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By request from a fellow UC’er and user of the site, it’s time to create a review page for another colitis medication.


If you’ve ever used Canansa suppositories to help treat your ulcerative colitis symptoms, please feel free to click the “submit review” button below and type in your experience for others to read.

Canansa suppositories are typically 1000mg of mesalamine which is the active ingredient.  They are quite expensive, so if you’ve found a way to reduce your costs, or if your insurance has provided help with this costly medication, definitely share the details in the review.

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by Robin on Canasa
Canasa gratitude

Used to order from a Canadian pharmacy because my insurance was terrible, but now my insurance covers it for $5 copay. I’m grateful, as it’s the most helpful thing I’ve tried for ulcerative proctitis.

by Ashley on Canasa

I have used since I was pregnant they said this was safer. It makes my poop oily! But it works better then the pills for me.. quicker anyways since it’s directly to the spot

by Jeanette on Canasa

Diagnosed with mild UC this year, luckily the generic became available in 2019(?). Seems to maintain remission on as little as 3x per week in my case. Anything less and the symptoms come back. Side effects for me include bloating and gas the day after use.

by Connie Eicher on Canasa
Canasa worked

Canasa suppositories helped a lot. Always felt better.

by Kim Friberg on Canasa
Canasa Suppositories

I had severe adverse reactions. It made my symptoms worse and made me a lot sicker.

by Francis Hamby on Canasa

Once diagnosed the doctor automatically entered me into a clinical trial. It lasted for about 6 months. Terrible experience, suppositories clear me right up. Insurance picked up the cost I paid $120 copay every 3 months. Used the suppositories for about 2 years once a night Non-Stop. Then I tried to stop started bleeding again. Used them again for a year. Stop using them in fine for another year. Canasa is great if your colitis isn't too far up into your rectum.

by Rachel on Canasa

Thankfully my insurance covered it for a $40 copay. I don't use it regularly but at the first sign of bleeding I use it for a week or so. To expensive as a maintenance drug but great for a flare

by Lisa C on Canasa
Mesalamine is stuff

I would say across the board that all Mesalamine products are good but I will qualify that with saying that they are good at maintaining remission but not necessarily getting you into it. If you’ve got a rough case of UC, you might need the “big guns” like a biologic to
get you INTO remission but once you are there it seems that mesalamine does a fine job of keeping you there. That’s my experience so far anyway😊

by Sheng on Canasa
Generic for Canasa

I have been using Canasa suppository 1000mg for the past 2 years. It worked well on my mild colitis. I have been paying $10 for 10 unit out of pocket, using Canasa coupon and my pharmacy insurance Caremark. Today when I refill the prescription, I was told that there is generic (Mesalamine 1000mg Suppository) now for Canasa, manufactured by Greenstone LLC. The insurance will no longer accept Canasa coupon. The generic costs $19.15 per 10 units. So I'm actually paying more now with generic.

by Mary Proc on Canasa
Canasa - 1st time user

Newly diagnosed with "mild UC". Dr. prescribed these along with oral Canasa. My symptoms stopped within 24 hours! I was shocked at the cost, but the pharmacist suggested signing up on the drug manufacturers website for their discount program. That brought the cost down to reasonable. At first, the meds did cause me to have a tummy ache & occasional ill feeling. But that has subsided. I will find out in 6 months if the inflammation is gone under the microscope. Until then, I am to use these daily.

by Colleen on Canasa

I now download and print coupons directly from the Canasa site and our pharmacy accepted it. $30 for 30 day supply. Has worked for 4 months now.

by Veronica on Canasa
Canada pharmacy closing mid July

Bad news. Canada Drugs is closing website. No more sales to US customers. This is bc of some action of DOJ.

by BA on Canasa
Canasa works great, but...

