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Intestinal Blockage From Crohn’s Disease

My Background:

I am 52 year old female, diagnosed with Crohn’s 33 yrs ago, went through the hospitalizations, , and other meds for 3 yrs. Very blessed to have had long remissions, and on no meds for over 10 yrs.

Suddenly 3 mo. ago had terrible abdominal pain. No diahrrhea, but constipation. Cat scan shows have have narrowing of the intestines due to scar tissue from the Crohn’s. Dr. wants me to start Remicade as soon as possible.  I want to feel better soon to keep up with my 5 grand babies! :-) I hadn’t been sick in so long that I forgot how bad it is.

My Medications:

I am currently on 40mg now down to 10mg. but the pain is returning at this lower dose. I also am on Pentassa, 8 tabs a day. Hate the but am getting some relief from them now that I am on a lower dose.

My Question is:

Has anyone been put on Remicade for scarring and narrowing of the intestines and how did it work for them? I am a little afraid to start it. Scar tissue will never go away but as I understand it will help the Crohn’s flare up and the swelling. Thus give me relief. I start on Oct. 25.

5 thoughts on “Intestinal Blockage From Crohn’s Disease”

  1. Actually, your doctor is wrong. Scarring can go away without drugs or surgery.

    1) Use Glutamine powder, 10 – 14g a day, mixed with cold water or applesauce
    2) Drink 8oz of Colloidal Silver and follow up with a high dose, quality probiotic
    3) Check out Clear Passage ( for a physical therapy way to eliminate scar tissue.
    4) Craniosacral therapy is another one to check out.

    I used to have horrible abdominal pain until I used both Glutamine and Colloidal Silver. Now I have zero. It’s really amazing to me and sometimes I still don’t believe it because most GI doctors are still pushing surgery or ridiculously harmful drugs like Remicade. But… they need people to be sick to keep them employed.

    1. Hi Lorri, How are you doing now? Did you decide to go on the Remicade? They wanted me to take that or 6MP. i said no to both, went on SCD diet, naturopath, holistic health program, etc. and was in remission for five years. Then had a bowel resection due to scarring of the terminal ileum (classic case of Crohn’s according to my doctors).

      Was really scared to have surgery, but that was five years ago almost and now I am still in remission. It is really hard to NOT do what the docs say…I found another doctor who was willing to work with me and my naturopath together. He is quite surprised that I am still in remission, too. Diet, rest, destress, exercise, psychotherapy, yoga,… I could go on and on! Also, so alternative therapies, like what Reid says can really help. Keep us posted and maybe there is a good naturopath with a 4 year degree in your area?

    2. HI Reyd
      Could you let me know how you proceed with Glutamine (empty stomach or no) gradual intake, SCD brand… and about Colloidal silver (brand), how many times a day, when and for how long

  2. I have Crohn’s and UCD. After a flare and colonoscopy, which included a baloon procedure to open a stricture, I went on 9 mg budisone (a non-systemic contact steriod) and my pentasa was increased to 4.8 grams per day. The budisone is a life saver for me because you don’t get the normal steriodal side effects. This combination has greatly reduced my inflammation. I treat at the Cleveland Clinic. Remicade is heavy duty drug. Go on to the web to read about it. It does not appear to be indicated for strictures. See: Ask your doc to show you what literature says that Remicade is indicated for strictures. You need to protect yourself.

  3. My mom has severe inability to go poop. I’m scared for her many times mentioned to her doctor always says from pain medication untrue Stess is main cause then so plugged nothing works should I take to ER? They going to hurt her she 83 and please help my mom she is with UCD I need to stay with her please she hard of hearing and English is limited

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