Symptom Free but Precancerous Polyp-Surgery Time When?


I have had UC for the past 20 years… I went thru flare ups bad but I am one of the ones that medicine did help me…. I am on remicade now and am in remission.. but now I had a low grade dysplasia polyp removed but no dysplasia was on the colon.. GI Dr. recommends colonectomy… getting 2nd GI Dr. opinion 8/13…

Some more about me:

tattoos; dogs-have 3 of them… swimming… bowling… tanning.


been in remission over a year…

Precancerous Polyp-Surgery Time When?

Well I am not sure what causes UC.. But in my opinion STRESS and genetics… Did not know anyone in my family that had it… but I was in a very stressful marriage then one day I went to the bathroom and saw blood… scarey.. but not emergency to DRs. had barium enema.. would rather have colonoscopies over these…so was diagnosed with UC.. went to GI specialist..

They started me on steroids.. prednisone.. asacol.. 6-mp… but I hated taking so many pills … stuck with steroid.. that initially affected me terrible with rosacea on my face that embarrassed me awful… but eventually went away… weight gain… I never got skinny from UC cuz I luved eating … well finally remicade was approved for UC and did it and it put me in remission… but then lost health insurance and had to stop … was going thru divorce then and UC hit me with vengeance… I was able to get state insurance and get some prednisone(cheap even without insurance)… well my GI Dr. treated me conservatively on the 40mg prednisone when I was in a bad flare up.. I called my primary care Dr. to see how much I could take safely.. She doubled it 80mg… and OMG.. I felt human again it slowed the flare up WAY down… so for a few yrs did the steroids till I got back on remicade…

Now I am feeling normal without any symtoms of UC.. but now have to make that life altering decision of surgery… cuz of precancerous polyp… no one knows how quickly cancer develops with UC…

I don’t want cancer for sure but I would feel like I am gonna have to go backwards but at least if I do get the surgery I will be in tip top shape for recovery.


remicade only

written by Suzzi

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2 thoughts on “Symptom Free but Precancerous Polyp-Surgery Time When?”

  1. Wow Suzzi,

    Some crazy times you are going through here, I guess focus on the end goal and be strong. I am sure things seem to just work out the way we want in the end.
    Sorry you will have to educate me a bit on the Polp. Is this something that has been picked up? If so do you have one?two?.. if you do have one then surgery is a sure thing no? What does a precancerous polp mean? I assume as the term it is not cancerous but than what is it?

  2. Hey Suzzi,

    Remission for over a year! Great stuff.

    One thing I for sure wanted to point out is with regards to the super high 80mg/day prednisone dose.

    That is a ton of those little white pills, and in the years this site has been running, I can only remember a very few amount of people who have gone over 60mg/day.

    I’m no doctor, but man oh man that seems like a super high amount to be taking. Great that it got you into remission, but there’s tons of info about high doses of steroids and how that can be dangerous if taken for a long time. I’m not sure exactly how long you were at a high dose for, but i’m keeping my fingers crossed you don’t have to get up to that level ever again.

    best of luck to you,


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