As another posted said, this stuff works great, but is cost prohibitive. Would cost me $1000 for a one month supply. Insurance won't cover it until I reach my $6,500 deductible, and even then only at 50% because it's a "Tier 4" drug. So I found a Canadian pharmacy online (used pharmacy checker website to find legit, verified pharmacies) and got Salofalk which is supposedly the same thing for $85 for same quantity. As the other poster said, had to get the Dr. to give a hard copy of the prescription because the US pharmacy wouldn't do it. They know you'll go elsewhere and so they try to roadblock it. Anyway, got the confirmation today that it's being shipped. So we will see how it goes. But yes, Canasa is great - just too expensive for no reason. As the other poster said, it's an old drug and not complicated. But big pharma has us cornered.

by Bee on Canasa
Worth the Cost, Excellent Drug

I have tried every medication over a period of 12 years from Pentasa to Remicade, and for me the best thing is Imuran daily and Canasa as needed. Whenever I see blood, immediately start on the Canasa and thankfully it works every time. I know it is expensive, but it works. The cheaper alternative suppositories do not work for me, but Canasa does. I should mention it's generally for proctal inflammation. By that I mean if blood is bright red or close to it, the bleeding isn't too high up. In these cases, Canasa is a great solution. I hope it works for you too. Sometimes when results don't immediately appear my doctor encourages me to be patient and stick with it for the full six-week course. It works for me.

by Brian on Canasa
Salofalk from Canada

I was prescribed Canasa for colitis by Kaiser and was shocked at the out-of-pocket expense - several hundred dollars per month. I got a week at a time, got great results, and wondered if I was facing financial ruin because there is no generic for this non-fomulary (Kaiser) drug. How could the only effective medicine, by all accounts an old drug related to aspirin, be so out of reach?! Well after much frantic research between various UC forums and reddit, I found I could get it from Canada for about a tenth of the price, with no help from insurance. I went to my doctor and got him to print the prescription (after being denied by the Kaiser pharmacy who claimed they couldn’t give me a paper prescription). I ordered Salofalk mesalamine suppositories from a Canadian online pharmacy I found from a Canadian pharmacy certification site that also was vouched for by users elsewhere. I order the meds, emailed a photo of a check and my scrip, and in 15 days got my meds.

They looked and worked identically to the Canasa, and it saved me hundreds of dollars. It was frustrating that I had to go through all that just to buy medicine I was prescribed. But it worked, and while the Salofalk isn’t cheap ($85 for 30 x 1000mg) I didn’t have to sell my car to get a 90 day supply.

I’m assuming if I mention this pharmacy in the Northwest by name it would be taken down, but I wanted to let you guys know of this option. It’s not as shady as it sounds once you do your research and determine a reliable legit pharmacy.

by Pam on Canasa

Canasa is my life saver. I get terrible diarrhea and worsening flare with Basalazide. I am on medicare and Canasa is costing thousands yearly. Right now I qualified for medical financial assistance through Kaiser but it wont last forever. Canasa is all that works.

by Mike Paugh on Canasa
Medicare Part D coverage of Canasa?

I am getting ready to make the leap to Medicare and looking for a part D program that works well for Canasa and Apriso. I am on both and have been for four years. My current insurance co-pay is $100 per 90 days for each of them. I am not finding anything close to that for Part D. Does anyone have a good Part D recommendation?

by Perley Allen on Canasa

I wasn't able to afford Canansa Suppositories with my previous health insurance under ACA (premiums were way to high for a decent RX plan). Six months into suffering with UC I was finally eligible for Medicare (it is good to be 65, at least for insurance coverage). Within one week of taking Canansa at night, my BLEEDING STOPPED!!!

My UC is NOT in remission and I only took Canansa for a short period because even with a better insurance plan and Medicare, I ended up in the Medicare gap after three months. I will take it again if the bleeding ever returns.

Currently I am on Balsalazide (750mg, 9 caps a day), which is the same medicine, only taken orally.

by Brandt on Canasa

I get it for 25 dollars a month

by Ryan doherty on Canasa

Hello all. As a FYI I just switched insurance and have to pay out of pocket before submitting a claim. I get a 3 month supply and it was going to cost a little over 3 thousand. Trying to figure out another plan.

by April on Canasa
Does not help me

I have Ulcerative proctitis with cecal patch. Canasa does nothing alone. They put me on Delzicol in addition to the Canasa and that works!

by John Jackson on Canasa
Works but...

