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Stopping Ulcerative Colitis with Enemas in Cyprus

I was diagnosed with UC about 6 months ago. As I caught this really bad virus, I started having diarrhea and bleeding. It had probably started one and a half years ago when I started having episodes of diarhhea (lasting 1-2 months) with severe bloating and gasses. I just assumed it was some virus and did not pay much attention to it. However when I started bleeding, I knew something was definitely wrong. I had colonoscopy and was diagnosed with UC (80% of my intestines were irritated). The only weird thing was that I was going to the bathroom only a maximum of 5 times.

I started taking corticosteroids and mesalazine. Corticosteroids started working after a week. After stopping the corticosteroids however, the symptoms started coming back. I had loose stool and some bleeding. My doctor did not want me going back to corticosteroids yet and told me to do mesalazine enema. In the meantime I had come across this article of vitamin E enema (you can google search and find it). I decided the drugs are always there let me just try the vitamin enema first (my doc was against any alternative medicine). After just 3 days my symptoms stopped. As advised, I was eating mainly vegetables and fruits (which I could not eat before) and I was completely fine. Firm stool, no bleeding. The person who has tried this claims to be UC symptom free for 25 years now. Of course, one must take care not to irritate the intestines too much (i.e. not use alcohol, spicy food etc). However, so far I go to the bathroom once, have a normal stool and even eat ice-cream! It is w orth the try!

Marine A.

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4 thoughts on “Stopping Ulcerative Colitis with Enemas in Cyprus”

  1. Marine,

    I’ve heard of the Vita. E enema’s too. The one thing that I had trouble finding was a CLEAR consensus on how to make the enemas. Could you please provide some detail on how you made your enemas and what your observations were (e.g., What vitamin brand, methods for making the solution, tips, what type of enema delivery system/tools and where you may have purchased anything, etc.)?

    Thank you so very much,

  2. Hey guys, I’ve had UC for roughly a year now. And I’m not positive but I think I’m starting to have a flare. My stool has been much softer than usual, and I’ve been having some stomach aches on and off. This has been going on for a couple days now and I’m worried about a full blown flare coming again.

    I’m hoping it was just something I ate, any advice or tips on what to do when you believe your starting to have a flare? I drink nothing but water, and a LOT of it. Any foods to eat that will help calm the symptoms down? I just REALLY hope it’s not going to turn into a major flare up. Thanks for any tips/advice since I am new to the whole UC thing.

    Brian R, Gardena CA

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