Confused on What to Do

Alan r fullIntro:

I’m a 44 year old male still in his late twenties that has just been catapulted into old age. Always trying to be young this has beaten me.
I’m on twitter as @rossiteralan – feel free to pass by.

Some more about me:

Late teens brought me into competitive cycling which I did for many years. I played school sports, went on to scuba diving, lifeboat volunteer and recently Kettlebell lifting on a competitive level.
Living in Wexford, Ireland I also enjoy photography. I’ve been described as an all or nothing person.


I was diagnosed with non-ulcerative colitis. Hindsight tells me I had this in mild form for about 4 years on and off. Currently I make 10-20 visits a day to the big white phone, always bloody, always mucous. Joints are aching, eyes are gritty, stomach feels like it has a ball of wind in it. I can’t leave home. My doctor tells me that this may be Crohns (as it’s non-ulcerative) as my son was diagnosed with this about 18 months ago too.

Alan’s Story:

My symptoms are worsening but it’s only being diagnosed, so far, to be the lower left side. I can’t get a feel for the cause of this. I can’t spontaneously go anywhere. I’m tired from the high level of blood loss. I’m trying acidophilus capsules 3 times a day, acid suppressants for the stomach, 2400mg Mesavant daily for the inflammation, currently on 6 days of 6 swallowed steroids, 6 x spirulina tablets and Aloe Vera additions to my daily hydration regime.

But it’s not working. I’m lacking in energy rather than tired. I was to compete to qualify for the Irish Kettlebell Team this year to compete in the World Championships…I can’t go to the gym with all this.

I’ve looked for some guidance on diet but I’m getting conflicting reports..

“It’s not caused by your diet”

“Avoid nuts”…”have nuts”

“Eat low fibre foods to accumulate the BM”…”Take olive oil to keep things moving”

“Reduce the bodys acidity”…”Take cider vinegar and lemon juice”

I’m in a spin.

I was pointed in the direction of a sufferer in the US who had her bowel removed. She went through hell. But she said she felt great when she went on a celiac diet. But my consultant told me that everyone would feel better if they went off all “grasses” as it’s not what our bodies are accustomed to.

I do have a good diet – I stay off processed food as best I can. Fruit & veg are consumed daily and bread and potatoes are kept to a minimum (potatoes can cause me to have severe reflux and bloating but chips (fries) seem OK.

Without receiving a barrage of information is there one or two common methods of non-medical relief that I may venture down the road of? I have an aversion to taking any kind of pill – vitamin or supplement included as I don’t see this as natural. I want this to go.


I can’t say anything has worked yet. I did get some reprieve from the foam steroid with Asacolon but this reprieve lasted about a week before it came back with a vengeance.

written by Alan R

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2 thoughts on “Confused on What to Do”

  1. Hi Alan,
    I’m sorry to hear you are suffering. UC or IBD or Crohn’s…whichever way you dice it, friggin sucks. Bad. I totally get where you’re coming from…information overload! Eat this not that. Eat grass, drink oil, no wheat, no grain, stand on your head, touch your toes….it’s too much info to process sometimes!! Unfortunately I don’t have the “right” answer either. This disease is so tricky that what works for one person, might not work for another…and then when it does, who knows for how long?
    It sounds like you’re a smart guy though, and I know you’ll find something that works for you.
    My doc told me he read some study which showed promise with Aloe Vera reducing inflammation in the colon, but the study wasn’t large enough to be certain. So, who knows.
    Basically, I think if you eat healthy food, avoid trashy fake food and take care of yourself, you’re probably on the right track.
    Adam always says that a flare won’t last forever, even if it seems hopeless, it will eventually pass.
    Best to you,

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