I just started taking Canansa suppositories a week ago, seems to be working well, no bleeding or flares. I take 1000mg at bedtime. I've noticed in the morning for the first half of the day I feel a bit spacey, not completely normal, a little light headed. Then by mid day it goes away. Has anyone else experienced this?

by Kris on Canasa

I have used Canasa off and on for over 30 years. It works for me but my proctitis has never gone away. Until now. One year ago, I started taking high quality probiotic and curcumin supplements and increased my daily water intake. I am excited to say that I've been proctitis free for a year. I also avoid fried foods and sugary products like soda and processed foods.

by Shal Lynch on Canasa

Canasa has worked great for my 15 year old. She was having breakthrough symptoms between Remicade doses. They did take about 10 days to work. Her loose stool and bleeding completely stopped. Seems to be working well as an adjunct to Remicade.

by Melanie Montero on Canasa
Canasa and question about suppositories

Canasa is the only thing that has worked for my Colitis C. After about two days I had no mucus or bleeding, and my bowels worked like a normal person. I used the suppositories for six weeks along with Uceris for one month, and Apriso for 90 days, and prescription Restora I am now off the Uceris and Canasa and I am beginning to have symtoms again. I think I need to use a suppository to regulate my condition. I have also used Rowasa enemas at different times to no avail. I know the Canasa is not recommended for use over six weeks I wonder if I could use a glycerin suppository on a regular basis? I try to limit my intake of grains and sugar and I eat no lactose foods.

by pam on Canasa

Developed UC 2008 after quitting smoking. Now limited to Proctitis. I am 68 and on Medicare and Kaiser and in the 'donut hole'. Canasa costs me $350 for 30 day supply. Just restarted at 2 daily for 4-6 weeks. Takes most of my social security check. It should not be so expensive. Rowasa enemas not working, hydrocortisone enemas made it worse. trying to avoid oral prednisone which is not advised because I take warfarin.

by Dawn on Canasa
Canasa RX card

I am currently on Canasa but my co-pay through insurance was only $10. I did notice that the Canasa website has a coupon good for one year that will save up to $50 per prescription. That might help some of you with higher copays.

As for the side effects that I have had, slight burning after prolonged use. I am also constipated (but still bleeding), I wonder if the canasa is the reason....

by Karen on Canasa
Effective, but not cheap

After my initial diagnosis in May 2015, I was prescribed Lialda, and two Canasa suppositories for the first week, followed by one Canasa at bedtime for the next two weeks.

Within the first two weeks, I was no longer bleeding, and there was little to no pus with my bowel movements.

I stopped taking the Canasa after that, but did refill it in the event I have a flare.

I didn't experience any weird side effects, other than some rectal pain into the third week of taking them. I made sure to take it slow, and relax the sphincter as best I could when inserting the suppository. Not a pleasant experience :)

I can't say for certain if it was the Canasa, the Lialda, or a combination of both, but currently I'm only taking the Lialda, and have not experienced bloody bowel movements, and no pus either.

I give it four stars only because even with good insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, I still pay a $75 co-pay. The receipt I get from the pharmacy shows a billed amount of $1,122.99, which I find insane. Pharmaceuticals should be ashamed.

by Jim on Canasa
Have bad uc for 2 years

Hey first off I'm sorry to hear that you have uc. It's been an uphill battle that not many people will understand and I'm sure it's been hard. I've been on literally everything imaginable to try to treat my uc and some has helped manage the symptoms but never have been in remission. As far as Canasa when I was using it the recommended dose was 1000 at 5am then again at 10 or before bed. It sucked. I've always had gas issues and control issues then I'd have to start over. Typically when I was able to hold it in I'd have a large diarrhea stool after alot of the times with blood and sometimes not. But as far as the pain I had really hurt with stomach spasms and the inflammation. Idk how bad your uc is but if it's similar I'd suggest to try it for alittle but if it doesn't help the inflammation tell your doctor and don't let it go in for as long as I did. I took it for about 3-4 months total. I moved on to humira and then remicade for 6 months...I decided to go through with surgery and not to scare you I feel great and I can now live without worry and pain. I am again know how shitty this is and wish you the best of luck. I hope you hit remission asap!

by Lauren on Canasa
Mixed feelings

The Canasa instantly helped with my ulcerative colitis symptoms after just one night of use. However it makes me extremely constipated to the point where I am now dependent on laxatives to go to the bathroom, which can be a long and very unpleasant experience. So it got rid of one problem and created another. I guess I would rather have the constipation than have bleeding and flares, but the constipation really sucks.

by Paulette on Canasa
Not impressed

In combination with Apriso and Uceris I was prescribed this suppository to stop the bleeding.

Uhhhh, was not strong enough to do the job,

I switched to mesalamine enemas which did the job!

by Amber on Canasa
Cheap but not effective for me

I contacted the company and told them my insurance didn't cover it but I had a prescription. I filled out a form, faxed it in and was given a card that allowed me to get Canasa for free. That was pretty nice.

