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Jessica’s Day 53 on SCD Update News

Hello to my fellow UCers! Just wanted to update everyone on my progress. I am still following SCD strictly and i’m currently day 53 of the diet! I still feel great with no symptoms of UC. I can’t even say i’ve had a bad day recently. Everything in my colon seems to be happy! This weekend I am going camping and had to do a bit of… Read More »Jessica’s Day 53 on SCD Update News

Eating Salad with Colitis

Have you ever wondered if it’s OK to eat salad when you have ulcerative colitis? I think everyone asks themselves this question.   I sure did.  For me, salad is a big part of my weekly diet, and yes, I’ve got UC and a colon.(and a colon that knows how to take hard normal craps too, and a colon that is medication free since Oct. 2009) … Read More »Eating Salad with Colitis