capsule in two days it all stopped so what is being put into the capsule when it is being made. Interesting.

    2. So? You seem to want to have your cake and eat it, too.
      What? Yes… you want a medication to help you, but you either don’t want to take it properly and still have it be effective, and you don’t want to take care of your innards, but have the meds be more responsible than you are.

      Take your meds properly
      Quit eating junk food and quit drinking!
      I have no side effects.

  2. Sorry to come off as a nag, but if the Dr. does put you back on Asacol, be careful with the drinking. Asacol alone will raise your liver enzymes to dangerous levels. Add alcohol to the mix, and you’re just begging to damage your liver beyond repair. But I’m glad you’ve found a med. that helps manage your symptoms. Mesalamines like Asacol & Lialda were non factors for me. Eventually nothing worked & I opted for surgery.

  3. Hi Vin,
    I noticed that when I opened the Delzicol capsule, the tablet inside looked just like an Asacol tablet.
    I have no idea what that outer shell/capsule is made of. Could this be what’s making you feel worse?

    Hope you feel better soon,

    1. I asked my doctor about that and he explained that the capsule allows the pill the get to your large intestine which, for UC patients is supposed to make its efficacy greater. I have had a bad case of UC flare for the last continuous 2 years and Delzicol seems to help the best of all so far. Read reviews so I started taking it without the capsule, helped but not enough, so I decided to try with the capsule, was working wayyyy better, made the bleeding go away for the first time in the last two years. However now I’m having a lot of gas resulting in accidents and noticed it is a common side effect. Not sure if I should bounce from one to the other, but since the bleeding has stopped I am going to try without the capsule again and see.

  4. I do well on Asacol HD 800 mg, maybe your doctor can switch u to that. They stopped making 400mg but still make 800 HD because patent is not out on it. At some point another drug company will likely make the 400 but in the meantime try the 800 only difference is it is time released and I only need 2 a day. It worked for me the same as it worked for you.

  5. The drug manufacturer stuck the asacol pill inside a capsule so that they could make more money. Open the capsule, and you’ve got your old medication back.

    I understand for-profit companies. My question is why isn’t a generic available?

    We’d better see how we can get protected from price-gouging before we end up on the street.

    Truly yours,

    1. We actually do have a generic asacol here in Canada. Are you sure there isn’t one in the US? It’s about half the cost of asacol, and identical, right down to the rust brown hard to swallow little bullets.


    2. Hi, Joseph:

      What you said is what I have been thinking. They “retired” the Asacol, and I checked Dezicol it is Asacol in capsules. Probably the trademark license(17 years) expired this year and the medication should be available in generics. If you have noticed Asacol and Delzicol have the same generic name “mesalizine / mesalamine”. Same dog with other collar.

        1. Asacol in 150, 400, 500, 800, 1000 and 1200 mg per tablet generic and brand name, as well as extended release is available OUTSIDE the U.S. I gave websites to order from in Canada. Reference for many Canadian online pharmacy comparison.

  6. Hey everybody, thanks alot for all the responses. SInce this post I actually took myself off the medication completely. I was having sore throats for days, and at night when I laid down, I wouldn’t be able to stop coughing. This was keeping me up for nights and it wasn’t getting any better. At that time I was already doing a little research into the SC diet and was trying to figure out what I actually would be able to eat if I were to go on it. I finally had enough of the constant coughing and took my self off my medication. Rather than switching to Asacol 800mg or Lialda, I decided to try the diet out and it’s working very well. I actually feel better than I’ve ever felt on the meds, my digestive system feels like it’s working the way it worked when I was a young kid, way before I was ever diagnosed. I am constantly amazed that it’s actually working and I don’t have to take my meds, it feels really good to be like that. I will say that the diet isn’t the easiest diet to follow. It requires a lot of time, money, and energy to cook your own meals. I can’t believe not one of my doctors suggested this, makes me start to believe in the whole “medicine companies are evil” thing.
    I too have also read and heard about the patent issues, and how Delzicol is essentially Asacol inside of an outer capsule that dissolves… but this didn’t answer my question of why I was experiencing side effects from the Delzicol but not from the Asacol. Could the outer capsule have an effect? Could mesalamine be building up in my system and effecting other parts of my body? OR Could it be the slight difference between Asacol and Delzicol? My guess is the later…when I first got the medication it came with a packet of info and I remember reading that certain ingredients in Asacol were not included when designing Delzicol, and those ingredients were replaced with something else, so there is an actually chemical difference between Asacol and Delzicol. Either way, all side effect have went away since I stoped taking the medicine.
    Joe T I hear ya with the drinking thing. I feel guilty every time I do it and really try not to do it much. Its what made my dads colitis really spiral out of control. Its probably not such a bad thing that I now have a really good reason not to drink. It keeps me out of trouble for the most part. And now that I am off the meds my liver should be a little be healthier.
    Thanks again for all of the comments and concerns, hope everyone is feeling well, Vin

