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6-MP? Not for me…

Back in 2007 I was in the middle of roller coaster rides of flare ups followed by brief periods where things were going ok. I had recently been diagnosed with osteoperosis – softening of the bones. Osteoperosis is associated with ulcerative colitis among other things probably due to mal-absorption of minerals along with treatment with […]

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Steroid Acne with my Colitis Please

Steroid Acne with my Colitis Please

Can you imagine ever taking steroids just for fun? I sure can’t. In fact, prednisone steroids are one of the pills I threw out of the medicine cabinent a few weeks ago, didn’t even want to look at the extra supply anymore.   There’s a few reasons for this. If you are suffering from a nasty […]

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Leukocytapheresis - Say what?

Leukocytapheresis – Say what?

I once whipped that out on a GI specialist that I had gone to see for a second opinion.  She responded : “You must know a lot about ulcerative colitis if you know about that”.  I said: “Yeah, I am geek.   I know about the worm study too.”  I had gone for a second opinion […]

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