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Colonoscopy Prep While on SCD?!

By no means am I new to colonoscopies…but this time I have a new prep my doctor wants me to use which involves scd ILLEGAL stuff!!

Since I am new to SCD, just into my 3rd week, I’m afraid this will set me back to day one! It’s with dulcolax, miralax and gatorade G2. This stuff is loaded with illegals, isn’t it? Does anyone else have experience with this prep? I’m assuming it’ll reintroduce the “bad” stuff into my system! All this hard work for nothing?! AHHHH! My test isn’t for a few more weeks, but GEEZ, I would hate for this to screw me up now! I’ve done all the others in the past…phosphasoda (which my doc said isn’t used any longer!), that “lyte” stuff…in which you drink gallons upon gallons of nasty syrup-like water, those dreaded horse pills, which made me vomit!, etc. So I was excited to hear him say he wants me to use this new one…but that was before I heard about scd and decided to give it a whirl. He really doesn’t want me to do anyother prep so I’m stuck. Any experiences out there? THANKS!

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  1. Hey Angie, super interesting question you have. Hey, I havn’t had a colonoscopy test since going on SCD a year ago, but I know someone who has who is also on SCD with UC, and I am trying to get an answer to your questions right now. If I hear anything, I’ll for sure post the ideas down soon.

  2. call and ask your doctor about magnesium citrate, its a carbonated laxative and its only 12oz should be carried at walgreens/rite aid. Just dont get the red one. Lemon isnt too terrible plus the lemon one is clear so it wont have any color to show up on the scope like red…etc.

  3. Howzit

    I have been through 4 colonoscopys. Initially my doctor gave me Klean Prep. This stuff tasted horrible. I hated the fact that I had to drink this stuff more than I hated the actual procedure. I asked my GI for an alternative and he told me that there was none. In January this year I changed my doctor. The last scope that I went for the new doctor prescribed Picoprep. This stuff tastes great. It has a tangy lemon taste. The box contains 3 sachets. Each sachet mixes with a glass of water. The majority of the fliuds that you are required to drink is water. Hopefully this helps you!!!

  4. Hey Angie, here is the reply from my friend who introduced me to the SCD diet:

    Hey Adam!

    Anyhow, the prep that this woman’s doctor wants her to do definitely involves a lot of things that are not allowed according to the diet. For my last colonoscopy I drank MoviPrep, I didn’t actually check the ingredient list so i don’t know what is in it. Unfortunately the prep is something you have to do. As far as staying hydrated it’s really important to pump your body with fluids and keep them from the diet. I recommend chicken broth, homeade Popsicles made with 100% fruit juice, and fruit juice. I don’t have a better answer for the prep though.


  5. I can’t handle the huge gallon of prep yuk… I even tried the odorless and tasteless MIRALAX, I could drink it, but my tummy didn’t like it and it came back up. For the past few colonoscopies, I’ve done a three-day liquid diet. Most people say I’m crazy, but when you’re used to eating like we do on the intro diet it’s not that bad, it could be worse.

    So I drink only chicken or beef broth, clear fruit juices and jello with no red dye, and ginger or green tea for three days. So if my procedure is on a Friday, I start the clear liquids on a Tuesday. then, Thursday night I drink the fleet phosphosoda and use the Fleet enema in the morning. I’ve never had a complaint of being “unclean” by my Doctor and it worked for me. You’d be surprised what’s still lingering in your colon on day three after you take the phosphosoda. I would have thought it would all be gone, but it isn’t.