Unfortunately it didn't work for me. It only seems to work with very mild cases of UC or IC only contained in the rectum area.

by Laura on Canasa
Canasa Review

I am giving Canasa three stars because it helped when my colitis was mild and only affecting my rectum. Now that my colitis has gotten worse and is spreading up my colon, Canasa does not help.

by Louis grippo on Canasa

I have had UC for twenty years, Canasa has worked for me to a point, stops the bleeding, but I still wake up twice a nite to run to the bathroom. I am combining Canasa with librax and prednisone now, waiting for scope to be done. Last flare up was two years ago, been taking combination of meds for one month, still no great improvement. Actually good during the day, but nights are tough, if anyone has any advice please send my way, thanks.

by travis on Canasa

canasa worked for a while, but now it is not working at all

by Christine on Canasa

It stopped the bleeding when I remembered to take it... but it didn't stop the fatigue/ bloated/ irritability (my bigger problem at the time)

It also did nothing to help me regain continence.

by Bobbie on Canasa

I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis in November of 2013

And was prescribed Canasa suppositories 1000mg nightly.

Two to three weeks after starting Canasa symptoms worsened so proctofoam was added. I used two Rxs of that, each RX lasting two to three weeks for one little can of the stuff. Today I was scoped and my GI Doc delightedly said "It looks normal", referring to my rectal cavity. He did find there was still 5 to 10%

Inflammation still present and rated the severity of my proctitis on a scale of 0 to 5 as a 1. I left with orders to continue with Canasa every night and a return appointment in 6 months.

I dare say Canasa worked very well for me.

by Lari on Canasa

When I was first diagnosed with UC, I had only left side colitis and was prescribed Canasa suppositories. They did not work very well for me. My GI switched my Rx to Cortifoam which worked very well for several years. Unfortunately, my disease progressed to pancolitis in 2006 and since then I have maintained on oral meds plus Cortifoam. So, unfortunately, Canasa was not a success story for me. I write this not to dismiss Canasa, but to let other UCer's know there are alternatives if Canasa doesn't work well.

by Sylvia on Canasa
Canasa Suppositories

My last colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy

In 2013 showed my inflammation

was now in my rectum and I had Proctitis. I suggested the Canasa suppositories toy GI doctor. He gave a prescription and I used it at night only for two weeks and I had blood free bowel movements. I was so excited. I was diagnosed in 2011 with C-Diff. I was very sick and had to take a leave from my job for a month. I have had C-Diff three times now. I stopped taking Lialda in September 2013. I have been on flagyl, and prednisone also for the C-Diff. I also follow the SCD as well as I can. I have not had wheat since September. I know diet is a very important for me. I am having bloody bowel movements again so this is my third day of using the Canasa. I already see a difference. I keep my suppositories in the refrigerator to keep them firm. I pay $35 and I have insurance. My GI doctor did not tell me anything about diet. If anyone who lives in NewYork City, Queens or Long Island and likes their GI doctor who is up on the gluten free or SCD diet, please let me know. I also have hemrroids and that causes bleeding also. Sometimes it is hard to know if I am bleeding from them or the Proctitis

by Leslie on Canasa

When I first was diagnosed my GI prescribed canasa. It worked great for my mild case. The inflammation ceases quickly but caused me to be gassy. Afterwards I was on Asacol because I continued on my 'regular diet.' He told me diet would help if I could stick to it, but being newly diagnosed I was just thankful to find something to help with what I was going through, not to mention I was 20 and didn't really wanna hear the word diet. :) I have learned though that diet is a HUGE part of caring for colitis. No meds for almost a year!! :) there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it's not easy getting there!

by Shannon on Canasa

This has been a medication that puts me into remission. I have moderate UC when active and have not had any surgical procedures. I recommend this med. I have no extreme side effects, but I do think that this med along with the 4800 mg of Asacol caused some loss of hair. I have tried the mesalamine enemas and also steroid foam, both are messy, time consuming and didn't last long if they worked at all. I pay $50 for each refill...which is worth being symptom free. I only have to use the med 3x/week at most. It's the easiest rectal treatment I've used.

by Debra on Canasa
Using Canasa

For the low impact on yyour body compared to Imuran, Humira, and Remicade, I think Canasa is a bargain. It helps with symptoms and keeps irritation down. It does not produce remission for me, but it is an easy safe, and effective tool in my body.

