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Trying to Win

recent picture of Taylor

recent picture of Taylor

Meet Taylor:

My name is Taylor and I’m a 19 year old female. I’m a forestry major that has a huge passion for the environment and outdoors!

Some more about her:

I enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, backpacking, and playing soccer. I’m from northern Illinois out in the middle of nowhere. I also am half Mexican but have probably the palest skin, bluest eyes, and blondest hair.


Rectal bleeding, stomach convulsions, diarrhea usually with blood, and extreme muscle and joint pain. Sometimes there’s other stuff but it comes and goes.

Trying to Win

My name is Taylor and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and Lymphocytic Colitis in November of 2014.

Though I’m newly diagnosed I had these symptoms growing up. Any time I went out to eat for the longest time that I can remember I literally could not leave the restaurant with out having to go to the bathroom. In August I had a sinus infection and was continuously sick until one day my doctor asked me if I was having abdominal pain. I said yes and it hurt whenever she would put pressure on it so they thought I had appendicitis. I was throwing up from the pain also. So my mom picked me up from college and drove me home for the 2 1/2 hour drive to the emergency room. I got a ct scan and my appendix was fine and they gave me some medicine and sent me away.

This was the 11th antibiotic that I was put on in 3 months.

I went back to school a week later and ended up in the hospital again a few days after arriving. The doctor the refered me to a gastroenter ologist. I saw the doctor and then two weeks later I got a full colonoscopy and endoscopy done. When my results were revealed they found 15 ulcers lining my large intestine and determined that I had UC. When the biopsy came back they told me that I also had lymphocytic colitis. So my doctor then put me on Uceris for 8 weeks which has caused me nothing but problems with side effects and such. The only positive thing is that’s happened is that I’m blemish free. Currently I have a 102 fever with the right side of my body tingly from the medicine but I go back to the doctor on January 26th to plan for my next colonoscopy. My doctor said I most likely am going to have to have surgery done to remove the larger ulcers. Since then I have come home to community college for the semester, and had to stop being a college soccer player since stress from running can make my ulcers worse.

Both my grandparents on both sides of my parents have medical issues. My moms dad, mom, and uncle all have Crohn’s disease, my dads parents have colitis.

When I went to college in the fall for my sophomore year I weighed 148 pounds and I currently weigh 124 from dramatic weight loss.

Currently Taking Ueris:

I’m currently on Uceris 9mg once a day, two naurcotic pain killers, zofran anti nausea medication, vitamin D, fiber pills, and iron pills every single day.

written by Taylor

submitted in the colitis venting area

4 thoughts on “Trying to Win”

  1. Hi Taylor,

    Thank you so much for posting your story and your picture, and I’m sure it was a pretty major mental battle with needing to come home after getting started in school and soccer, but I think you made a great decision. And no doubt, trying to juggle all that goes along with hardcore school as well as competitive sports AND throwing in tuff UC symptoms can make just about anyone collapse both mentally and physically…so, keep your head up. I’m absolutely certain that in not too much time you’ll be back where you want to be.

    Also, if you have time, or if anyone else wants to take part, feel free to read and add your own reviews to the UCERIS medication page. It is all right here:

    Best to you Taylor,

  2. Johnny Drama

    Hey Taylor! Hang in there. I was diagnosed pretty much on my 20th birthday… I know exactly what your going through. I ended up dropping out a semester of college. Im back in school now and 6 months from getting my Nursing degree.
    Have you tried changing up your diet? Are you avoiding alcohol? Let me know how everything is going.

  3. Taylor, that sounds like quite the fight. I remember coming home for winter break during my sophomore year of college last year and being diagnosed with UC. The symptoms started rapidly during exams and progresses during the few days I was home. I recall the antibiotics that didn’t work, the multiple gastro visits, and the unbearable pain. I didn’t think I would make it back to school for the next semester, but with a lot of help and the determination of trying new prescriptions, I finally went into remission. I don’t know if you’ve tried Lialda, but when I first started the four, 1.2 g a day routine, I immediately started feeling relief. Maybe ask your doctor because Uceris doesn’t sound much fun. Keep on fighting, it will get better.


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