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Ulcerative Colitis Update August 2011 from Berkeley, CA

What’s up Colitis People,

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a chance to bust out a video recently, but today was the day.  My wife and I have been in the middle of a major move, we up and moved from Stanford territory to CAL Berkeley lands so she could attend college.  It was a weekend full of moving boxes, throwing out stuff we’ve been carrying around too long, and adjusting to a new bathroom, as I’m sure you all can understand.  The toilet keeps running after you flush it, so need to talk to the landlords about that.

But the good news is my ulcerative colitis has continued its remission all through the move.  Which is great.  I think most of us would agree that when you’re up and moving, it can be pretty stressful, and stress and triggering our immune response system is something us UC’ers definitely don’t need.

I’m pretty excited to make some new videos over here.  I’m not sure how you all will like the new video location, but I hope to bring alot of other people into the mix, geez, there’s 30 plus thousand college kids all around, some of them got to have UC too right?

scd cooking

cooking SCD Breakfast this morning

So, here’s a video, it starts this morning with a great SCD meal, and ends with our SCD dinner we had tonight.  I’m still way big on the SCD Diet treatmentfor keeping my ulcerative colitis in remission, and I’d suggest you check it out too if you are out of options or just wanting to try something new.  It’s something you can do even while you are on medications.  If you find that your symptoms have just not gone away with your medications, or if you are doubting them, feel free to check out the website page with details on starting the diet I follow.

Its right here:

Here is today’s ulcerative colitis update movie:


16 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis Update August 2011 from Berkeley, CA”

  1. You mean you can’t fix that toilet yourself? I feel like a toilet expert after all these years… Mmm that food does look good. Thanks for the inspirational video, Adam. I fell off the SCD bandwagon and need to get back on so bad.

    1. Yo Steph, what’s up, good to hear from you! That’s pretty funny about fixing the toilet…:))
      Yeah, you are correct, it should be no big deal to fix, but that what landlords are for right???!!! Hopefully our toilet doesn’t get clogged or overflow this year…fingers crossed.

      good luck to you if you decide to get back on the scd bandwagon! all the best-adam

  2. Johnny Drama

    Nice Video Adam! I just had to wipe the drool off my keyboard… those meals looked way to damn good….
    I need to get me some that sugar free sausage.. Did you get that at Trader Joes? Also is that just regular bacon, or is it cured? During my first few weeks on the diet I ate alota turkey bacon.. Overall I have not cheated on the diet for over 6 months…so I hope everyone else tries it!!…. (I’m a 20 year old broke college student) So if I can handle this diet, anyone can!!!!
    YOU CAN DO IT!!!(waterboy moive dudes voice)
    Peace out

    1. HEY JohnnyDrama,
      What’z up buddy?
      Hey the bacon is from whole foods market, and I don’t know if its cured or not. They promised me it has zero added sugar which is important you know for people followig the SCD diet rules to heal the colon. how would you say you are feeling after 6 months on the diet? Are you seeing some good results?
      All the best to you buddy!,

  3. When you say a couple of flares , were you on diet ?? How bad and what did you do?? I’m having a small one been on diet almost three months but now I’m nervous about it. How long before you became drug free ??

    1. hey DNICE, i have had a couple of flares when I was on the diet. One time came after i went to a wedding which I decided to drink quite heavily at(alcohol that is) and I ate quite a bit of food that weekend which is not SCD legal. The other time the flare happened more slowly and I believe it also was a result of me breaking just a few too many diet rules for a long period of time, such as putting milk in my morning decaf coffee, and eating potato and corn chips which all are NOT scd legal.
      ARE you sticking to the diet 99%-100% or are you breaking a few to many diet rules?
      Also DNICE, when I started the diet the first time, I was taking prednisone at about 15mg/day. I slowly weaned of it and then about 2 1/2 months later I was medication free. When I had my most recent (and less severe flare last december/january) i decided to go back on 15mg/day prednisone to help me out and weaned SLOWLY of that for about 45 days and then was drug free again until the present time. If I make it to January 2012, it will be a 12 month period where I’m drug free again and using diet 100% to control my uc. BEST OF LUCK TO You, let me nkow if you got any more Q’s.