by Jacques on Canasa
Canasa rectal suppositories

I have used Canasa several times whenever I have had a bad flare up with great results. I am using it now fr the last 2 months. I am currently using 2 suppositions a day. Biggest issue has been cost. My insurance does not cover this medication. I use the coupons found on a few sites and tt has even helpful. If anyone has any other ideas on getting Canasa at a lower cost lease post.

by N. Gilley on Canasa

I have had success using Canasa along with Apriso. Was able to come off Canasa recently and now just taking Apriso (same med just orally) and probiotics. My doctor prescribed 2 Canasa per day and my insurance company kind of balked at it first but ended up paying.

by Cara on Canasa

I have had great success with Canasa. No side effects. I only use it when needed during a flare. Works fast and I get a great night sleep. Getting my 4th round of Remicade this week and finally seeing positive results. With my insurance, my co pay is $30 for Canasa. I've had the disease for 16 years and this is my winning combo...for now!

by Amanda h. on Canasa
Pooping out canass

Canasa suppositories were my absolute savior when I went through my first flare! I have proctitis so the suppositories were really able to take over the entire inflamed part of my colon. I was so thankful for this because it really saved me.....but I soon began experiencing some not so fun side effects. When I inserted one at night I would constantly be waking up at 6am every morning needing to RUN to the bathroom. This would often be followed by pooping out nasty white liquid (that wasn't mucous) and a migraine. I would go back to sleep for a few more hours and wake up feeling fine, and had no diarrhea for the rest of the day. It wasn't a perfect situation but they really did help. Only thing never really get used to having to insert things into your bottom :)

by Kasaundra on Canasa

I've been off & on the Canasa for a couple of years. It works fast relieves all symptoms quickly! But if I miss a dose I'll start bleeding again. My Co pay is $60

by Janene on Canasa

I had good luck as long as innflamation was low. Used them to keep as much suppressants out of my system as possible after having kidney cancer. Tolerated well with no side effects.

by linda on Canasa

I was originally prescribed Mesalamine enemas, but they caused severe cramping and so my doctor switched me to the Canasa suppositories. They have been effective without the cramping and pain caused by the enemas.

by Amy on Canasa

I was only on Asacol for less than a week, my symptoms kept getting worse with each day. My doctor switched me to Canasa and the next day I was feeling a lot better already! I've been on Canasa since September. I don't have any side effects from it. Do I love taking a suppository, no, but its easy, once at night. My symptoms have lessened a lot and my Dr recommended that I switch to every other night for tthe next several weeks. I go through insurance and my Co pay is $20, without insurance this medicine is extremely expensive taking a look at what they bill my insurance company.

by Joan on Canasa
Canasa Suppositories

I've been using canasa suppositories for years to treat ulcerative proctitis. I have found great success with them. They reduce the inflammation that is directly related to proctitis (rectal inflammation) by being deposited right where the problem is occurring. I have been able to reduce the amount from one suppository in the morning and one in the evening, to just one suppository in the evening at bed time. It treats my symptoms overnight that way. I was able to reduce the number of times a day by taking probiotics, which also helped me drastically reduce all my other meds too. Canasa works for me and I have not had any negative issues with them.

by Karen on Canasa

I have been on and off Canasa for a while. When I switched doctors in 2012 and he did another colonoscopy he discovered I had UC proctitis and he had me back on Canasa and Lialda. After some experimenting I realized that it's the Canasa that keeps me from bleeding. Every time he tries to get me off Canasa I end up in a flare. I was bleeding and all for almost a year and finally I said I want to do Canasa in the evening and take Lialda in the morning. This was over 2 months ago and I've been symptom free. So for me I definitely believe Canasa works the best. I am not a fan of the suppository thing but I know it gets right into the blood stream and does its work!

by Rosanne on Canasa

Yes... I used them...have some just sitting. Only work if inflammation is down low. On another note...when you are inflamed they do not stay there!! Within minutes you are back in the bathroom making an expensive flush!! Much like Cortenemas. Again if not inflamed it will stay put. Inflammation....$$$$ flush!!

by Donald Wik on Canasa
not that great

Six or seven years ago when I was first diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis, Canasa worked great. However, now after being diagnosed with UC, they aren't as effective. My guess is that they don't reach far enough to get to the colon. With my insurance I pay $25 a box.