    1. Hate the delzicol, bad side effects, mouth throat ane chest burn all the time, 3 weeks now, I have missed days off work, never feel 100% good, back to Doctor in 10 days, take me off this crap. Cost too much, too.

  7. Vin,

    I have had ulcerative colitis for about 30 years, fine on asacol for many years, not fine on Delzicol. My symptoms are back after a very long remission! I’m with you Vin, not happy with delzicol, going to call my Gastro asap. Best of luck to you.

  8. Hi Vin,

    I was also on Asacol and I did very well on that medication, really made me feel like I was back to normal. I made the bad choice of stopping my medication because I was feeling better. For about 2 months I was ok. Symptoms popped up so I went to get back on asacol. My pharmacist told me that they are not selling Asacol anymore that its been discontinued so they prescribed me Delizcol. I know that people are saying that its the same as Asacol. I am certain there is some sort of difference. I thought at first I was feeling better, now I find that I am 10x more exhausted, my trips to the bathroom more frequent, nausea worse, cramping worse and I genuinely don’t think its working for me. My flare is now at its worst. I think I could be just a really bad flare and maybe that’s why its not working? Not sure, but I do know for ME that Delizcol is not working. I am also looking into SCD. So many good reviews, I hope that your journey on SCD is successful.

  9. Have had UC for 13 1/2 years. Flares come and go despite being on meds. Flares started every six months and then went away in a week. progessively got worse when it moved to every 3 months a dthen took2-3 weeks to go away. Lialda caused a hospitalization for 4 days. Steriods got it under control. After 10 day taper, 6MP kept it under control for 2+ years. Then started to feel so so. Miracle drug was Remicade. Been on it for almost 3 years now. No flares. Yes, IV meds are annoying since you need them every 8 weeks, but nothing like feeling normal. Going on and off meds isn’t a good idea. Your flare will come back ad it will come back worse than the last one.

  10. I have been taking Delzicol for 45 days after running out of Asacol….which I had taken for 8 years. I started having a few of the recogonized reactions: shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, excess itching. These symptoms appeared 2 hr. after ingestion and lasted about two hours. My wife works at a hospital and asked the pharmacist about the difference between the two drugs. The pharmacist spent her own time doing research and found that the only difference was in the plasticier….Asacol used dibutyl phalate and Delzicol uses dibutyl sebacate – which is an organic chemical. I removed the plastic capsule……which fells and shatters like acetate…..and began taking the tablet inside……..which is Asacol. After two days my reactions disappeared and have stayed gone.

    1. I have been on asacol 400 mg for 7 years and remained in remission the entire time with no side affects. I started taking delzicol in February and have been in flare up ever since. I was given a steroid which didn’t help much either. This past week I decided to take my asacol again since I had a back up bottle left. Within four days the blood has stopped and I have regular stools. I can’t hardly believe it…I feel normal again! My doctor said he would prescribe the asacol hd – I am concerned that this will not have the same positive results as the 400 mg pill. I did notice you can purchase from Canadian pharmacies. Has anybody tried this?

