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Hi there! My name is Angie. I am 34, happily married and have 3 young children. I suffer from severe UC and have many "extraintestinal manifestations" related to my IBD.

2 Colitis Questions – Coffee and Mucus

2 Quick Questions I’ve been wondering for some time now but keep forgetting to ask the UC community: 1. I LOVE coffee…It’s my one MUST HAVE on a daily basis. Without it I’m miserable, gives me the little amount of energy I have to get through the day with 3 kids and a household of chores and errands to keep up with. Helps my throat… Read More »2 Colitis Questions – Coffee and Mucus

Eyes Now?

Hi Everybody! I know I’ve been MIA for some time now, sorry! I’ve just been rolling with the punches. Last hospitalized in Feb 2012…tried a bunch of drugs (what’s left that I haven’t tried already!) and STILL flaring like crazy. I cannot remember the last time I wasn’t in a colitis flare!  I am now gluten free…I did notice a slight improvement with my arthritis,… Read More »Eyes Now?

Now what…Night Sweats??

Just wondering if any other fellow UC’ers experience night sweats with their flares? I never sweat, really, I don’t…I used to be VERY active “pre-UC” and don’t ever remember sweating much. Even when running, doing other cardio, playing sports, etc. Over the past few years I’ve noticed some major night sweats come and go, particularly during flares. I am in a pretty bad flare right… Read More »Now what…Night Sweats??

“Extraintestional Manifestations”

Hello fellow colitis people. Quick update on me…still flarin’ big time…veered away from SCD for a little while seeing I was just getting more ill and losing a ton of weight. I had to…but I have the intention of going back if and when I ever heal up. I’ll give it another whirl if that ever happens! Still on prednisone (can’t seem to get off that… Read More »“Extraintestional Manifestations”