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Trying Methotrexate for UC

Well, I’ve had two colonoscopy exams this year and they are still showing mild to moderate UC up to about 25cm. I have been getting remicade infusions for four years now so my Doc decided to send me up to the Melissa L Posner Institute for Digestive Health and Liver disease at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, MD. I went and had a good discussion with… Read More »Trying Methotrexate for UC

Ulcerative Colitis Update August 2011 from Berkeley, CA

What’s up Colitis People, It’s been a little while since I’ve had a chance to bust out a video recently, but today was the day.  My wife and I have been in the middle of a major move, we up and moved from Stanford territory to CAL Berkeley lands so she could attend college.  It was a weekend full of moving boxes, throwing out stuff… Read More »Ulcerative Colitis Update August 2011 from Berkeley, CA

Intestinal Blockage From Crohn’s Disease

My Background: I am 52 year old female, diagnosed with Crohn’s 33 yrs ago, went through the hospitalizations, , and other meds for 3 yrs. Very blessed to have had long remissions, and on no meds for over 10 yrs. Suddenly 3 mo. ago had terrible abdominal pain. No diahrrhea, but constipation. Cat scan shows have have narrowing of the intestines due to scar tissue… Read More »Intestinal Blockage From Crohn’s Disease