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Me Too


Zuzu……I too was in the travel industry and as such was familiar with food poisoning. I was in a position where appearance matters and was taking Accutane for acne. After several bathroom accidents, I was doing more cleaning than any of the housekeepers. Upon my return I collapsed on my floor and remained there for a week. Being single it took a bit for anyone to notice! When I was able to drag myself to a physician I was checked into the hospital. Ulcerative colitis was the diagnosis. I was given too many prescriptions to count. A specialist advised removal as my case was a stage four. I deferred and have tried everything imaginable. I did find relief with acupuncture.

Some more background about Zuzu:

I reside in Florida. When prednisone was prescribed I said that I would investigate it and let them know. I was somewhat finicky and had never taken anything nor smoked or drank. The physician told me not to look it up as I would then not take it and would probably not survive. I took 70mgs for two years and am unrecognizable.


Pain, lack of energy and embarrassing moments beyond description.

Me Too…Zuzu’s Story:

I must have put my story in the wrong spot! Good heavens I have never been myself after the enormous amounts of prednisone. I drove to pick up my mother whilst she was on the phone and I hear her say that a bloated looking stranger was coming up the path. I had been a model in earlier years so to be so unattractive was a life lesson in itself. Let me inform you unequivocally that the world treats a bloated sick woman differently. And not in a good way. I was weight shamed for something I hadn’t any control over. It was quite defeating to hear the unkind comments. And the prednisone made it impossible for me to sleep. But I sore that I would triumph. As I could not have a pregnancy on all of the UC meds, my physician fiancee left me for someone who could. But I still will not let this defeat me. I was able to lower the dose of some of the meds. Cyclosporine was taken away after awhile. But the social aspect is quite the challenge. As you a ll are aware we are the Columbos of locating the obscure loo. Any medication was upsetting to me as I had always lived clean. No tobacco,alcoholic beverages never fast food. In fact I had never had a coffee! My family is overtly health conscious and had difficulty dealing with such an illness and the negative ramifications it would have upon my life. It absolutely changes the tone of the room when one is constantly dashing to the powder room. There is no family history and Mum blames herself for my taking Accutane as she took me to the dermatologist. Obviously I do not blame her. I am hopeful that new and better treatment options are forthcoming!

Treatments that have Helped:

Acupuncture has been of benefit.

written by Zuzu

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