AutoImmune Disease #2 – Ulcerative Colitis

My AutoImmune Disease(s) Story:

Back in April, 2011, I was in the hospital for a week with MRSA, worsened by my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Great, i thought. I had gone 3 years with an autoimmune disease with meds and no flare-ups, and finally it is catching up to me. Little did I know. About a month after I left the hospital, I began bleeding large amounts, and was severely constipated.

Ths constipation somehow turned into diarrhea.

I figured it was just clearing its self out, until a month went by, and continued for 3 more, until my doctor finally indulged my accusations that it clearly was not a viral infection. By this time, at the age of 21, I had pooped my pants more times than I could count, and could no longer take it. After a colonoscopy, they realized I have Ulcerative Colitis, and prescribed me. I figured, excellent, put me on some meds, good to go, lost a quick 25lbs. in the process) I was so wrong. I had to quit my job due to not being able to perform, and have moved in wi th family since I can no longer support myself. All the week before I go back to college (luckily I don’t go away for school…disaster). So far I have noticed no improvement, and continue to feel hopeless. I did not initially realize how much UC would affect EVERY aspect of my life. Most people are understanding, however it is very clear that many people do not believe that I am actually sick, and that I am simply faking some phantom disease. Those close to me have been understanding, and share concern, but I cannot get over this feeling of hopelessness as I continue to sprint to the bathrooms pale faced 10-20x a day. I have considered going on the SCD diet, but am thinking of giving medication a chance first? Any input is very much appreciated.


My Medications:

So far, I have just been on Colazal, and have noticed minimal effects…

Submitted by “Alexi” in the Colitis Venting Area

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3 thoughts on “AutoImmune Disease #2 – Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. My heart goes out to you because I think we can all say we have been there. Hoping that any med will just clear it up and you go on your way. It’s frustrating, I know. Hang in there! Are you on anything else? Are you eating easily broken down foods….soup, jello, bananas etc.? I haven’t tried scd but many others can give you advice on that. Good luck & hang in there!!!

  2. Go on the SCD NOW!! It is free, it works for many of us, and if it doesn’t help you, then at least you haven’t lost anything. It’s also something you can do for yourself at a time when you otherwise feel quite helpless. I have little experience with meds for my UC, which is fortunately pretty mild, but from the experience of others I can tell you that many meds seem to work for a time, then stop, and you’re onto different medication. They also all have side effects, which can be majorly unpleasant. For the kind of flare you’re having, the SCD chicken soup can work wonders, so please give it a try – along with your meds (don’t come off them without medical supervision).

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