Ulcerative Colitis Update For January 29, 2011

Colitis Symptoms Seem to Be Going Away

Poops Are Coming Out Hard, Bleeding Has Stopped(still some red on TP, but thinking hemorrhoids). And no more cramping at all which is HUGE.

Hi To Everyone who is new, I’m Adam, and I have ulcerative colitis.  Also, I was in a nasty flare at the end of Dec. and Early January.  But, with the help of a low dose of prednisone and a strict follow of the SCD diet, things are coming out hard once again.  Not to say that things won’t ever return to the loose bloody days of the past we all know too well, but for now hard bombs it is.

Although Its Hard to See the Light Sometimes the Tunnel Isn’t Forever

It is very hard not to think about what life is like right now inside the colon of someone who is flaring out of control with colitis symptoms right now.  Especially because I was in that same situation just two or three short weeks ago.  Similar to my first time getting out of an ulcerative colitis flare up, it has been amazing to see what just two weeks of colon healing can do.  And I know I’m not the only person who has experienced this, right UC’ers!

The good news is that the colon doesn’t usually forget how to work properly, and once the inflammation is healed it can and will be a thing of the past and back to normal operation(dropping hard bombs again in the loo,head,bathroom,dodie shack, whatever you want to call it I guess.)

How Am I Healing the Colon and Ending the UC Inflammation?

This is the best question of all.  What the heck is someone doing to stop the “autoimmune disease”, especially when they seem to be having success?  Right now, I am healing my colon and colitis symptoms with a low dose of prednisone and a high dose, I mean VERY High Dose of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).  If you have not tried the diet already, I’d recommend you read the details about the specific carbohydrate diet for ulcerative colitis on this page: SCD Page.

I think for sure in the past several weeks, I have followed the SCD diet more than ever before.  Please don’t get the impression that I was one day on one day off the diet previously, the answer to that is no.  I was pretty hardcore on it for the previous year, but yes, I did break some rules(cream in the coffee, and some carbs I can’t tolerate etc… every once in a while.)  But most importantly, I have begun to see some progress with the ulcerative colitis getting closer to remission.  I personally think there is a transformation going on in my gut bacteria right now, that is going to stop the inflammation even more in the days and weeks ahead.  So yea, I am super happy right now.  I do have some catching up to do with putting back on the 10 pounds I’ve lost from my recent flare up of UC, but that will happen in time for sure.

The video is an update of my prednisone tapering schedule for the past few weeks.  It shows the milligrams of prednisone steroids I have taken each day and night.  Also, there is a very smoothie section of the video too.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has submitted their stories in the colitis Venting area this week.  As an UPDATE on the colitis writing contest, TARA’s Story about the GAPS Diet is currently in first place by just a few pageviews, thanks to her for submitting her story this week!  Over 400 people have read her story already which is pretty impressive.

And finally, Charis, the UC’er who wrote The Light at the End of the Tunnel(and her husband and maybe some others from her group) are the first to come out and say they will be joining me and my wife in Vegas in December for the Crohn’s and Colitis Half Marathon.  If anyone else in interested in joining me and the rest of us, THAT IS AWESOME.  A separate post on that will be coming up in the future.  If you are not on the email list, what are you waiting for, join up top.  It’s going to be a great, relaxed, gamble of a time… and some half marathon action too.


11 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis Update For January 29, 2011”

  1. Yay, Adam! So happy to hear you’re feeling better!! My husband, John, is still doing awesome on the SCD diet only. We are cooking up our first batch of homemade yogurt as we speak. If you get a chance, stop by our blog. You inspired us to follow the SCD path and we’re not looking back.

  2. Adam, I love to read your posts! You have such a positive attitude and are such an inspiration! I am so happy that you are doing better! I agree 100% about this diet, as I am on it hardcore as well. I cannot sing it’s praises enough and anyone who is listening to their dr. saying that diet has nothing to do with this really needs to rethink it. I will look forward to more of your upbeat (and quite comical) posts!

    1. Hey Betty,
      Thanks so much, super happy you are enjoying yourself. I feel the exact same reading other people’s stories. I’ll try to keep the comicalness rolling.
      Have a great evening,

  3. hi adam,
    it seems that you are not off drugs even after being on scd diet for so long. i am indian and we are not really very comfy with so much of non veg diet as specified in recipes of the book you tell about(i.e Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet ).and the fruits like blueberries or as a matter of fact any berry is rare here.yes i yogurt and bananas and carrots but alas!no peanut butter without sugar !!!!!!! now my diet is going to be very limited if i go on your footsteps. well you suggest if you have any other ideas. my doctor today told me to go in for j pouch surgery . what is you take on it. do let me know as i follow you here a lot. take care and may God bless you.

    1. Hi Pernita,
      I am sorry to hear you are not well.
      As for me, I am doing pretty good right now. I am tapering off of prednisone, and down to 10mg per day. I developed a pretty nasty flare up at the end of 2010, and decided to use prednisone to help with the inflammation along with the SC Diet.
      I really don’t think the diet I follow is horribly limited, yes there are many things I do not eat, but to me it is benefits outweigh the consequences of eating “bad foods”.
      As for the j pouch surgery, I do not know much about that. Several people from this website have done that, and most of them seem to be very happy. It is a major decision though. it just might be worth you speaking with the doctor about it to simply learn more about what he/she has to say about the surgery.
      Have you given the SCD a try yet? If so, how did that go for you? Best of luck to you Pernita!

      1. hi adam,
        no i have not tried any diet yet. i was hospitalized last month due to excessive blood loss and de hyderation. so was put on drip for a week . was too weak when finally reached home. but now recovering from aftermath.was on 60mg wyslone and 3g pentesa . now tapered it to 20 mg wysalone with 3g pentasa .along with it am on homeopathic treatment too. as my steroids are going down my worry is increasing as from last 3 years when ever i reach such limit the system collapses. am keeping my fingers crossed that this homeopathic treatment supports my system this time.my diet as for now is simple indian diet with no spices ,no non veg ,(rice,wheat roti, plain vegetable and dal ). hey adam! if you can try and have moong dal which i bet is safest as its recommended in our ayur veda. if you want i can send you recipe.
        stay in touch. take care.

        1. Hi Pernita, I have not heard of Moong Dal, if you could send over the recipe, that would be much appreciated. I will check then to see if it is allowed on the SCD diet and if so, give it a try.
          thx, and I hope the last two days have been manageable for you!

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