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2 Colitis Questions – Coffee and Mucus

2 Quick Questions

I’ve been wondering for some time now but keep forgetting to ask the UC community:

1. I LOVE coffee…It’s my one MUST HAVE on a daily basis. Without it I’m miserable, gives me the little amount of energy I have to get through the day with 3 kids and a household of chores and errands to keep up with. Helps my throat and warms my tummy in the morning plus I ❤ the taste! But I know deep down inside its not good for my Ulcerative Colitis. Any thoughts, or similar struggles out there?

2. I cannot seem to EVER be symptom free! Going on 11 years now :( even when I’m not seeing blood, running to the bathroom, or in pain, I ALWAYS have mucus…anyone else have this going on? Some GI’s I’ve seen said that it’s “my” normal and some mucus is ok. Others say it’s not normal and any mucus means inflammation and disease activity. I’ve learned to live with it regardless. AHHH!

– Angie

11 thoughts on “2 Colitis Questions – Coffee and Mucus”

  1. Hi Angie !

    I am the exact same way .. morning coffee is ultra important for me and I simply can not go through a days work without it .. obviously after I was diagnosed I got the whole speech about no coffee no alchohol no lactose blahblah … but after more than a year of avoiding all that , all I got was my days were completely flat and I seemed to have no energy .. ended up costing me my job ..
    since I got my new job , I decided to forget about what the doctors say .. I do take my strong flavourful coffee every morning regardless , obviously within 15 to 20 minutes I have to go spend sometime in the bathroom emptying my bowles as caffeine is a diuretic .. but after that , I spend my day much better than if had no coffee … so that’s my strategy now , every morning : coffee , then bathroom right after .. no doubt that my days are better …
    once again , and just like my experience with Alcohol , it is against doctors’ orders so I can not recommend it .. but to me , sick or not , I’d rather drink my coffee …

    1. Hello, it’s the same for me I do need.this energy boost to feel alive BUT two days now that I started scd.I understood how harmful coffee.was. Bear in mind that I only drink espresso so imagine…I stopped 6mp and coffee all together!! And I am also a.rally driver so it is even more difficult for me. With coffee I always had bubbling in my rectum…! It’s a decision you need to take after 9 years.of uc.

  2. I am not someone that needs coffee first thing in the AM, however I do enjoy the taste of quality espresso. Unfortunately, it does not seem to agree with my UC. For this reason, I have to steer clear of espresso or even the watered down coffee.

  3. Wow I’m the same! I am from Adelaide Australia. I have 4 children and love coffee the smell and taste!

    I was diagnosed with UC in November 2009. I have just come off prednisilone from 40mg gradually down to 5mg for the 3rd time now. I’m feeling tired in the afternoons after coming off as steriods give me a bit more energy. Especially as I’m on them for a flair and feel flat from that.

    On a daily basis I take Azathioprine and Mesalazine (Mezavant) morning & night.

    So coffee is a yes for me though it has the be an expresso and I’m the same as Youness’s message I also head to the bathroom straight afterwards. And as I’ve just come of steroids its great going to the toilet as everything is back to normal normal yayyy!

    I am planning to look into my diet more early this year to look at foods that cause inflamation as in the past 3 years since I was diagnosed I have never really got my symptoms fully under control. Except for short periods after being on steriods. Being on steriods isnt the answer. Though they are brilliant for me short term as I feel normal.

    In the past ive tried Pentasa suppositories, Mesalazine enemas and Tacrolimus Ointment they all help for a short time though not long term.

    I also want to get back into meditation. I think that working 4 days with being a busy mum I would benefit from meditating again and just stopping for a bit and having ‘me’ time.

    So summing up my responce …. I love my coffee, were about to go camping and a friend is bringing a Nespresso machine. I think we will be “glamping” and I am going to enjoy this and I know the toilets arent oo far away! Happy Days!

    Good luck with your journey and keep enjoying your 3 lucky children!

  4. Hi! I’m the same…live for that 1st cup of joe in the morning. I have the same response after that you all do too…run to the bathroom shortly after that 2nd cup. I do try to limit myself to the morning and I think that helps. One thing I do have to mention though, even when you DON’T have UC, you still can have the same, “oh god, gotta get to the potty” response that we all do. My daughter calls it, “the morning shit”. I know, I raised her right! LOL. That being said, coffee = poop, but maybe with us it’s the other symptoms too that make it worse.
    Life is short and to tell you the truth, it sucks without coffee! I love cheese and milk too, but they have been so much easier to cut out of my diet. I think one of the other things that make it hard to give up coffee is that even when I don’t drink it, I still have the hardest time in the morning. It tricks me into thinking that it’s okay…not okay, but that I’ll be sick anyway. With the dairy, the symptoms are MUCH more obviously UC, terrible pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea.
    We all have to pick…I pick coffee! LOL

  5. Mucous…yes, at times there is still mucous, even tho I am in remission for 11 months now. Not every day, but at times for sure.

