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Jessica’s Day 53 on SCD Update News

Hello to my fellow UCers!

Just wanted to update everyone on my progress.

I am still following SCD strictly and i’m currently day 53 of the diet! I still feel great with no symptoms of UC. I can’t even say i’ve had a bad day recently. Everything in my colon seems to be happy!
This weekend I am going camping and had to do a bit of prep work so that I have a lot of available legal foods.
Here is a list of what i’m bringing:

– steaks
– chicken drumsticks
– eggs
– scd legal bacon
– apple chips
– mixed nuts
– salad
– fruits
– veggies to grill
– scd blueberry muffins

I am not too worried about the use of a washroom because lately i’ve been pretty regular; morning and night kind of girl! Plus the washroom is only a 5 min walk from our camp site. I would have never attempted going camping when I was having a flare or any of the horrific symptoms of UC.

I feel so grateful that I came across the SCD and that it has changed my life and continues to keep my UC under control.

I wish all people living with UC could have the same success I have experienced with the SCD.

If anyone has any questions about SCD or needs more info please leave a note and I will be sure to respond. It is amazing how much i’ve learned about UC because of the vast amount of internet resources!

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3 thoughts on “Jessica’s Day 53 on SCD Update News”

  1. Hey Jessica…

    Glad to see that the SCD diet is working for you. I have ordered my book online but it seems to be taking a while to receive. I just have a few questions if you dont mind answering. With regards to fruit, I have found it difficult to choose the correct fruit and vegetables and there is no consistancy with the research that I have conducted. I know that everyones body is different but it would be helpful to get some advice from a fellow UC sufferer. And what kinds of nuts do you eat. I have found nuts to have an adverse reaction. I am just so confused…Please help…If you have any info that could be useful you could e-mail me at Thank you

  2. Hi Deeven,

    Its great that you took the first step and ordered the book. Congratulations!

    With regards to fruit I started slowly with different fruits in small amounts. When I did not have an adverse reaction, I continued eating the fruits. Now after almost 2 months on the SCD I can eat any fruit and vegetable and not have to worry.

    The fruits I started with during the first 2 weeks of the diet were:
    very ripe banana’s
    cooked apples

    The vergetables I started with were:
    zuchini (cooked)
    spinach (cooked)
    carrots (cooked)
    mixed greens (raw)

    If you are still having diarreah it is best to cook your fruits and vegetables so they are easier to digest.
    Once the diarreah has stopped you can slowly introduce raw fruits and vegetables.

    Now my daily diet includes all types of fruits which I make into a breakfast smoothie.
    I also eat raw veggies (carrots, cucumber, celery etc)

    If you have any other questions feel free to email me

    Goodluck on your journey!

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