        1. I am a new user of Delzicol and after 15 days, I started experiencing horrible headaches. I am talking to my GI doctor tomorrow because when I stop the pill, no excruciating headache. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Symptoms occurred in early April with the switch to Delzicol yet it never even occured to me that these two events could be related until last week. I had a flare with extreme symptoms which lasted from April to middle August, I was given prednisone and told to taper down from 40 mg. Each time I reached 20 mg unmanageable symptoms returned; blood, numerous bowel movements, gas, bloating, extreme abdominal discomfort and pain. Over this period I was told only to return to 40 mg and try again. The flare ended (coincidentally, or by effect) through switching to a liquid diet (fruit and soy smoothies) and not consuming lactose or gluten. I was then also given canasa and have since controlled crohn’s like symptoms. All this time I am taking delzicol, note that while extreme symptoms are gone (larger volumes of blood) I still have unmanageable amounts of gas and discomfort and stools are also irregular. This is completely new and unique since April and the time of the switch. Currently I do not consume milk or gluten as this really brings on more discomfort. I am really here to say that I am convinced that the occurrence of my symptoms at the time of the ascacol/delzicole switch is NOT a coincidence. I hope a generic asacol is on it’s way for all of us, at the moment I am experimenting with Delzicol by taking the 6 (400 mg each) pills without the plastic cover and all six pills at night instead of 3 in the morning and 3 at night. I will respond in 2 weeks as to what my current status is.

  12. I was told my daughter has Krones and she was taking Asacol and it was discountinued. She is taking Delzicol she is exhausted all the time and gain alot of wait. What else can she take without these side affects?

  13. I was taking asacol for years with no problem. Canasa suppositories in a flare and they always help after just a few doses. Over the past five years I have tried living without any medication at all with on and off again success. I’ve had a flare for a while and decided to go back on the asacol only to discover it is discontinued. The doctor gave me this horrible medicine Delzicol. After only a few days the blood was worse, more frequent and urgent bowel movements. I didn’t realize it was the medicine and continued to take it thinking I have to give it more time. After a week the pounding headaches started, then the jitters, fatigue, back pain, pain in stomach, nausea, confusion, impatience and depression. I finally realized it was the medicine after about 2.5 weeks. I stopped taking the medicine last thursday, five days ago and I am still so sick. The bright globby blood and gas in the morning is horrible, worst then any flare I have had in the past. I went to the doctor and he told me not to take delzicol, he says it also causes bone loss. He put me on hydrocortisone suppository once at night 25 mg for a month a see what happens, thats it no pills. I have had five doses of the hydrocortisone and it has not helped at all. I called up the doctors office today and a different doctor told me to use one canasa suppository at night. Well, I am afraid, because it has the same active ingredient as the delzicol, mesalmine. My husband researched both medicines and he thinks the delzicol is absorbing into the body too quickly (asacol states they have a special delayed absorption in their medicine) instead of into the intenstines and that it is going throughout my whole body. He thinks thats why they put that outer capsule over the delzicol to slow down the absortion rate. Does this make sense? Also, how long does it take for these horrible delizcol side effects to stop? I am so sick. Thank you.

  14. I loved Asacol. I hate Delzicol. I take Delzicol without the capsule cover and still I am miserable with gas, burping , bloating and a nauseated feeling all day. I have tried taking it with Zofram but it doesn’t help much. I hope I can get Asacol HD covered by my insurance. It is worth a try. If not I may have to buy it in Canada for $1,000 a year. I can’t believe no one in the USA has made the generic for the original tablets. A great drug that was changed so the company could make more money. My UC colitis has been in remission for years with Asacol and methotrexate injections. I also have UC colitis arthritis in remission. Thanks for letting me vent.

  15. This is the first time I’ve made a comment here. I love this site! Thank you for keeping it going. I was put on Delzicol in June after being on Asacol since diagnosis in 2005. I was pleased when I didn’t have my usual major Summer flare. I’m disturbed that I’ve put on a bunch of weight though. I’ve had no changes in lifestyle or diet. I run, do yoga and lift weights, have done so for 15 years. I can’t understand what happened other than lack of flares where I lose weight rapidly. I’m used to keeping a little weight buffer for the flare times because I can drop 10 pounds in nothing flat. I’m just down right chubby now – split out a pair of jeans a few weeks ago. Augghhh!! is anyone else having this problem?