by Rosemary on Canasa
Canasa Suppositories

I used the canasa suppositories for about 3 -4 months after my colectomy as I still had some UC in the piece of rectum that was left. Unfortunately my hair started falling out. The gastro doc blamed it on the canasa and switched me to hydrocortisone 25mg suppositories. I still have residual discharge anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day (yes, even without a colon - no fair!) and if I miss one night of the suppository then my residual discharge is more bloodier and more mucusier than ever. I'd like to find something else.

by Elizabeth on Canasa

I've had excellent results using Canasa to put an end to a flare up. I prefer this to oral medication - specifically Lialda, which made me extremely tired and achey - and I agree that it's a good choice for people with proctitis, like myself. It "sealed the deal" on the last bout, which was of much shorter duration and less intense symptoms, and I was symptom free after taking Canasa for just a night or two. I haven't noticed any side effects, either - so glad!

by Kimberly on Canasa
Some Relief

I'm currently using twice a week after noticing some mucous coming back and one day of blood. I have had luck getting the mucous to stop before turning into a big flare. When I used these during the first major flare, I didn't notice complete relief. I have pretty good insurance and pay a small co-pay of $30.

by Sheila on Canasa
Canansa Suppositories

When I used them they made me very nauseous and because of that I had to stop using them.

by Kris on Canasa
Much better than oral meds

The oral mesalamine hurt my stomach and made me dizzy. I couldn't get the bigger pills down so I had to take a handful of the Asacol daily and they really didn't do much for my UC/proctitis.The Canasa suppositories were much more effective and put the medicine where it needed to go. They are a little messy after they melt, but this beats the symptoms of a UC flare by a couple of miles! They are expensive, but so were the oral meds. If you can't afford Canasa, the enemas work well and are cheaper. Same idea re: meds and localized application of meds.

by Rick Bolotin on Canasa
Canasa Suppositories

I've been using Canasa for about 3 years now and initially I thought that it was helping, or maybe I was in remission. I contacted the pharmaceutical company for patient financial support and after jumping through hoops finally received some assistance. My gastroenterologist was able to get many samples for me, apparently company reps are giving away a lot to get more business but the company likes to make it difficult for the patients.

Now I'm supposed to take it twice a day but to stretch it out I only use it at bedtime. Makes me pretty gassy initially. I don't know if it is working or not but I keep using it as long as my Doctor says I should. It is important to keep on using it consistently. I also take the oral equivalent of this medicine as well.

It's important to remember to stick it as far up your rectum as you possibly can and it should stay in from 3 to 4 hours at least.

Good luck to all that try it.

by Graham Lee on Canasa
Asacol/Canasa Suppositories

These worked great but I decided to stop taking them and will not for the foreseeable future, or any other IBD medicine for that matter. The inflammation was moderate for a short distance in the Sigmoid and so was prescribed 500mg. I was not generally a drug fan and started these reluctantly. Less than 2 months after taking them I had a minor stroke type episode, extensive tests showed no cardio vascular issues at all and this IBD drug was blamed. This drug can block the absorption of Folate which can be dangerous and TNF blockers such as these are believed to cause cranial nerve damage. Dizzy spells began a few days before my world caved in so beware of this symptom in particular. Read the pamphlet of any drug you are given and watch for anything out of the ordinary....

by Alice B on Canasa
Canasa suppositories

For thr past 10 years I haven't been able to tolerate them at all. The only thing I have tolerated rectally was cortifoam.

by Heather on Canasa
Didn't have a good experience

I was on canasa for a while last year. During that time I felt dizzy off and on, was more tired than usual and had a hard time focusing. Once I stopped taking it these symptoms went away. While on this medicine I also did not notice much of a change of my UC symptoms.

by Carrie D. on Canasa
Canasa has been the best for me!

I have been using the suppositories since I was diagnosed in Jan. 2011 and have not had another flare since. I occasionally will fall asleep before using the medicine and still have not had any issues. I have never gone more than 2 nights in a row though. I have absolutely no side affects. I don't exactly enjoy using a suppository but it's supposed to be easier on your liver and too, I have proctitis so the suppository is ideal for the location of my disease. My copay is $35.00/month but it is well worth the price. I have to go to my proctologist yearly so he can assess the effectiveness of the medicine.

by Lori on Canasa

I have been using Canasa for a little over a year now. While coming off a flare I used them twice a day for a year. GI Doc put me down to one a day since I haven't experience a bad flare again. I periodically do get some agitation, little pain once in a while but that is usually food related so if I'm a good girl, I feel fairly good, These are very expensive so very glad that I am down to 1 a day. I rarely ever miss a dose. Also trying to eliminate wheat and flours as much as possible have also been helping. I'd recommend.

by Kim on Canasa
Canasa- Definitely works for me!