  6. OK, so it’s all over now. I ended up doing the prep that my doctor ordered, however I didn’t use the gatorade G2, but rather Powerade Zero…still not SCD friendly, but less illegals than the G2. My stomach still hasn’t been the same since before the prep, but it had to be done. My colonoscopy showed a lot of inflammation, but I didn’t see many ulcerations in the pictures they provided me. My doc prescribed mesalamine enemas (twice a day!) and also a canasa suppository once a day on top of the enemas! I’ve yet to start that, but had to make a trip to the hospital today to see my rheumotologist because of the tremendous arthritis flare I’ve been experiencing since yesterday morning (my scope was done Wednesday…Thursday morning I couldn’t even get out of bed I was in so much pain!) My joints and tendons are swollen, red, warm and extremely painful, I have ulcers all over my tongue and have had itchy hive-like rashes come and go in random places all over my body. Seemed like scd was doing me a little good but the colonoscopy may have set me back into a flare…I’m thinking it’s related, but the doctors think it’s just coincidence!? Weird if you ask me! Now, I’m back on prednisone…and monday I will begin methotrexate. I’m pretty much out of options right now, either I take the meds and hope they work, or I don’t and I end up in the hospital in excruciating pain. I’m crippled right now, and my prescription pain meds aren’t even helping. So, this isn’t the way I planned but hopefully this flare will calm and maybe scd will also give a helping hand in the uc dept.

    1. Hey Angie,
      you’re in a really tough situation right now. I can remember being in a similar state with many of the same symptoms except the tongue ulcers. There was a time over a year ago when I was positive the arthritis like joint/tendon and skin inflammations all over my body in strange odd places(hands and feet especially) was worse than the traditional GI system symptoms. It was super frustrating, especially the joint stuff because it literally shut me down. I tried to relate it to others as a car engine that the oil was drained from and way too much friction existed…but it was in my body etc…
      What helped me get through the pain was sometimes 4 vicodin/day. I would also give some credit to the high prednisone dose they gave me, but the biggest signs of impovement came for sure through the SCD diet for me.
      On a side note about the skin stuff, since that is stuff others can see and realy had me freaked out: that has nearly gone away 100%, it has taken a long long time(over 1 1/2 years now since it started) but all of the rashes on my back, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs is gone. I only have psoriais like stuff still going on on the sole of my right foot for some reason.

      Best of luck, and with regards to the flare after the colonoscopy, for sure several others have documented on this site having a flare directly after their colonoscopies, so I wouldn’t rule that out either.

    2. Angie, Talk to your rheumy about sulphasalazine EN. the encapsulated form of 5-ASA with a sulfapyradine element, which is an antibody to ulcerative type bacteria that may also be associated with r. arthritis auto-immune undertones. sulfasalazine was the foremost successful treatment of uc before the introduction of sulfa free 5-ASA despite a higher effecacy of the sulfa drug. Your gastro doc may deny its effecacy vs. other 5-ASA, simply as a result of their lack of knowledge of side by side comparisons and publications by thier peers. Your rheumy should know the drug well because of its effecacy at treating r. arthritis symptoms. Either may not know it well enough to make sure you introduce it gradually, at 1/2 mg to 4 mg over 1 month. If you don’t your uc may worsen as a result of sulfa sensativity. Once at 4 mg, it should be complemented with folic acid. If you do not, mental wellbeing appears to drop, which may be the most difficult side effect of all.

  7. Hi All,

    I had a colonscopy back in May and found this dialogue while looking for SCD legal ways to do my miralax prep as well. I thought I’d share what my solution was in case anyone else is looking for alternative ways to do their colonoscopy prep. Instead of Gatorade I used Harvest Bay Coconut water. I had done some research and found at least one hospital that actually lists coconut water as an alternative to the Gatorade. It is supposed to be nature’s version of Gatorade…without the multitude of processed sugar. There’s a bunch of different coconut water out there, so definitely check the labels – they’re not all SCD legal by a long shot. My prep went really smoothly and the coconut water did the trick; it was tasty and I passed inspection in the “are you cleaned out enough” area. On a very fabulous note – after being on the SCD for a year and a half (along with twice weekly acupuncture sessions) my colonscopy came back completely clean – no UC found:) If only the SCD would clear up my proctitis next! Good luck to everyone out there dealing with Chrohns and UC; it’s such a battle, but I think it makes us stronger, more empathetic people in the long run.

    1. UC child, i will cross my fingers for you!

      unfortunately, colonoscopies REALLY mess me up so i get worse after every one. i don’t even do the traditional colonoscopy preps either. i just don’t eat for 3 days beforehand- just liquids.

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