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Coffee Survey Results – 975 Participated – Wow…lots of Coffee…


Thank you once again to the 975 members of the newsletter who participated in the survey.

This survey’s results I have decided to post a bit different than usual.  It actually is much much faster for me to simply create PDF files of the data which you can easily view via the link below.  (Please let me now via comments if this is better for you in terms of reading the results form the questions that were asked.)

The link below has the full overview of the survey results:

Coffee and Colitis Full Survey Overview

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Download Survey Results Now[/ilink]


**Once again, that link directly above will take you to the PDF file that contains the results to the survey questions.

Some of the questions below have additional answers that require you to click and view the correlating PDF files with the question specific “additional comments”

To review, here are the questions that were asked:

  1. Have you been diagnosed with UC?
  2. Do you drink coffee?
  3. Do you think coffee effects your ulcerative colitis?
  4. How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?
  5. What do you add to your coffee? Question 5 Full Details
  6. Is there anything you think is a bad idea to put in coffee (you think it is harmful for your colitis) Question 6 Full Details
  7. What would you like to add about Coffee and Colitis… ANY TIPS for those who just have to keep on having their Coffee…. Question 7 Full Details

The link below has the full overview of the survey results:

Coffee and Colitis Full Survey Overview

Here are some of the pictures of the participants!!!  (Pretty awesome looking UC’ers once again!!!:))

Have a great week and maybe some of the thinking from the participants in the survey will give you some insight into what other UC’ers are up to in terms of their coffee drinking(or not drinking) habits.

Wishing you all the best, whether you’re drinking coffee this week or not:)



2 thoughts on “Coffee Survey Results – 975 Participated – Wow…lots of Coffee…”

  1. Sally

    Hello Adam,
    I am not replying to your coffee debate but have recently found your site and would like to know how I can talk to some of your members? I noticed Bev had a few interesting comments.
    Unfortunately I have UC and have had around 8 years or more. I am struggling with it every time I flare up and wondered about why it is less prevalent in under developed countries. I live in the UK. Thanks Sally

    1. Hi Sally,

      Thanks for joining the site, and my suggestion to you would be to write comments on stories that you are interested in or have questions for the authors or other commenters. All the authors of each story are automatically subscribed to “their” stories so they will get notified when there is a new comment. Sound good?


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