Army with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)


Army guy here.

In May 2014, I had a very weird BM. It was normal in the beginning, but followed by a sludge of blood and mucus. From then on I started having crazy urges to use the restroom, and even soiled myself a few times. I finally went to the doctor a couple weeks later, and he ran some tests to check if it was bacterial. All came back negative.

A couple weeks later I had the flu. My fever was causing me to see hallucinations. I went back to the doc a couple weeks after that incident to ask if the two were related. He referred me to IM. IM scheduled me for a colonoscopy a couple months out.

Colonoscopy came back normal and I was diagnosed with IBS. I still had issues, and started taking an anti-depressant for my symptoms.

Fast-forward to July 2015, my symptoms got worse. Negative blood results, positive stool sample. Visual colitis during colonoscopy confirmed with biopsy results.

Doc told me I have mild ibd. Upper GI series in a couple days to see if there’s inflammation anywhere else.

Some more details:

I’m a pretty boring person. I like music and sports.


Burning stools, cramps, weight loss, nausea…

Army with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

I’ve scoured though the internet since I was diagnosed last week. It seems like I’ll be kicked out of the military in a relatively short time period.

The great thing is that my civilian referral diagnosed me, so I have some time before the Army will see the results.

At a crossroads and don’t really know what’s going to happen. I would appreciate to chat with some other current service members or vets that have gone through or are going through the med board process.

Outside of my career, I don’t really mind too much about being diagnosed. I’m glad my case is mild, and that my docs are actively trying to get me into remission. I’m interested in finding out what foods make me tick, and if I’ll have to cut out all alcohol from my diet.

One neat thing I found is that I can’t eat raw vegetables. I used to love salads, but now I stay far away. They give me the worst gas, diarrhea, and cramping.

A part of me does worry about the increased risk of colo-rectal cancer, but it’s great that all the colonoscopies we get will help catch it sooner than later.

This is my first time being sick with anything. I’ve been pretty lucky growing up. No broken bones. I usually only get a cold once a year, if that.

It’s pretty daunting to me that the medication for ibd has to be taken every day for the rest of my life. I’m going to look into natural supplements to replace some of the medication. I’m not a big nature guy, but it just doesn’t seem natural and healthy for my body to have to process medication every day.


Delzicol pill and enema. Uceris.

written by Anony Mous

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3 thoughts on “Army with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)”

  1. Anony Mous,

    Thanks for posting your story, and for asking for some advice from others who have been there.

    I don’t have any army experience however, I would suggest you utilize the search box at the top of the site. You can simply type in the word “Army” and you don’t even need the quotes. Google will search the whole site for where that is mentioned and you’ll get quite a few results. There are other pages where other army folks have written similar stories as yours.

    Here is a quote I found from a page, it was written by an Army guy within the comments. I think it might help you out with someone’s opinion:

    “Hey David,

    I’m on Active Duty in the Army with Colitis. I was diagnosed over the summer. Ulcerative Colitis is on the list of conditions that prevent people from getting into the military because it is chronic. There are waivers however and since you would be in a non combat role it is possible for you to get one. They would look at your health and how long you have been in remission. If you have flares all the time and are dependent on medication they would likely not grant you a waiver. Seek out an OCS recruiter or a Chaplain recruiter to assist you. Going into a recruiting office won’t do you much good since they are generally seeking enlistees. You would be a direct commission most likely.”

    the webpage that comment is on is located here:

    So give the search bar some use, you can type in whatever you want there and many results will come back.

    As for foods, yes, if you are in the middle of active symptoms, I’d stay away from raw veggies as you mentioned. I eat raw veggies all the time but for sure not when in active symptoms. Better to stick to steamed or boiled veggies when symptoms are active, or even roasted so they are real soft.

    Great idea about cutting out the alcohol. It would be great if alcohol helped UC symptoms, but I’m afraid 99 out of 100 will tell you that unfortunately is not the case.

    Hang in there, and good luck with connecting with others and thanks again for sharing your story here.

    Wishing you the best,


  2. Hi there :-)

    Do what you have to do but my advice is this, medication is an integral part of staying well especially in the early stages. Wait until you have been in remission for some time i would advise and then look at all the other stuff. Our bodies all tick differently so we need to do what works for us all individually. I have tried everything, every diet and supplement and no changes for me unfortunately and i had to go off my meds for just 1 week for tests and the likes last month and now I’m in the worst flare i have been in for years but that’s just me. My advice is tread very careful and it is a very serious condition that can get worse very rapidly.

    Good luck and i wish you well xxxx

  3. I am kind of new to all this UC stuff, been struggling for quite sometime, after a few accidents (shit my pants) I had to start using some diapers, that gave me some security in myself.
    Food man this is hard I love eating, but find out that all my veggies need to be cooked or boiled, and I need to stay away from brocoli,colliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, garlic, red peppers, all this gave me gas cooked or boiled or whatever!
    Alcohol I don’t drink alcohol and I still have allthe symptoms of UC!
    Right now Im in the waiting proccess to be approved to start taking remicade! For now I am only taking prednisone so far its been helping!

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