I've been using Canasa for over 10 years. I take it with Lialda, as needed. It definitely helps when Lialda alone doesn't work. Taken at bedtime, it's hardly noticeable and definitely helps. I honestly think the Canasa helps more than the Lialda, which I've been taking for 13+ years. I am beginning to think Lialda isn't even working anymore, even at 3 per day. Luckily, I am seeing my GI Doctor next week and will probably need another colonoscopy to determine if another med will be needed.

by veronica on Canasa

Ive used Canasa suppositories as an adjunct to Llialda during a flare. They are especially useful for low left sided and rectal disease since they get directly to the inflammation. They do require that you are able to "hold onto them until melting" which can be a challenge during a flare. They are also just a bit messy (greasy ass to be graphic) Despite these small side effects I reccommend using them! Once my flare subsided (thankfully) I stopped using them but have 2 boxes in fridge for next time.

by Sabine on Canasa
great to eliviate bleeding in rectum

I love Canasa and have been using it for several years. I find is especially effective when I have bleeding in my rectum. Canasa helps calm it down.

by Katja on Canasa
works good

These suppositories work well for me.I have pancolitis and Canasa seems to help with the inflammation in the rectum area . They're easy to use and I don't experience any side effects. Luckily I have a low copay of only 17$ per month.

by sara adams on Canasa
Canasa Review

I was put on Canasa for my ulcerative colitis and the only thing I got out of it was constipation and that was just one suppository and I didn't go for three days it was painful and sucked as I was pregnant at the time .

by lauren on Canasa

I am currently using canasa. They work well as long as you are consistent and use them as directed. I became a bit lazy and forgot for a few nights and the bleeding returned so it's very important to make sure you don't miss any doses. I haven't noticed any side effects whatsoever so that's great. If anyone has been prescribed them I definitely support you giving it a try!

by Jennifer on Canasa
Works for me!

I like the suppositories because they get right to the area that needs medicine, instead of oral medicine that takes a while to work.

by Toni Bellin on Canasa
Canasa suppositories

They work well for me, particularly good for people with UC in rectum, proctitis. A tip ... They can be very expensive depending on your insurance plan. In Caanada, UK and I think Australia, they are sold under the brand name Salofalk, same drug, same drug co. Sometimes I buy them from Canada! you still need prescription.

by Holly on Canasa

I think the canasa suppositories have kept my symptoms at bay much more than oral medication alone. I have pancolitis and my doctor says it works best to hit it from both ends. I get it for $40 with a savings card from their website. Otherwise my copay would be $75.

by Cheyenne on Canasa

I have been taking Canasa for my UC for a couple of months. First off this is really helping me. Sometimes I have a bad day still if something doesn't agree with me but while taking this I have waaaay more good days than bad. While taking this in my experience, right in the morning you will need to "go". Some of the medicine comes out (or the casing?) and in my case I feel very gassy which is relieved when I go as well. I also did experience some kidney pain when first taking as well so let your doctor know if you feel the same. Other than that I have no other side effects. Good luck!!


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  1. I currently use Lialda (asacol had recently taken off my insurance preferred list) but keep some canasa on hand in case I feel a flare coming. 2-5 days of using Canasa and I feel good again. I have great insurance and pay $40 for a 90 day supply (written daily as needed). I have blue shield ppo

  2. Some tips for taking the suppositories learned through trial and error…
    *Warm the suppository to at least room temperature! Helps a lot.
    *Right before insertion squeeze the bottle until all the extra air is removed. This helps greatly with the gassy feeling.
    *Go slowly, take your time (going in increments) both inserting the medicine and then again easing the suppository out. Spending the extra few minutes will help with your comfort level.
    Sounds like common sense things but I had never used a suppository before and these tips were very helpful for me :-)

  3. Joyce: I think you are talking about the enemas, not the suppositories. The suppositories are little waxy bullet-shaped things that you put in your bottom and they melt. Your tips on using the enemas, however, are absolutely correct and are very helpful.