  16. I am off Delzicol! Yeah! I had lots of side effects: weight gain, reflux activated nightly, painful belching, and upper arm pain , bad constipation. I was miserable. Luckily my insurance covered Asacol HD which is just like the discontinued Asacol but in 3 doses per day depending on what strength your discontinued Asacol once was.The caplet is larger but a piece of cake to swallow compared to Delzicol which irritated my upper stomach. I can tolerate one glass of wine on occasion now or a beer. Could not drink any alcohol with Delzicol. I have my enzymes checked to be sure the one drink isn’t harmful to me. Wishing you all good health.

  17. Hey guys, I’m not surprised to see a lot of other people with the same concerns as me. Its very upsetting that so many people were feeling a lot of relief from Asacol, and they just took it away from us. A little update, I have been on the SCD Diet since this post and personally it is very hard to stick to. I work on the road driving a truck and am constantly eating out. I think I’ve tried every chicken ceasar salad on the north-east side of the U.S. Cooking every night at the end of a 12 hour work day is the last thing I want to do. The only thing thats motivated me to stick to it is the half used bottle of Delzicol in the cabinet, that hasn’t been touched since the first day of the diet. The diet DOES work. I think it is a great miracle for someone who is suffering severely, and is running out of options, which, lets face it, a lot of U.C. patients are. At this point in my life though I do not have the time, money, or patience to stick to it. I find myself cheating constantly, and also losing weight. I plan on calling up my G.I. and asking about Asacol HD. I really don’t want to do it, and I think at some point I will go back on the diet, because it feels healthier, but at this point in my life I can’t keep up with it. Everything is much to hectic. I would recommend everyone try the diet for at least a week or two, just to see how it feels, what you could possible eat during future flares, and the positive effects it has on your body. One huge thing I am taking from this is if there is ever a point where I am suffering from a bad flare in the future, I know exactly what to buy at the grocery store to make me feel better, which i didn’t know before the diet. Best of luck to everyone!

    1. Hey guys thanks for posting… I’m a Crohnny and have been on Asacol for 12 years or more. Late last year I tried Asacol HD and experienced many side effects and now on Delzicol with painful side effects as well. After reading the posts here, I opened a capsule of Delzicol and was reunited with my old faithful med Asacol. I believe the outer pink capsule is culprit for the pain I’m suffering now from Delzicol…I feel like I felt when I was first diagnosed having major stomach spasms and pain. I think I will try removing the outer pink capsule for each dose and see if I get some relief. I’ve never had any problems with Asacol and when I began to flare in the past I would increase my dosage(with my Doc’s approval) and felt better within days. I will let you all know if works, I will also consult with my doc for his thoughts. Wishing everyone well.

        1. Hi Mary,

          if you still have them and want to get rid of them let me know. I live in LA, i am currently on Delzicol and just got diagnosed with UC a week ago. I dont have insurance so its expensive. Let me know what you are looking to get for them. Thanks

      1. Hi here’s the link to a wonderful site that will help you with IBS or UC

        It has recipes and other information to help you with your situation. Good luck.

        And since I’ve been off the Delzicol I have had NO issues. My stomach I feels normal again for the first time in years. I only had one IBS attack and that was the day after i stopped Delzicol.. So far so good.

  18. Had been on Asacol for 10 years, then had to switch to Delzicol cap (400 mg), 4 capsules, twice per day. My cost went from $100 for 3 months to $150. Last week, I received notice from my pharmacy that my insurance plan will no longer cover Delzicol and they said I need to switch to one of these: balsalazide, sulfasalazine, sulfasalazine delayed-release, Apriso, Lialda, or
    Pentasa. Has anyone else had to switch to one of these meds? For years, I thought there were no generic substitutes for Asacol, and now I get this list of 6! Have not talked to my gastroenterologist yet.