    I was not aware that mucous means disease and not full remission…I choose to be in denial about that if it is, in fact the case, because I feel great in every other way!

    Who care about a little mucous!


  6. Dear Lord- An Ode to Coffee!
    Coffee has been the most difficult thing for me to give up. And I do miss red wine. I love anything rich, dark & gluttonous.
    I have come to the realization that coffee is a definite drain on the adrenals, blocks mineral absorption and is just very upsetting to the digestive tract. I am a scientist and have done a LOT of research. Oh how I wish it weren’t true. How- I miss my coffee. And I needed to avoid just that wee bit of the cream and sugar that i NEEDED in my coffee.
    I’ll tell you that I don’t miss the obsessive morning compulsion for it though… I was definitely addicted and not truly in the moment with it… more like I needed my fix.
    I’d like to imagine having a Sunday coffee in the future when the guts are more peaceful.
    I also miss red wine, but a month of social drinking this past SUmmer started the flare I am still in! So ALCOHOL is OUT 4EVER!

    As far as the mucous goes- I still had mucous when I was in remission for 6 months. As far as I would assume, I think mucous is BAD. It is most definitely a sign of inflammation and a HUGE annoyance to boot. My flare is getting way better and my mucous has DEFINITELY decreased. For me, I think true remission will mean no symptoms.

    Last note about coffee… DONT be TOO HARD ON YOURSELF!!!
    Self- care is MY biggest lesson in all of this, but we don’t have to be PERFECT. We have to do what we can. I have a piece of chocolate everyday. I probably need to cut that out but right now I just NEED it. We all just do our best everyday and pick a few days to do a little better.

    Best wishes to your health and a future with NO MUCOUS but maybe a tasty, bold cup of JOE!

  7. Like everyone else has said already, I’m also addicted to the morning cup. However, on a day where I know I’ll be out a lot and really can’t afford to be extra sick, ill wait until later in the day, when I know I don’t have to go out again. It’s really really hard. What I don’t understand, is why some days, after my morning coffee, I go to the bathroom once and then I’m fine, and some days it effects me all day. Does anyone low what is responsible for all the pain? Is it the caffeine, the milk, or the sugar?

  8. Coffee is my weakness as well and i find it hard having UC and being a coffee tragic. In the mornings i find it gives me urgency and i have to go shortly after having one. I try to avoid coffee in the mornings if i can help it.

    the only thing tip i can give you is water down your coffee and NO MILK! I find coffee is better tolerated in the afternoons, so maybe try to avoid it in the mornings. ( i know how hard that will be).

    Good Luck

  9. I grew up in a home daycare, though I don’t have any kids yet–my mother, the daycare provider, survived on coffee and I comr by my addiction honestly. For me, I can drink it with little consequence when I’m not flaring (regular bowels, no mucous or blood). However, it sounds like you are in a “flare”, because I don’t believe mucous is normal at all. Flares DRAIN you, so of course you must be exhausted, on top of all your daily demands as a Mom. It sounds like you are trying to push through with caffeine to get through the days. But, what I’ve found (I was diagnosed ’04) is nothing helps more than REST. Sleep. Stillness. I take Asacol too, but when I start to feel bad (esp during seasonal changes, always in the Fall) I take more naps, sleep until I wake up as much as possible (no alarm), and eat very carefully, easily digestible foods, no wheat or dairy. As a Mom, it’s so much harder to watch your diet closely and get enough rest, but I’ve found nothing is a substitute for these things, except Prednisone, which sucks. IMO coffee is neither the problem nor is it the answer. Good luck, hope you find what works for you!

  10. I am currently in my second flare-up since I was diagnosed with UC in September 2012. I went to see a naturopath last week who recommends organic coffee. I have tried drinking it as I too love my coffee (now sweetened with soya milk and sugar). However, this morning I am feeling depressed as I KNOW the coffee is really bad for me and have been to the toilet about 12 times so far. My body is screaming out that this stuff is bad for me and I know it. I guess it’s time to give it up for good. Has anyone come across or tried decaffeinated ‘real’ coffee.
    Liz :(
    new Zealand

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