      1. Hi Adam,
        I bought the books and was so excited to start after getting out of hospital saturday night from pancreatitis caused from 6mp, my husband prepped all my first day foods and I bought probiotic and vitamin d on Sunday. That night after my ground burger with carrots I started to get sick (coincidence), because by 2:00 am on I went non stop n vomiting and could not stop n couldn’t even leave my bed after 30 bm’s, yet still vomiting and having runs!!! In my bed!!! My husband called 911 at 8:00 am and I am in hospital now since Sunday and spent New Years here, found out I have c-diff from a antibiotic from pancreatitis . Unreal!!! So today I am on prednisone 15 mg and a stronger oral antibiotic and IV fluids n potassium, and who knows what for acids.
        I feel better today n they are putting me on solids to see if I can digest well and go home tmw. I am having my husband bring the probiotics today and getting a vitamin D script from dr.
        He is strongly pushing remicade!!

        Please give me your input !!!!???!! Thx


        1. Laura

          Super sorry to hear you came down with C-diff, but as you might have read, its not super uncommon for UC’ers to come down with it, and coupled with antibiotics and hospital stays, unfortunately that’s the combination that they say is the most common for developing it. But besides all that, its great that you got it detected as soon as you did. Most people it takes quite a bit more time before they get the postive results, so that at least is good news for you.

          As for my input, I think you should definitely listen to what your doctor has to say since you are dealing with several different things right now. I say that assuming that you trust your GI doc, and if that’s not the case, sometime in the future you might want to consider finding a new one or maybe getting another opiniion. That’s your call.

          As for remicade, obviously that’s a pretty hardcore drug. Best thing I’d suggest is to again talk with your doc about the risks/benefits, and also read the remicade survey, in the surveys section of the site. There’s lots of info and expereinces there about that med.

          As for diet, it doesn’t really sound like you got too far before going to the hospital and getting the c-diff discovered, and I’m guessing some of the foods they are giving you there are not things I’d be eating. That said, if I was you, getting the c-diff under control would be my first priority, and I’d begin focusing on other options afterwards. You’re gonna get through this, and once the c-diff has subsided, I’m sure you’ll feel a heck of a lot better. My days of active c-diff were just about the worst, but sure enough , youll know for sure when its gone away. such a relief it will be.


          1. I hope to get out tmw, still loose green stool but feeling a little better. Only on antibiotic and prednisone, 15 mg. I started the probiotics today as well. Meeting dr fri to discuss remicade which i have decided to hold off on just yet. When do u think i can start diet? How long will c-diff last? I guess going back to work monday is not promising, huh? From your experience, What should i expect when i get home?

  4. Food looks delicious, so fresh and tasty! I’m still on beginner SCD diet but looking forward to soon eating the kind of foods you are cooking!

    1. im so happy you enjoy em! as long as someone likes em, I’ll keep making them (even if my wife swats me when I get her on the video, which she can’t stand…) thx again, adam

    1. Hey Carol,

      I don’t eat much green beans at all, but I eat alot of Zucchini, and it doesn’t seem to bother me one bit. Actually, the zucchini is one of my staples. Of course I hated it growing up when I was much younger, but its pretty darn tasty:)

  5. Top vid as always dude.

    Quick questions when your on the go what are your 3 quick and easy SCD legal breakfasts and lunches?

    I assume you abvoid eating out as much as possible?

    Lastly how much red meat do you consume? Do you try and limit it?

    Cheers and nice hat


    1. hey Michael,

      For me, I’ve make alot of smoothies in the morning for breakfast. Natural OJ, strawberries, blueberries, and banana and some honey and natural peanut butter. (Peanut butter people should be careful with as many can’t tolerate it).

      Also, i make alot of scrambled egg combinations with things like onion, zucchini, garlic, salt, pepper, and sometimes I throw in some hamburger meat and/or bacon. (bacon is often not SCD legal, but it usually works well for me). That’s prety much what I do for breakfasts.

      Side note, -i’m out in prague, Czech republic right now, and I’ve been making for several days a pork chop, with one egg, and sauteed onions, zucchini, and garlic, and it takes about 15 minutes to prepare and WAY tasty.

      As for red meats… I eat alot of them.

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