    1. I tried balalazide and it didn’t work at all! I can’t take the other drugs, I’m allergic to sulpha. Good luck!

  19. I’m relieved to read that I’m not the only one suspecting that Delzicol can be harmful. I’ve also concluded that Canasa is the culprit for serious leg pain preventing me from sleeping. At this point I’m suspicious of both because I feel better since stopping both. Never had a problem with Asacol which I took for over ten years.

  20. I’ve had ulcerative colitis since I was 7 years old and I’ve been taking Asacol 400 four times a day up until the switch to Delzicol. I have only been on Delzicol for a few days and I don’t think I have any side effects. I’m pretty tired but I also live a crazy lifestyle… I don’t like the change reguardless. Mine also have a horrendous taste to it that only lasts a few seconds. But taking it 4 times a day makes it dreadful. I’ve been in remission for 2 years now and haven’t had serious problems since I was 10. I do NOT want to leave remission… Hope Delzicol works well enough for me..

  21. I too Vin have had to switch from asacol to delzicol . Didn’t see the correlation for being tired most of the time and changing to delzicol , until now ! If I miss my additional omeperzole , I have horrible acid reflux . It is all about the money and I have to strugle to pay for it . Going to ask my Dr. to change back to asacol which has kept me alive since 1998 ! If they stop making it I think a class action lawsuit is in order . Hope you all stay healthy .

  22. All you need to do is remove the capsule, and then take the pill without the capsule. What you have inside the capsule is the old Asacol.

  23. I have Collagenous Colitis, newly diagnosed with Ishchemic Colitis.
    I also was on Asacol for a long time. Now I was switched to Delzicol.
    Symptoms have worsened, more frequent flare-ups.
    Like all of the other comments I have read, I HATE Delzicol.
    I don’t think it works as well as Asacol. I am seriously going to investigate trying to purchase Asacol in Canada.

    1. Delzicol has the Asacol caplet inside. I’m removing the pink capsule for each dose, I’m feeling a little better but not 100% yet.

  24. I DID check into getting Asacol in Canada.
    It gets pretty complicated. First of all, your U.S. prescription is NOT valid in Canada.
    I spoke to a pharmacy, and they can only fill prescriptions written by Canadian doctors, due to licensing issues.
    Therefore; you have to schedule an appointment with a Canadian doctor to get an Asacol prescription.
    From the reviews I personally read on the Internet, most of the Canadian Gastroenterologists, at least in the Windsor area, did NOT sound all that great. Not sure I would want to trust any of them.
    Has anyone else out there in UC land, from the U.S., had any good experiences in Canada, trying to obtain Asacol ??
    Please share info if you have had success.


    Pam R.

    1. I have had no trouble getting Asacol from Canada. My Dr faxed the RX & they filled it. Only downside is it takes 2-4 weeks to get it as it has to go through customs.
      My Dr just gave me samples of Delzicol & I’ve taken one today but after reading all of this will stick with the real deal!

  25. I started taking delzicol about 3 weeks ago and have been very tired and sleepy but couldn’t figure out why. Now I’m feeling nauseated and hearing loud bowel sounds with things that didn’t bother me before. I plan on talking to my GI doc about going back to asacol HD before I have a flare . I’m so glad I came across this site.

  26. Switching to Delzicol from regular Asacol put me into a very bad flare after being in mild remission for 10 years. It only took a couple weeks on Delzicol to do this and the side effects were totally unexpected. Indigestion, heartburn, gas, cramping, diarrhea, sleeplessness, flu-like symptoms……you name it, Delzicol did it. Good old 400 mg Asacol had none of these side effects. Called my GI and he switched me to Asacol HD expecting that to calm things down but that has been mostly ineffective in controlling the colitis except that the horrible side effects of Delzicol have dissipated. This is total bullsh*t. I can’t believe big pharma is allowed to so blatantly play with people’s lives simply for pure greed. I hope whoever at WC made the decision to kill the possibility of generic Asacol gets UC and has to live with their crappy new medication,