  4. Oh my gosh…you are absolutely right, Kris! Sorry about that. I have used both. Found the enemas to work better than the suppositories though so that was on my mind. Thanks for the correction :-)

  5. Hello, all. Great site.
    Background. An 80 YO with heart, blood pressure and cholesterol issues. UC treatments going on 3 years. Nothing has helped. Have gone through the following:
    Colozal – 9 pills a day gave me a headache; cut to 6 without headache.
    Mesalamine (3 forms) – Went off Colozal.
    Apriso – Started on 4 pills a day, went to 8/day for a few months, now on 4/Day.
    Lialda – Off Apriso, on Lialda for a few weeks, back on Apriso 4/day.
    Canasa – On for about 6 months.
    Prednisone – On for about 6 months; ankle swelling.
    Hydrocortisone (Colocort) – Nightly enema about the last year and a half. All I can do to get to the toilet fast enough.
    Remicade – 4 infusions.
    Humira – Self-administered shots for about 4 months.
    Uceris – 1 pill in the morning.
    Above are prescriptions; nothing has helped. Currently still taking Uceris, Apriso and Colocort.
    I’m also taking a number of supplements — 3 probiotics and a few digestive aids.
    I’ve also tried a homeopathic approach (based in India) and acupuncture (4 sessions). Neither helped.
    Straining on the toilet resulted in a double hernia; surgically repaired with mesh.
    Started the SCD about 5 weeks ago; doesn’t seem to be helping yet.
    I’m a mess; frustrated.

  6. I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis in June 2013. Prescribed sulfasalazene and Canasa. At 2 a day, without insurance I needed to come up with almost $1,500 monthly. I was given what samples were left for a 2 week supply, and it helped stop the bleeding during that time. Its been over a year and Im still not able to afford this drug. I do not qualify for the patient assistance program. I think I will probably take my chances with canadian pharmacies online.

    1. Beth, the Canadian pharmacies are great. That’s the only way I can afford my Canasa (called different in Canada…maybe mesalimine ). My dr has worked with me so I use 1 suppository per night for 2 weeks, then off for 2 wks, etc. So my prescription is for 30 days….30 suppositories and I pay $81. It comes out to be about $40 per month as the rx lasts me 2 months. The only down side is it takes a good 2-4 weeks to get your medicine. I’ve used Canadian Pharmacies for quite a while and have always been satisfied.

  7. Hi – What a great site this is!

    I don’t think we have Canasa in the UK, but as well as taking sulphasalazine for 31 years, I was prescibed Pentasa (mesalazine?) suppositories, 1 x 1gram every night.. they have helped a little, but make me itch and give me a rash. I’m not sure if I will continue taking them, but am starting to look at my diet -never really done that much before- since the medication isn’t working as well as it used to… hoping this will help me.

  8. Diagnosed 4/2016. Found a new GI doc who really seems to get it. Canasa at night now for tenesmus, which worked immediately, Uceris to get off of prednisone. Tapering off the prednisone now. I’m pretty good for the day if I can get the meds in early in the morning. If I happen to wake up really early in the middle of the night like 4 o’clock I have a banana at my bedside that I can eat half of in order to take my meds. By the time I wake up around six I’m doing pretty good might have one or two potty runs and then that’s pretty much it for a while . I also take two Lialda the morning and two at night which is the max dose for the day along with vsl#3 and 3 gm of curcumin per the doctor’s instructions .

  9. I have been on canasa for about 3 weeks now. Im taking it for proctitis. I got the proctitis from radiation treatments. My bleeding continued for about 15 days, after I started it. I called the manufacturer for more info, but they have no info for me and my problem. I am not sure why they have no info, for this problem. I think they have no info for my problem, because doctors prescribe canasa for my problem, and if the manufacturer doesnt list my problem as something canasa is good for, then the manufacturer wont be responsible for any negative side effects. Anyway, I have some questions. I take a 1000mg suppository, at night. I see that the maximum amount of days (or doses) is 42. Which is my dose. How is it that some of you, have been taking this for years? My other question is, how long after I stop taking canasa, will the fatigue stop?

  10. Do you have the names of Canadian pharmacies with phone numbers for the canasa. My copay is over 430 USD monthly. Please respond asap. R. JACKSON 414 – 788-8814. Leave message or text me.

  11. I have ulcerative colitis. I was put on canasa a few years back and it did nothing for me, after going through a lot my inflammation calmed down and I just have a teeny bit left in the end of the rectum. Dr prescribed canasa once again and it seems to be doing a great job! I I’ll soon be in remission!

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