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Mesalamine Based 5-ASA Meds and Hanneke’s UC – VIDEO

second part of our conversation is below:

Thank you so much Hanneke for sharing with us, and talking about your experience and how you manage your ulcerative colitisAnd please stay warm up there:)))

(After the recorded call, Hanneke told me it’s negative 30 degrees right now where she lives in WAY northern Canada, can you imagine?)

I hope you enjoyed watching the videos, and once again, have a great rest of your day and more info and videos to come in the near future.

Hard poops and minimal toilet paper,

Adam Scheuer

1 thought on “Mesalamine Based 5-ASA Meds and Hanneke’s UC – VIDEO”

  1. Love these videos!!!

    Another delightful UCer…Hanneke!! Lovely gal! Continued good health.

    Like Adam said…great advice. Everyone is different. It’s no wonder the doctors are sort of clueless as to which avenue to try. Almost makes you feel sorry for GIs…lol…almost:)

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