  27. I was just put on Delzicol DR 400mg (1 capsule twice a day). I started this Friday night since Sunday I’m experiencing bad joint/muscle pain, mild sore throat, tiredness. I was never on Asacol but after reading about all the terrible side effects – I stopped taking it. I’m also on a low dose of Prednisone 5mg/day to help with my flare up plus other bodily inflammation I have. I was in the hospital in May with a bad infection and it seems my immune system is still wacky. I have severe pain throughout my body (this had been happening since I was in the hospital/before Delzicol). I was diagnosed with US in 1992 (I was 19) & put on Prednisone 20mg/X2 day & Sulfasalazine which my Gastro Doc says they don’t even prescribe that anymore. Well I achieved remission for years, minor flare ups in between but now at age 41, Dr’s say I had a lot of stress & trauma to my body which I’m still recovering from. They don’t seem to know what else is going on and I’m getting frustrated. I actually had a miscarriage which is partly why I was in the hospital in May, I had high fevers & a mystery rash & severe headaches. I think they thought I was just having a slower recovery from the surgery I needed (a D&C). …..So I guess I needed to vent and say I’m considering going back on Sulfasalazine. ..Although I think I that will be a challenge with my GD. Any thoughts anyone?

  28. I hate delzicol. Was on asacol for years, could take it with anything, got into remission…. started taking it a year ago…. it started interfeering with the absorbtion of my synthroid…. it’s taken me this long to figure that out…. now I think that the delzicol itself isn’t being absorbed as well as the asacol was…. get to have a sigmoidscopy in a month to see if I’m out of remission…

    Dr just says take all 6 pills at once, and stop worrying about taking it with stuff, just live life….. I’m not so sure…. I understand it’s the same drug, but asacol had the enteric coating that made it last to the colon…..

    Seriously considering asking to be put on rowasa Instead…..

  29. I can’t pinpoint the exact time pain in my right knee started but it was near the time I switched from Asacol to Delzicol, around Fall, 2013. This spring I also noticed some pain in both ankles. On vacation this summer I ran out of Delzicol and didn’t take it for 5 days. In a few days, I suddenly noticed my knee didn’t hurt. When I got back home and started taking Delzicol again, my right knee and both ankles started hurting again. I have an appointment to discuss with my gastroenterologist. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

  30. I was diagnosed with severe UC in April, did a week long stint in the hospital. They put me on prednisone (40mg day) when I was in the hospital, then they put me on Sulfasalazine (alergic reaction). Symptoms have persisted with prednisone and have had horrible side effects. My GI requested Remicade infusions, but my insurance wont cover it unless I try other meds. So they put me on Imuran (Azathioprine- 50 mg 2X day). It makes me so sick. Yesterday I couldn’t make it into work due to a severe migraine and I was throwing up. Today, I got a call from my GI office telling me my insurance is making me start Delzicol with the Imuran, three 400mg pills 4x daily or something along with the Imuran and Prednisone. I’m worried about the side effects, I was reading that people who suffered alergic reactions to sulfasalazine are at a higher risk to suffering side effects from Delzicol. Doesn’t look like anyone here has had very good experiences with the stuff :( . I take Bentyl, that helps MAJORLY with the cramping.

  31. I have a comment reply for Kabrina.
    Kabrina indicates she had an allergic reaction to Sulfasalazine, and has been put on Delzicol. I cannot take any Sulfa meds because I also am allergic to them.
    I have been taken Delzicol since 2013 and have NOT had any allergic reactions or side effects. I used to take Asacol, but it is no longer available, so my doc switched me over to Delzicol.

    1. Once I started the Delzicol I became severely itchy. I thought it was dry skin or something but its so bad ill itch my whole body for hours its miserable. So my GI stopped the Imuran on Thursday but my symptoms have improved since starting the Delzicol. She thinks my alergic reaction is from the Imuran so if my itching continues then I get back on the Imuran and taken off the delzicol. Still fighting my insurance to receive remicade infusions.

