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I am a 35 year old active woman who is a social worker. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis three years ago. I am finding it difficult to manage my symptoms.

Some more background:

I am a passionate person who loves to learn about cultures, philosophy, psychology and different points of views. I enjoy poetry, art, sports, soccer, nature walking…I like to sleep in!

Symptoms of Colitis:

I have bloody stools, bloating, stomach cramps and fatigue


I am currently taking mesalazine 4 tablets a day and mesalazine enemas every day. Do these effect sex drive? Are they safe drugs?

Also do you have any other recommendations for natural therapies? I have tried not eating gluten and no eggs, limiting milk as well.

I am running out of ideas and I really need support from anyone who has found some natural therapies as being effective. Also have anyone tried fecal transplants? My friend is using those transplants and has found them effective but my specialist said not to play around with the flora inside our gut. As we have over a billion bacteria and its difficult to understand what causes Ulcerative colitis. I am afraid it wil get worse but I am trying to keep positive. I only have one colonoscopy per year at this stage and the results were ok. It seemed I had 5 cm of ulcerative bowels and it was mild. But I am now getting symptoms everyday and Its effecting my mental health now.

I am really looking for as many stories as possible that were effective in managing symptoms. I found Inner health plus to be effective, the probiotic, but it only lasted 2 days and the bleeding returned.

I am wanting also as many tips about diet. Do you think diet is important? Are there any foods which effect flare ups? Are there any foods which help?

I guess everyone is different so its trial and error at times but I guess I just want the symptoms to go away so I can rest for one day at least. I am lucky because I can still work and exercise so I am trying to keep as positive as I can about my condition. I really admore those who are also living with it as we need to keep strong

Medication Treatment:

I have been on sulphazalazine 4 tablets a day for three years and enemas too

written by Lisa

submitted in the colitis venting area

4 thoughts on “Mesalazine”

  1. Hi Lisa, I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet recently after ten years of UC. I was on prednisone and colozal which never put me into remission all these years. Anyway, I decided to go off the meds and do this diet, which is helping me tremendously. I am taking fermented L Glutamine powder AND Curamed Curcumin. These products are reducing my bathroom trips by 75 percent. I have left sided colitis. My rectum is mainly affected. So, it is going to be a slow healing process. Hard to reach area for any kind of therapy. I am also taking probiotic l acidophilus 10 billion to start with. Taking it one day at a time with as much patience as You can muster is key. Good luck on your journey. Wishing you the best.

  2. Hi Lisa
    I have UC, diagnosed 15 years ago, fortunately for me I have it mildly but neverless it does impact a lot on my life. I’m never really keen to go out for meals & much prefer to eat at home, where I feel safe! I found that Asacol & Mesalazine made my symptoms worse. After a lot of trial & error I am now on Predfoam which helps. I think that diet is important but every person with UC reacts differently & I think that diet has to be what suits your particular gut. I have found that Boswellia has worked really well for me. I take 250mg three times daily & at the moment have managed to almost completely cut out the Predfoam. I don’t know if this herb would work for anyone else but the results for me are quite remarkable. Good luck.

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