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Methotrexate Update

Well, this month marks my 10th anniversary since my first flare-up of pan colitis.  I remember how scary that was – not knowing what was wrong.  It’s hard to believe that it’s now 10 years later and I am about to take my 24th and final dose of methotrexate this week and I have to say that it has really helped my UC. I began back… Read More »Methotrexate Update

Ulcerative Colitis Update For January 29, 2011

Colitis Symptoms Seem to Be Going Away Poops Are Coming Out Hard, Bleeding Has Stopped(still some red on TP, but thinking hemorrhoids). And no more cramping at all which is HUGE. Hi To Everyone who is new, I’m Adam, and I have ulcerative colitis.  Also, I was in a nasty flare at the end of Dec. and Early January.  But, with the help of a… Read More »Ulcerative Colitis Update For January 29, 2011

Day 66 of SCD Small Flare, Not Giving UP!

I am on day 66 of the SCD and I have run into what I think is the 2-3 month flare Elaine talks about in BTVC. About a week ago on Day 59 I started experiencing some UC symptoms and they have lasted up until today, so far. They are not serious issues like before the SCD but some of the D has come back and i’m back up to 4-6… Read More »Day 66 of SCD Small Flare, Not Giving UP!

My Story

I was diagnosed with UC March of 2009, but my story begins much earlier than that! When I went to college in the fall of 2003, my food palate expanded to all sorts of new foods in the school’s cafeteria. I soon realized that I couldn’t eat certain foods because they caused me to have really bad gas (how awesome is that to experiment new… Read More »My Story