      1. I’ve been taking delzicol since 2013 and also have very ITCHY skin its like insane especially in the morning. No others side effects but the itching my goodness

  32. I was diagnosed with non specific colitis 6 years ago. No confirmation that I have it but was put on Asacol then switched to I delzicol. I am seeing a new gastro doctor who has taken me completely off this drug as there is no evidence that I have colitis. I do have IBS which is controlled by diet. I was told by the doctor if I were to have any issues after stopping Delzicol that it will happen within the next week or two. So far on day one I had an IBS attack no blood. Has anyone been taken off this drug if so what happened? I believe when I had bleeding it was from taking too much aleve.

  33. I have been off Delzicol 2 months now. I would say the only side effect is constipation but eating more fiber and drinking lots of water seems to control it. I have gained a little weight but thinks it’s due to just overeating. I will say however that since I have been off this med I no longer suffer the weekly IBS attacks. I am able to eat nuts which I haven’t had in 10 years. So far,so good as I inroduce new foods slowly into my diet. I was given a lower does of Nexium which has not changed my GERD symptoms. I will eventually be taken off this too. i recommend to anyone who has mild or non specific colitis to check with their doctor to see if you need to continue the Delzicol for the rest of your life.

  34. WOW! I’m overwhelmed with these comments. I’ve had UC for 3 years. First I was on Asacol then my doctor switched to Delzicol, I don’t remember why. My insurance didn’t cover either so he gave me enough samples. Then he couldn’t get them so I had to switch to balsalazide which worked for a minute. So he put me on prednisone and my face swole up. By this time he was able to give me the samples of Delzicol again. Now while I don’t have these side effects like headaches and such I am tired a lot. But my biggest problem is that I’m still not in remission. I’ll have a good week to 10 days and then I’ll have an awful day or two. But I’m blown away when I realized that the Asacol is what’s inside the Delzicol so I’m gonna start taking it outside the capsule and see if that makes a difference.

  35. Delzicol IS Asacol!! Open your delzicol capsule and inside is the EXACT Asacol tablet that you used to take, all they added was the capsule! So they are the EXACT same medicine, just the asacol tablet inside a capsule now so that they could renew their “ownership” of it and make sure it didn’t get made in a generic form so as to make it stay expensive. The doctor showed me all this. Look and see, open your capsule!

  36. I’m disappointed my insurance no longer covers Delzicol, but now have me on something that is ten times the cost Entyvio, go figure! I’m not happy, had one infusion and had an allergic reaction then endless joint pain, not to mention nausea…etc… I’ve been happy on Asacol for years, I’m refusing more infusions of Entyvio. Got to find something that will work before quickly, before I flare.

  37. I’ve had mild UC for 3 years. Like many of you, stated on Asacol 400 X 4/day. When it was discontinued, my Dr was switched me to Apriso (ER) Extended Release 0.375 g X 4/day. Both have worked great.

    On April 1, 2015, Salix, who makes Apriso was acquired by Valeant Pharmaceutical in Canada for $11B. The price in May for my Apriso went up from $245 to $416 and that’s with insurance and after applying the $100 discount card, offered by the manufacturer online. The retail price is $612 for 120 capsules.

    I was getting ready to ask my Dr for a prescription for Delzicol, when I came across this post. Looks like I’ll be asking to go back to Asacol DR (delayed release) 800 mg X twice/day.

    Now I’m almost finished researching alternatives to Apriso and have spent about a week doing this. I’ll probably request a prescription for the 800 mg Asacol DR. I’m meeting with my GI Dr tomorrow, so I’ll see what he thinks.

    There are lots of alternative sources for meds outside the US. I suggest you go to Pharmacychecker, Northwestpharmacy or Bigmountaindrugs online. These sites were given to me by one of my doctors, who believes as I do, that the pharmaceutical companies and the US gov are making it impossible to afford meds in the US. It’s all about money and who’s getting their pockets lined. With generic Mesalamine or Mesalamine delayed release, the cost of purchasing from Canada is substantially less than buying in the US.

