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Tis the Season (Question for My UC peeps)

Kyle with his wife

Kyle (aka the IBD Rap Ambassador of the world!!!)
at least in my opinion–((Adam)

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back in July of 2012, but looking back on my life I definitely saw GI issues happening but never diagnosed as anything, either because I was too stubborn to go to the doctor or because they didn’t think I needed to be scoped for anything. (I was told I had IBS, allergy to lactose/gluten, and some type of infection before getting a reference to see a GI) However, thinking about it I have seen seasons in my life where my gut issues are more active. Now I don’t know if this is just part my particular case or if it’s like this for the rest of you all. So….

My question to all you UCers out there is:

Are there certain times in a year where you see your UC symptoms more active than other times?

I have noticed that when it starts to get warmer usually in the mid-spring, around April or May is when I recall gut issues surfacing in my life. Is that something you all have noticed?

Now this is all before I was on any type of medication for my UC but as the month of April is shortly upon us in my mind I am thinking about last April when my world got pretty tore up from the floor up be the gut buster. So for those of you on medications (I am on Remicade) did you notice a difference in your seasonal flares pre and post medications?

This is just one of the questions that float around in my head on a daily. Figured I would throw it out there for you guys to think about and hopefully comment on and give me insight and feedback. Thanks for all you guys do.



8 thoughts on “Tis the Season (Question for My UC peeps)”

  1. It is in the UC medical literature that certain people do suffer flares seasonally. This may be because we are reacting to an environmental trigger or a change in the gut microbiota. It is still unknown.

  2. I always seem to have a flare at Christmas. There is little information regarding how this relates to the son of God being born 2000 years ago, however.

  3. Hi Kyle
    Yes I would notice my symptoms would get worse during certain times of the year during my early years after being diagnosed. The longer I had the disease though the worse the flares would get. In my opinion Remicade is poison. It hurt me much more than it helped, after the fourth infusion my body started to reject it and all kinds of problems started.


  4. I have a tendency to feel worse in the fall. My current theory (I have too many theories…) is that it gets darker and less sunlight means less vitamin D. Less vitamin D means more inflammation(?)

    Or it’s just because one tends to feel a bit down when there’s less sunlight around, especially in dark Scandinavia where I’m from.

  5. Hey Kyle,

    I don’t tend to have any seasonal flares. But could your spring flare be related to stress (yay tax season!)? I was more likely to get flares around finals in undergrad cause of the stress. MikeL has a good point though with the correlation to vitamin problems during the colder months which could be a contributing factor. Since you’ve been couped up all winter and prob didn’t get enough vit D by the time spring comes around its just finally catching up with you. UC takes time to get fully blown symptoms but the Remicade should help. Just keep with taking vitamins and keeping stress low :)

  6. I flare in the spring and fall. I am wondering if the inflammation from allergies and post nasal drip cause me to flare. Do you have trouble with allergies in the spring?

  7. I flared last Christmas and again this year. (I live in Florida) I am still currently in this flare and just had my 3rd treatment of remicade. For me the remicade seems to work for a few days and then I take a few steps back. Overall, it could be helping or not. I just don’t know anymore of what helps and what doesn’t help.

  8. Dictated by the bacteria that reside in us, that’s for sure. You know when I am asleep my body is sort of switched off and when I wake, and my body is woken its almost like the little bacteria come alive and are like right, time for the bathroom!!

    Definitely this odd shift of my body I must say. Ok ain’t really seasonal more strange but thought ild share :-)

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