    I just checked with onlinepharmacies Canada (877) 536-8162 and they take US prescriptions faxed to their office. Their prefered method of payment is international money order and both Asacol HD 800 mg (90 tabs-$89) and generic Asacol HD 800 mg (100 tabs – $64) plus shipping. There is a better deal on Bigmountaindrugs website. Check them out. – Greg

  38. Hi I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my situation. When I was first diagnosed with CC my Dr prescribed Asacol 2- 400 mg tabs three times a day and it had no effect. I would actually see them in my stool. For some reason I asked my GI about Asacol 800 mgHD and he prescribed. My flares and symptoms went completely away. I felt totally normal, eat, drink, and be merry like nothing was wrong with me. I actually started to take only one 800 mgHD a day in the morning instead of three and was still fine! Then my insurance changed and I had to switch to something else and I picked Lialda. I take the two tabs once a day like they tell me but I still feel slightly symptomatic. A little pain and discomfort ( enough to keep me constantly nervous ) and the erythema nodosum skin nodules are appearing, although I am not constantly running to the toilet, I am not as happy as the Asacol HD. Can anyone tell me if there is something equivalent to the HD. Is the Delzicol an 800 mg tab like the HD was. Would love to have the Asacol HD back.

    1. Craig,

      I’m taking Asacol 1200 mg ER (extended release). I purchase thru Mark’s Marine Pharmacy in Vancouver. It runs about $200 for 200 tabs. It’s made by Sun Pharmacy in India and they are the 5th largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

      I’d love cut cut out a few middle men, since this MWD can be purchased for $4 per 50 tablets in India.

      Good luck and my dosage is working fine.


  39. I have been taking Asacol/Delzicol fior 15 years for IBS and am starting to have symptoms again but different – no blood and not much joint pain but bouts of diarrhea. After having a really bad episode of asthma with the stomach issues, I was sent to an allergist. Positive to shellfish, pork, tree nuts, and worst reaction to soy on skin prick tests. I am trying to find out if the outer coating of the Delzicol has soy – does anyone know where I can find that info – thanks

  40. I have had colitis for many years. Found as asacol helpful agree to take off delzicall coating. I find it to be a huge appetite suppressant. I find I’m never hungry since I started. Is that a symptom
    Anyone ele has experienced? I also took apriso for a year did nothing. Can someone let me know if they also experience that?

  41. I just started this morning taking capsul apart I’ve had colitis for 30 years
    As crazy as this sounds I can feel a difference in an hour I put the capsules in a bottle of water along side of my bed everyone should do that and watch with the capsules do

  42. @ Chana Friedman, Apriso did absolutely nothing for me. Symptoms came on for the first time in 10 years.
    Was on Asacol for 7 years and I could do anything I wanted to. Switched to Asacol HD with similar results when Asacol was discontinued, but now my insurance won’t cover it. They are making me try 3 drugs that they cover until they’ll approve an appeal. On Sulfasalazine now, as of today. Can anyone tell me things to watch out for on this drug?
    Is there anything we consumers can do?

  43. Hello fellow UC people,

    I’ve had this autoimmune problem since 1999.After ten years of in and out of remission.Went outside of my GI’s recommendation for using Immune system suppressors.Please try Digestacure!Took six months but remission finally happened!Instead of 4000 mg a day of Delzicol.Now only 1600 mg.Pllease check out Pristine Nutraceuticals web site.Has worked for me going on 8 years!Good Luck!

  44. I have developed a rash on my upper lip and swelling of my upper lip. I am thinking it might be the delzicol tablets?? I have been to the dermatologists and allergist and they seem to be at a loss.

  45. I took Lialda (1.2 gm tab) 4 tablets in morning until my insurance would not cover it. I was doing fine on it. I had to switch to Delzicol (400 mg) 2 am 2 pm but had a bad flair. Now taking 4 am 4 pm. I am doing fine on this but have had weight gain and this I do NOT need and also feeling tired. I have read quite a few post that says take med out of capsules – but does this really help – am concerned that meds may not get to part of intestines that need it since the capsule is supposed to carry it further before dissolving. I want to try this but am scared of a flair. I have considered only taking 3 capsules twice daily to see if that helps. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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